Smosh Net Worth

Smosh Net Worth

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Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox both together start a YouTube channel to show their skill sketch comedy which is known as Smosh. Both these start this duo YouTube channel “Smosh” in 2005. This channel becomes very famous in a very short time. In this article, we will talk about what is Smosh Net Worth? and how to start his YouTube Career?.

Now, this channel has more than 25 million subscribers and the net worth of both you tubers is about $15 million.

Early Life and Biography

Full Name Smosh
Husband Katherine
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown

Anthony and Ian both are born in the same city “Sacramento County” which is the city of California. On September 16, 1987, Anthony was born and Ian was born on November 30, 1987.

The mother name of Ian is Sharon Louise and the father name of Ian is Stephan Andrew Hecox. In his family, there is a brother Adrain and a sister Melissa.

Ian completes his early education at Del Campo High School. After this, he took admission in American River College.

The mother’s name of Anthony is Leezah Padilla and the father name is Dan Padilla. When Anthony was 2 years old his father leaves him and after this, his mother’s grow him up.

Anthony also gets his early education from Del Campo High School. During this, Ian and Anthony become friends.

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How did they get started?

In 2005, both Anthony and Ion together start a YouTube channel. In the beginning, they send their videos to their relatives. With this, the channel Smosh was started.

Smosh is bought by the company Alloy Digital in 2011. After this, the three new YouTube channels EISmosh, Shut Up! Cartoons and Smosh Games were started by both Ian and Anthony in 2012. In 2014, they launched their own mobile app.


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The Smosh channel grew up very fastly. As the EISmosh channel involve the Spanish language, the channel (Smosh Games) work for gaming improvement.

How to Markiplier starts his YouTube Channel?

In June 2017, Anthony leaves Smosh and join to pursue the independent venture. There are three main time periods, in these time periods, Smosh was a high subscribed channel.

The duration of these periods is From May to June 2006, from April 2007 to September 2008 and from January to August 2013.

The Smosh Company Defy Media was shutter down on November 2018. The Smosh product is declared in a video on November 12, 2018.

When Rhett and Link buy their company than they take part in “Mythical Entertainment Company” in 2019. This channel invites many most popular celebrities like Hecox, Damien Haas and Olivia Sui etc who introduce new contents,.

Smosh publishes their many albums like music albums and sexy albums. The music is composed by Smoshtastic and Smosh lovely Sound.

Physical Appearance


In 2002, Anthony starts a website ‘’ for making flash animation. Ian Hecox joins him and they make many flash animation. In 2005, they make a YouTube channel.

In their career life, Markiplier and Ray William Johnson earn a lot of money from YouTube. Also, there a lot of income sources but mostly income come from YouTube.

Personal life

A Californian modal “Pamela Horton” is the girlfriend of Ian Hecox. They start their relation in 2015. They live their life happily. The first girlfriend of Ian Hecox is Melanie Moat which is also YouTuber.

Awards and Achievements

Smosh won many awards such as the YouTube award in 2007, the Social star award of 2013, Streamy award 4 and 7, the Seventh Annual Shorty award and the webby award of 2016.

Harry Lewis and Jordan Maron gain many awards, YouTube Golden buttons also included in them.

What makes it famous

In 2005, the “Pokemon” Theme Music Video was published. More than 24 million people view this video. This is a great record during that time. By this, the Smosh channel becomes famous very quickly.

The channel Smosh become more and more famous by releasing videos such as “That Damn Neighbor” and “Food Battle”.

On this channel, they publish three web series. In 2010, the two other most accepted videos “Pokemon in real life” and “If__Was Real” were launched.

What is the Total Net worth of Smosh?

Ian Hecox’s is around about $8 million.


The Smosh is the main channel and there are 10 more channels below this.

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The Smosh channel becomes on 38th highest subscribed channel all over the world.

Some build an app “iShut Up App” for android by the sponsorship of Google.

In 2019, Smosh work together with “Mythical Entertainment”

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