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Rosanna Pansino Net Worth

Rosanna Pansino

How much does Rosanna worth?

Net worth:$12 million
Superstar Name:Rosanna Pansino
Real Name:Rosanna Pansino
Date of birth:June 8, 1985
Place of birth:Seattle, Washington, United States
Age :35 Year
Nationality :American
Height:1.47 m
Weight:54 kg
Profession :Youtuber
Year active2009-present
Marital status:Straight
Sexual Orientation :Single

Do you know about Rosanna Pansino Net Worth? She is known for his personality and the success that she achieved through hard work. So, in this article, we tell you a short biography about Rosann. Even, she is a famous YouTuber in the world, most of the income comes from YouTube.

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Early life and Biography

On June 8, 1985, a child was born in Seattle, Washington whose named was Rosanna Pansino. She is the best YouTuber, baker, actress and author. Through her YouTube channel, she explains her life.

The family member of her were the first fans on his channel as her little sister Molly, as she completes her graduation, she starts a YouTube channel whose name is “Nerdy Nummies”.

Before starting a beautiful career, Rosanna works as an actor for few months.

Personal life

Mike Lamond and Rosanna having an amazing relationship with each other. A person who helps her to set a YouTube channel was Mike Lamond.

Age, Weight and Height

       From June 8, 1985, to 26th March 2021 the age of Rosanna is 35 year. The height of Rosanna is 1.47 m. 54kg is the weight of Rosanna.

Career and Opportunities

She starts doing acting at a very small age. In this field, she works hard and having a firm determination, first, she works in the episode of “Parks and Recreation” which is followed by “Crime Scene Instigation”.

In the acting field, she faced many difficulties before the camera. With the help of her friend, she overcomes her fear and starts her own channel on YouTube.


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Rosanna is the master of cooking she decided to start a baking show. People like their video more and demand more videos like that because there is no other channel like the baking show. Now it’s time for Rosanna to choose a career between the actress and YouTuber.

Rosanna starts working on its YouTube channel and scarifies the career of an actress. After this, she invites very famous personalities on his show so its show becomes very famous according to the time.

310 recipes of cookies and cupcakes which are very famous and people like all recipes more which are uploaded by Rosanna. By these videos, the channel of Rosanna crosses the 10 million subscribers.

On November 3, 2015, a book published whose name is “The Nardy Nummies Cookbook” which is written by Rosanna Pansino. In this book she wrote all the recipes which she performs on the show and all those which she does not perform in the show.

The book by Rosanna becomes best seller in New York Times on November 22, 2015. After this Rosanna start her own baking supply line in August 2017, it becomes very famous in very short time.

Awards and Nomination

In 2013, Rosanna receive a Shorty award and after this, she also got a streamy award in 2015.

Similarly, Jake Paul and Jordan Maron gain a lot of awards such as Youtube Golden and Silver Buttons.


Rosanna has a little sister named Molly. Rosanna inspired by his grandmother in her cooking and baking career.

Perfect Together

Rosanna Pansino opens its own branched of food in 2015 whose name was Perfect Together. By this, the Net worth of Rosanna increases quickly, as with his online show.

YouTube Information

Channel RosannaPansiono
Subscriber  12.7 million
views 3.2  billion

Net Worth and Income Source

Rosanna Net worth is about $12 million from today March 26, 2021. she especially thanks their fan who grows up me on YouTube.

Rosanna Pansino changes her life by deciding on a baking career. It makes her life so beautiful and amazing.

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