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DJ Sbu Net Worth 2024

DJ Sbu Net Worth
May 08 2018 DJ Sbu during launch of the Hustlers Academy held in Johannesburg. Pic Veli Nhlapo/Sowetan

DJ Sbu, born Sibusiso Leope, is a tour de force in the South African music scene and beyond, having made an indelible mark as a DJ, music producer, and entrepreneur.

His infectious beats and entrepreneurial ventures have not only made him a household name but have also showcased his multifaceted talents and business savvy.

In this article, we take a deep dive into the life and career of DJ Sbu, charting his rise from the streets of Tembisa to the pinnacle of success as one of South Africa’s most influential media personalities.

We’ll explore the relentless drive and innovative spirit that have fueled his journey, leading to a diverse portfolio of business interests and a significant impact on the music industry.

From his early days spinning records to his ventures into broadcasting and entrepreneurship, DJ Sbu’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and vision.

As we examine the milestones that have contributed to his net worth, we’ll uncover the passion and dedication behind DJ Sbu’s brand, which continues to inspire aspiring artists and entrepreneurs not only in South Africa but across the globe.

Join us as we celebrate the dynamic career of DJ Sbu, a true icon in the world of music and business.

Early Life And Biography

DJ Sbu is born in Sbusiso Leope in 1979, in South Africa. He is a famous writer and TV host from South Africa. Also, there are so many roots of his successful career.

He works in an industry for a long time to get fame. DJ Sbu is a very popular author and TV host. Likewise his TV hosting, he works on the Radio stations and done his work here also.

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After finishing school in 1993 and decided to study at the University of the Media University of Africa. In his childhood he like maths. But after finishing his studies he decided to choose his career in the TV industry.

In 1998, he begins his career as a TV programming on radio stations. He worked here for 18 months and gain his familiarity among the people and make himself a producer of the weekend show.

Already, at that time he noticed that he likes to produce and host the programs. So he decided to attach his profession for a while.

How Much is DJ Sbu Net Worth?

DJ Sbu works for a long time in the industry and there are so many struggles behind his successful career. He works as a TV and Radio host and also worked for a producer.

During his production in industry and as a TV host he works with other mates. He met many great superstars and those help him also to gain his familiarity. 

How DJ Sbu makes Net Worth in his life?
Angela Ludekon worked as a co-presenter with DJ Sbu. And both of them gained familiarity among the people. The show instantly gained familiarity among the people, and on the behalf of this show, they both gained the community of the fan following.

Also, he works in various radio stations and hosts the shows here. These shows are gained popularity among the people. And people who once listen to the show which he works also wants many more. Because his styles of gossips in the show are very awesome. He mixed up the English and Kasi Lingo.

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Like it, he works as an entrepreneur. And he invests his wealth in the various business streams. From these investments, he gained his wealth well. DJ Sbu Net Worth is $2 Million USD.

In the same way, Jose Chameleone and Cassper Nyovest eans a lot of money from their career life because they become the most famous singer at an early age.

How Much has DJ Sbu Earned from Career Life?

DJ Sbu worked for two years on the radio station. After it, he wants to join the very famous radio show in South Africa. The show in which DJ Sbu worked named “YBM.”

At that time, he has an opportunity to produce and become a  presentation of the TV show. This show called “Beauty and the Beast.”

Angela Ludekon worked as a co-presenter with DJ Sbu. And both of them gained familiarity among the people. The show instantly gained familiarity among the people, and on the behalf of this show, they both gained the community of the fan following.


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This reached great popularity on a very big stage. In 2007, he chose to left the YFM and host a showing on the Ukhazi. The reason for leaving this show YFM was not big. Although he wants just to show his talent on the TV shows also.

Career Situations:

DJ Sbu is mostly famous among the people because he mixes up all the English and Kasi lingo. When he mixed up both of the languages in a single place this is a very grateful experience. This makes him more popular in South Africa and also in the English-speaking people.

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Another cause of his familiarity, that is he works as a PR. Likewise his TV presentations, he wants to try out record labels. 

He started the TS records together with TK Nciza. The great label tries out to singed out the contracts with many singers and musicians of that time. Many great superstars are working with them and the label gained popularity also among the people.

DJ Sbu tries to show his talent to the people and also he starts hosting a Reality show called “Friends.” He is a person who wants to help people who really need helps. Because he faced many difficulties in his childhood. So he understands the conditions of these people.

Like his hosting career, he is also an entrepreneur, he invests in many other businesses. Previously, Forbes reports that he is the most influential African.

He organized his own events and meetings to inspired the young people. DJ Sbu is the founder of the MoFaya Beverage. And currently, he working on a project named “Kicking Doors.”

All of his works and efforts for youngsters. He worked for youngsters to awake them and inspired them in their future lives.

DJ Sbu Breakfast is his successful show ever. And this is one of the most listening shows in Africa. 

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