Harry Lewis Net Worth 2024

Harry Lewis Net Worth

Meet Harry Lewis, better known to the online world as Wroetoshaw or W2S, a YouTube sensation whose gaming skills and infectious enthusiasm have catapulted him to internet stardom.

Our dedicated page dives into the digital life of Harry Lewis, exploring how this young entrepreneur has turned his passion for video games and entertaining content into a thriving online presence.

We track the rise of W2S from his early days of uploading gameplay videos to becoming a key member of the renowned Sidemen collective, known for their collaborative antics and massive following.

As we navigate through Harry Lewis’s net worth, we break down the financial success behind his YouTube channel, brand endorsements, and business ventures.

Join us as we spotlight Harry Lewis, a YouTuber whose playful spirit and savvy content creation have scored him a winning goal in the game of online influence.

Early Life And Biography

Full Name
Harry Christopher George Lewis
Katie Sarah Leach
Hair Color Honey Blonde
Eye Color Dark Brown

Lewis was born Harry Christopher George Lewis on November 24, 1996, in England. His nickname which is most famous among the people is W2S. He is a very popular reporter for games.

At the age of 17, he shook away from school. And there is no more knowledge about his background. Also, his youtube channel name is “W2S.” So from him, this great channel gave him great fame among the people.

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On his channel, he has 9.7 million subscribers who follow him and watch all of the videos. There are so many followers on his Instagram account. Also, his content which is most famous and most wanted among the people is very high. 

Because a YouTuber wants to declare his best videos on his channel. So his content of the videos is also very high and good.

He has proclaimed his analysis videos which he has done in FIFA. And all of these videos make him more famous and popular.

When he started his career in the industry at that time he was just 15. At this little, he works a lot to gain fame. And he succeeded. Today his fruit of hard work is shown on his channel with high followers.

How did Lewis Become so Famous and how to Make Net Worth?

Lewis started his career at the age of 15. And his channel was created in 2012. But at very little he learned a lot of things and got high familiarity among the people.

When he got the fame he offered to join several groups. So he joined the group named “Ultimate Sideman.” He was a younger member of the group and learned a lot from seniors.

He has two Youtube channels that are making wealth for him. And he got a great amount of his income from both of the channels.

One of his channels anmed “W2S.” And the other one is “W2S Plays.” Both of them are very famous channels among the people. And he has over 10 million subscribers on both channels.

Lewis Net Worth is 6.7$ Million. He is still active in his work and starts making his worth. In his living things, he has leisure dwellings and leisure vehicles. Also, he is very wealthy as a YouTuber.

Physical Appearance

Height 1.80 m
Weight 74 KG
Car Ferrari
Waist Size 32
Body Measurements Under Review

What Makes It Successful?

Lewis started his career very little when he was only 15 years old. At this young age, he works hard to gain fame. Also, he wants to grow his channel well.

When he started publishing his best videos on his channel at that time he was selected for the best content. So his best content makes him popular among the people. 

Because content is a king and when a YouTuber publishes the best content he gets fame sourly. Likewise, another great YouTuber has also grown their channels well and soon.


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In 2012, he started his Youtube channel. And the main purpose of the channel is to publish the footage of FIFA. And then when he grows his channel he starts publishing the commentary videos of FIFA.

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When his channels grew out and gained some popularity, so invited for the group “Ultimate Sidemen.” So he joined the group, and he was the youngest member of the group. 

He learned a lot of things here. After joining the group he learned those things which helps him to survive better in the industry. Because he was a younger boy and pick things soon.

Along with his channel; “W2S” he has one other channel named “W2S Plays.” In this group, he is well known for playing games. On this channel, he has also published the best videos which are trending.

Favorite Things

Color Honey Blonde
Car Ferrari
Hobbies Outing
Designer N/A

In a very little time, he got fame, and his channels were trending as most subscribing lists. His channel is in the list of top 100 subscribers channel. Also, in England hos channel trending in the top 17th channel according to subscribers.

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