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Hyuna Net Worth

Hyuna Net Worth

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Modern celebrities are very famous among people. Also, they have a great fan following and fame. In this article, you will read about Hyuna’s Net Worth, early life, and Career Life. Hyuna is a South Korean singer, rapper, model, and musician.

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Early Life And Biography

Hyuna was born Kim Hyuna in Seol, South Korea on June 06, 1992. She is a singer, rapper and also she is a great songwriter. Also, she wrote many great songs. Hyuna becomes a famous personality after being a member of the female group.

Once she says that life in South Korea is very tough. But also she has told that she wants to connect herself with this great place always.

When she was at her school level so her teachers were encouraged her to focus on her career. But she says that she loves to work with everyone here.

Her teachers were often said to her parents that the great girl will become a popular one. But they were afraid that how she will be?

On the other side, she was also accepted that she will become a popular singer one day. So she starts working on her career and starts taking training from other people.

She has two tattoos on her body, one of them is dedicated to her mother and another one is represented the time which is much cherished for her.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 201, she won the award for “Best Korean Female Artist.”
  • In 2015, she won the award for “Best TV Stage Performance” for her work “Now.”
  • In 2017, she won the award from the “MBC Music Star Award.”
  • In 2019, she won the award from the “COSMO Camera Award.”
  • In 2020, she won the award for “Outstanding Singers of the Year.”

How Much is Hyuna Net Worth?

Hyuna works in the industry for a long time. She likes music and to gain her abilities she joined several groups. In these groups she got many tips t to become a successful singer in her life.

Samsung hired Hyuna to promote their cell phones. This contract helps the great singer to gain her fame and also her wealth. So she supports her family and all the members were very happy at that time.

How Hyuna makes Net Worth in his life?

Hyuna joined the girl’s musical group named “4Minute Girl.” The main genre of this group was Dance-Pop. And for this genre, the group gained huge fame among the people. Also, Hyuna becomes the main rapper of that group. She works in this group and got familiar with the people also.

Hyuna Net Worth is $2 Million. A young superstar is active in the industry and will become more popular one day. So she will increase her wealth with the passage of time.

How Much has Hyuna Earned from Career Life?

So in 2006, she starts her work in the industry properly, and her career begins at that time. The Girl group was very helpful for the great singer. Because she got many great tips from the other great girls of the group.

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All the girls which were working in this group were very talented. And they have to take a chance to show their talents to other people. Due to this reason, the group grew very quickly and she was very glad because of it.

So in 2007, Hayuna becomes the main rapper and musician of the group called “Wonder Girls.” And in the year 2007, the group released their first collection called “The Wonder begins.”

In this collection, Hyuna also performed and rap with her other co-rappers. But unfortunately, she left the group due to t her health issues. Because her parents were very sad about her health. She teased by Chronic Gastroenteritis. So due to this disease, she has to take time to recover home and need rest.


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Later she again joined the group called “Cube Entertainment Inc. This is a very huge recording company. When she joined this group, so she was very afraid that she has to left the previous group due to a health issue. And if again her health will tease her again so her career will be stopped here.

After one year she becomes a member of the new musical group called “4Minute Girl.” This group stayed on only 5 members. The main genre of the group was the Dance-Pop style. So when they released their first collection “Hot Issues” they got fame amongst the people.

Album List:

In 2010, she appeared in her dancing single called “Dancing Shoes.” Also in the same year, she arrives in the music video called “Wasteful Tears.”

Later in 2009, the group “4Minute Girl” published their new single called “Tomorrow.” So in 2010, Hyuna delivered her single called “Change”, which came on top positions on charts. Also in the following year, she released her other singles called “Love Parade” and “Outlaw In The Wild.” With her singing abilities, she is a skilled songwriter and she wrote lyrics for her duet “Say You Love Me.”

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In 2011, she released another album, “Bubble Pop.” This was a very great hit for her and it was sold out the millions of views in the whole world.

Later one year in 2012, she earned her brand name called “Spicy Color.” In the same year, she released her new album called “Melting.” The huge hit of the album was “Ice Cream.” She has penned many lyrics for her songs and also she has composed various songs.

In 2014, she released her collection of songs called out “A Talk.” 

She released another collection named “Chemistry.” The lead single of the collection named “Now” got very great fame and it took a K-Pop 100 charts No. 01.

In 2015, she released another collection named “At.” Later in 2016, she released another collection named “A’ awesome.” in the following year, Hyuna went on a whole Asia tour. 

So in 2017, she released another collection called “Following.” 

Fim Career:

In 2010, she appeared in a film called “Midnight FM.” After taking a role in the film, she assumed that this was a totally new experience for her and she enjoyed it.

But she likes music, so the music will be everything for her.  So, she starts working on her musical project instead of working in her film career.

Annual Salary $31.3K
Earning Point Model, Singer, Actress
Working in Industry Since 2010
Still Alive Yes

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