Top 20 Richest Youtuber Stars Highest Paid 2021

Michelle Phan Net Worth

Youtube is better known for just viewing different videos all around the world. There are every kind of videos on youtube which people can see. There are a massive amount of views in Billion to see those videos. But it also a platform to earn way good. Uploaded video on youtube is one of the best sources to earn online. Here are the top 20 richest youtubers who have massive earning from youtube videos.

20. Jordan Maron Jordan  Net Worth : $2.8 Million USD

Better known for his online fiction name “Captain Sparklez”. He is an American youtuber with a gross of $2.8 Million. His youtube channel consists of videos of “Minecraft Lets Plays”. It also contains animation and commands block reviews and walkthrough of various games. Jordan main channel is 91st most subscribed channel on youtube with over 10 M subscribers. He also has a vlog channel name as “Jordon Maron”. Jordon also works on a music channel on youtube name as “Maron Music”.

Jordan Maron Net Worth

19. Jenna Marbles Jenna Net Worth : $3.2 Million USD

Her full name is Jenna Nicole Mourey and she is better known by her fiction name Jenna Marbles. She is an American youtube with a worth of $3.2 Million. Jenna is a vlogger, comedian, and actress who born on 15 September 1986. Her channel has 2 Billion views and 17 Million subscribers. Jenna channel is 28th most subscribed channel on Youtube. Eventually, her channel is 2nd most popular channel operated b7y women.

Jenna Marbles Net Worth

18. RayWilliam Johnson Ray Net Worth : $4 Million USD

An American actor, producer, director rapper, writer, and comedian. With the various talent, this youtube has a gross of $4 Million having a popular channel on youtube. As of 2017, his channel earned more than 3 Billion views and 10.4 M subscribers. That makes his channel one of the most popular channel on youtube at the time. He is the producer of “Web Series” on the channel “Equals Three”.

RayWilliam Johnson Net Worth

17. Grace Helbig Grace Net Worth : $5 Million USD

The creator and host of the Youtube channel “It’s Grace”. Her full name is Grace Anne Helbig born on 27 September 1985 whose networth is fame as Grace Helbig. She has a good networth of $5 Million. Grace is also the podcast “Not Too Deep With Grace Helbig”. She created and hosted “My Damn Channel” a web series “Daily Grace”.  Grace is also an American television personality and came at number 17 in the list of 20 richest youtuber.

Grace Helbig

16. Rhett and Link Rhett and Link Net Worth : $5 Million

Both are American internet comedy pair consisting of two Youtubers. One is “Rhett James McLaughlin” and other is “Charles Lincoln Link Neral, III”. Both are known for their online comedy songs, viral videos, then episode Tv serial “Rhett & Link: Commerical Kings” for independence film channel. They are running Youtube channel “This Is Mythical” and having a worth of more than $5 Million. All their work are under one name Mythical Entertainment.

Rhett and Link Net Worth

15. Toby Turner Toby  Net Worth : $6.5 Million USD

Better known by his stage name  “Tobuscus”. Toby Joe Turner born on 3 March 1985 having a networth of $6.5 Million. He is an American Internet personality, comedian, actor, and musician. Toby is originally from Niceville, Florida and now living in Los Angeles. He is best-known for television and film role but mostly for his Youtube Channel which lead his name in the list of 20 richest youtuber. Turner has a total 15 Million subscriber and over 4 Million viewers on his youtube channel.

Toby Turner Net Worth

14. BluCollection Blu Net Worth : $7 Million USD

He is a mystery millionaire because he doesn’t show his face and gives minimal commentary on his youtube videos. Blu has over 12 Million subscribers having a worth of $7 Million. his channel becomes popular with parents and kids as it is family friendly. He also produces videos which are related to different toys of kids which are mainly of Disney area.

Blu Collection Net Worth

13. Zoella Zoella Net Worth : $7.2 Million USD

Full name Zoe Elizabeth Sugg born 28 March 1990. She is an English fashion and beauty vlogger, Youtuber, and author. She is better known by her Youtube username “Zoella”. Her debut novel “Girl Online”. She has a gross of $7.2 Million. Her novel broke the record of the highest first-week sale of the first-time novelist.

Zoella Net Worth

12. Lilly Singh Lilly Net Worth : $7.5 Million USD

With the beginning of her channel in October 2010, her video receiver 2 Billion views. Lilly Singh is better known by her fiction name “Superwoman”. She is a Canadian Youtuber with various another talent like a comedian, author, and actress. Her channel has 12 Million subscribers. She has ranked as 3rd most popular paid Youtuber with a gross of $7.5 Million in 2016. She has received various rewards for her videos and channel.

Lilly Singh Net Worth

11. Lewis Brindley Lewis Net Worth : $7.6 Million USD

Yogscast founded by the Lewis Brindley back in 2008 and it comprises of a network of popular youtube. Yogscast is a media company and video game publisher. It came into the eyes of people by the walkthrough of the “Sandbox Game Minecraft” and make his place in the list of 20 richest youtuber. With such huge popularity, it has a worth of $7.6 Million.

