Markiplier Net Worth

Markiplier Net Worth

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Markiplier Net Worth $35 Million USD. An American Youtuber, actor, voice actor and comedian whose name is Markiplier. In this article, you will know, what is Markiplier Net Worth and how to become a famous YouTuber?. All over the world, he is a very famous YouTuber.

Early life and Biography

Full Name
Mark Edward Fischbach
Amy Nelson
Hair Color Dyed Blue
Eye Color Brown

Markiplier real name is Mark Edward Fischbach who was born in Honolulu in Hawaii on June 28, 1989. The father name of Markiplier is Cliffton M. Fischbach’s. Who died in 2008. The mother name of Markiplier is Sunk.

Markiplier gets his early education from Milford High School. After this, he got his remaining education from the University of Cincinnati.

In 2012 he purchases a camera to start a YouTube channel. He starts voice working for a YouTube channel LORE. With this, he also joins Red Giant Entertainment in 2014.

In 2018, YouTuber Jackspticeye and Markiplier publish a gaming system whose name was Cloak.

Mark and Ethan Nestor publish a new YouTube channel whose name is Unus Annus. On this channel, they put on stunt vlogs.

Markiplier uploads a video that is viral. After this, their channel gain 4.5 million subscriber and 1 billion views on this video.

When they are hopeless about their channel then 1.5 million people hoped for them.

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How Much has Markiplier Earned from Career Life?

The highest income on youtube is from Markiplier. In each year, he gains about $10 to $20 million by his social activities. After this, he earned $12.5 million in 2017.

How to Markiplier starts his YouTube Channel?
He became the sixth-highest superstar on YouTube after earning $17.5 million in 2018.

Mark earned $13 million in 2019. In 2020, Mark becomes the third-highest YouTuber all over the World and he obtains $20 million.

With this, the total income of Mark between 2017 and 2020 is more than $60 million.

Mark’s channels earn more than $28.8 million subscribers and the total views are more than 15 billion in March 2022.

Physical Appearance

Height 1.79 m
Weight 79 KG
Profession Youtuber
Waist Size 34
Body Measurements N/A

Awards and Achievements

In October 2016 Mark gets awards for his gaming on YouTube. In this year, he also won Shorty Award and also won Make A-Foundation Award.

Mark won Golden Joystick Award in 2017. In 2018, he won Kids choice Award and also wins Streamy Awards. In 2020, he works in advancing cancer research and won Oliver R. Grace Award.

Jordan Maron and Ray William Johnson gain a lot of awards, even they gain a Golden Button from YouTube.

Personal life

The Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu is the place where Markiplier was born. His family moves to Cincinnati as with the birth of Mark. This is the place where Mark starts and grew up his career.


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The artist and author of webcomic “Towkinds” was the mature Mark’s brother Tom Fischbach.

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His brother doesn’t like to show his face to people that’s why he involves in only a few videos with Mark.

Markiplier discontinues his study of biomedical engineering at the University of Cincinnati because he focuses more on his YouTube career.

Mark thanks all his fans for their support in his video with his father.

Other Ventures

In November 2014, Mark takes part inboard of comic book publisher “Red Giant Entertainment”.

In 2016, Mark starts work with Endeavor to spread out his YouTube contact. Also, In 2017, he work as voiced in a cartoon series villainous


Mark and Jacksepticeye both together release a new fashion brand “Cloak”. The brand was sponsored by Mojang Studio and The Oregon Trail.

Many YouTuber and streamer take part in Cloak as a partner and creative director in 2020.


In 2015, Mark work in the movie Smosh. Mark also works in the film “A Heist with Markiplier” in 2019.

How he Got Famous?

The YouTube channel Mark becomes popular with time. It is a gaming channel. Mark plays the game with commentary so for some people this is very entertaining.

Gaming channel like Pewdipie and Jacksepticeye are among this on YouTube. Markipleir is a very famous creator.

Mark’s channel grows up with increasing favouritism of games. Now Mark’s channel becomes the most favourite and famous channel on YouTube.

This makes mark’s channel more and more famous with time.

Favorite Things

Color Red
Fruit Apple
Food Sushi
Hobbies Making Videos
Designer N/A

Net worth

Markiplier net worth is about $35 million.

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