Lewis Brindley Net Worth

10. Colleen Ballinger Colleen Net Worth : $8 Million USD

Best known for her internet charter “Miranda Sings”.  She is an American comedian, singer, Youtube personality, and actress. Collen is also fame by one-woman comedy act on tour in theaters worldwide.  She posts videos of the character and performs her in theaters. Her personal youtube channel “PsychoSoprano” contain Collen vlogs and comedy and lifestyle videos. With such popularity, she has a gross of $8 Million.

Colleen Ballinger Net Worth

9. Tyler Oakley Tyler Net Worth : $8 Million USD

He is an American Youtuber much of him activism dedicated to LGBT youth and rights. These also include social issues like healthcare, education, and prevention of suicide among LGBT youth. Tyler is also a television host, author, and activist with a gross of $8 Million. With his first video on youtube, he almost got 500,000 views a big hit of his first video on youtube on 9 November 2017.

Tyler Oakley Net Worth

8. Rosanna Pansino Rosanna Net Worth : $8.4 Million USD

American actress, baker, author, and Youtube personality. She got most fame for the cooking series “Nerdy Nummies” and with her good looks. It is one of the known cooking show on Youtube that it leads to the worth of $8.4 Million. She also works as Violet in animated youtube series “Broken Quest”. Rosanna has Croatian, Italian, German and Irish ancestry. Made her way in the list of 20 richest youtuber in the world.

Rosanna Pansino Net Worth

7. German Garmendia German Net Worth : $9 Million USD

Having a big real name Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis is known by his Youtube channel “HolaSoyGerman” and “JuegaGerman”. Except for youtube, he is comedian, singer, musician, and writer with a networth of  $9 Million. German produced a variety of songs together with his band which all are available on youtube. His channel is the 17th most subscribed channel on the youtube with over 50 Million subscribers.

German Garmendia Net Worth

6. Markiplier Markiplier Net Worth : $10 Million USD

Mark Edward Fischbach who is online know as Markiplier. He is an American Youtube personality. He began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio but original from Honolulu with a gross of $10 Million. Mark is currently based in Los Angeles. His youtube channel has over 8 Billion video views and 18 Million subscriber. He is the top 25 most subscribed youtube channels on youtube. His videos commonly have a survival horror video games walkthrough.

Markiplier Net Worth

5. Roman Atwood Roman Net Worth : $12 Million USD

He is an American Youtuber, comedian, blogger, and ranked. He born on 28 May 1983 having a gross of $12 Million. Roman is best known for his vlogs in which he put updates of his life on daily basis. He has a channel “RomanAtwoodVlogs”. This channel has a total of 3.6 Billion views and 13 Million subscribers. Roman have another channel called “RomanAtwood” where he posts pranks. The prank video gain over 1.4 billion views and 10.4 Million subscribers.

Roman Atwood Net Worth

4. Smosh Smosh Net Worth : $13 Million USD

It is an American comedy sketch Youtube channel. Smosh is created by “Ian Andrew Hecox” and “Daniel Anthony Padilla”. It a comedy duo of the American artist. They began this channel back in 2003. Before that Anthony make animated videos but join Andrew. They have a worth of 13 Million with 3 Million subscribers across the world.

Smosh Net Worth

3. DisneyCollectorBR Disney Net Worth : $13 Million USD

It is another popular Youtube Millionaire in the list of 20 richest youtuber with a worth of $13 Million. She is a Brazilian by birth. Her channel is viewed by people of all types because no one hates toys. Disney videos are basically just opening the box and getting out the toys and playing with them. Her voice is iconic especially to the parents as children watch that videos.

Disney Collector Net Worth

2. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg Felix Net Worth : $20 Million USD

Better known as “PewDiePie” is a Swedish web base comedian and video producer with a worth of $20 Million. “Lets Play” commentaries and vlogs which made alot of fame. He is also know by his following on youtube. Felix has 10 Billion youtube views and his name become the most popular youtube.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg Net Worth

1. Michelle Phan Michelle Net Worth : $500 Million USD

She is in the 20 richest youtuber with a worth of $500 Million. She started her channel in 2006 with makeup tutorials. Phan is an American-Vietnamese make-up demonstrator and entrepreneur. Her youtube channel has over 8 Million subscribers and more than 3 Billion views. Her videos are makeup base who want to change their looks give a shot to his videos.

Michelle Phan Net Worth

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Quick Facts About Top 20 Richest Youtubers NetWorth

Richest Youtuber Name Net Worth In Million
Jordan Maron $2.8 M
Jenna Marbles $3.2 M
RayWilliam Johnson $4 M
Grace Helbig $5 M
Rhett and Link $5 M
Toby Turner $6.5 M
BluCollection $7 M
Zoella $7.2 M
Lilly Singh $7.5 M
Lewis Brindley $7.6 M
Colleen Ballinger $8 M
Tyler Oakley $8 M
Rosanna Pansino $8.4 M
German Garmendia $9 M
Markiplier $10 M
Roman Atwood $12 M
Smosh $13 M
DisneyCollectorBR $13 M
Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg $20 M
Michelle Phan $500 M

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