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Jake Paul Net Worth

Jake Paul Net Worth

How much Does Jake Paul worth?

Date of BirthJanuary 17, 1997
ExpertProfessional YouTuber
Height 6ft
CountryUnited States of America

Are you interested to read about Jake Paul Net Worth, career life and Source of income?. Jake Joseph Paul is an American Youtuber who is also known for his best social media personality all around the world.

He is popular by the name of Jake Paul on different social media platforms.

At just 22 years old, he has become one of the highest-Rated Youtubers in the united states. Also, his brother Logan Paul was also involved in the list of Top highest paid Youtuber. Both are the most popular influencer in the world.

In 2016, Paul joined a dating fellow named Alissa Violet who known for his professional Youtuber and social media personality. That’s a relationship that has not become successful for a long time. However, they had broken up in February 2017.

Next time again, he started dating American Beautiful model Erika Costell in April 2018. Therefore, The two broke up in November 2018. Finally, Paul again started dating with famous American Youtuber and social personality is known as Tana Mongeau in April 2019.

Jokingly both brothers said that they have been already engaged and married, But legally, they had no evidence. In the recent year, he broke up with Mongeau in Jan 2020. Now, he began a new dating with American Model known as Julia Rose.

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Early Life and Biography

Same as a brother, that is also famous for his actor, rapper as well as a professional boxer.

Earlier, he performed the main role of Dirk Mann on the Disney Channel series known by Bizaardvark only for two seasons.

Firstly, he had gained huge popularity through the now-defunct video application referred to by Vine.

Full Name
Jake Joseph Paul
Wife Tana Mongeau
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel Green-Brown

During his career, he has become the main asset of multiple controversies due to his good manner. He involved in risky stunts and participate in age-unsuitable material for making Youtube videos.

Moreover, he has been dismissed from his Disney Channel show “Bizaardvark and being accused of criminal trespass and unlawful assembly.

How Much Is Jake Paul Net worth Or Salary?

The estimated Net worth of Jake Paul internet celebrity around $20 Million. In the list of Forbes World’s Highest-Paid Youtube personalities, he received a rank No. 7 with the net worth.

Over the past 2 years, his net worth has become double with the rank no 2 for the highest-paid Youtuber by Business Insider with an approximate net worth of $21.5 Million.

Now, we consider that his net worth will be increase regularly based on his more effort or struggle. In 2017, Paul launched a creative agency for professional marketing known as Team 10.

Now, he had gained $1 Million in finance from the investors from which they grew our business by making a talent brand. However, he has still worked on his Team 10.

How Much Did Jake Paul earn from his Career?

On Jan 17th, 1997 Jake Paul was born in the official city of Cleveland. Therefore, he grew up career life in Westlake, Ohio with his older brother Logan. Logan Paul is also a professional Youtuber and social media personality.

His father’s name is Pamela Ann Stepnick and his realtor Gregory Allan Paul. In Sep 2013, he started his career life by uploading Youtube Content on the platform “Vine”.

How Jake Paul makes Net Worth in his life?

During the time, that platform was become interrupted due to small reasons. Now, Paul has managed 5.3 Million fans following and collected 2 Billion views on the social app.

In the interview, he said that released a new entertainment cooperative video title name “Team 10” from which they earned $1 Million in financing to makes influencer marketing management. Additionally, build a creative agency about teen entertainment.

The list of investors includes Adam Zeplain, Danhua Capital, Vayner Capital, and Horizons Alpha. On 30th May 2017, he launched the new mixtape “It’s Everyday Bro” follow Team 10, another side uploaded the latest song video.

The first videos gained up to 70 million views in just 30 days. Therefore, that video name becomes involved in the list of Top third most disliked videos on the platform.

Also, he is the biggest fan of Gucci Mane, and jake began releasing his own songs.

Award & Achievements

In September 2013, he started posting videos on Vine. The site was best for six-seconds videos and the site was also famous for short-form videos. In a year, the site could attract almost 200 million users.

In the end, its greatest rival named Twitter bought Vineout and shut it down. At that time, Jake had over 5 million followers on Vine and many million followers on his other social media platforms. By the end of 2017, he could have 23 million followers on social media including 8.6 million on YouTube, 7.9 million on Instagram, 5.2 million on Facebook, and 1.5 million on Twitter.

Jake is very much interested in his videos and moves which have made him very much famous in the eyes of the public. He also takes risks with stunts and has also hurt himself during the filming several times.

Jake streaking through Times Square is one of his most famous videos. Paul was also nominated for a “Shorty Award” in Vine Stars category.

He has collaborated on Vine videos with big stars including Pepsi, HBO, and Virgin Mobile. He is the first social media celebrity cast on a regular series of Disney Channel.

Choice YouTuber 2017
Web Star: Music 2017
Radio Disney Music Award for Favorite Social Music Artist 2017


In 2015, it mentioned that he would be starring in the latest comedy series on the Disney Channel titled “Bizaardvark”. On 22nd July 2017, the Disney Channel reported that Paul would be leaving the series during the 2nd season of Bizaardvark.

Moreover, it was announced that Paul’s neighbours are the neighbourhood in Beverly Grove where they met with the city council members and main police. They were discussing filing a class-action public nuisance lawsuit against Paul.

In 2018, he won sued by Cobra Acquisition. As well as the company that owns the house just for $2.5 million. On Jan 3rd,2018, Jake posted a video to his Youtuber channel named “I lost my virginity” which used a thumbnail of himself.

Also, his girlfriend Erika Costell posing semi-nude on top of one another. That video has become age-restricted by the Youtube platform.

Later, his thumbnail was replaced with both Paul and Costell fully clothed. After 2 days, TMZ released a video in which he used the racial epithet “nigga” at different times during freestyle rapping.

Why is he so famous?

In 2018, Paul made a new website titled “Influence” so that website fully concentrates to teach youth people, about how to make a successful person, what steps are required for it, as well as how to earn a massive about of income by online plates.

They briefly explain his own opinion on their Twitter account about, why he wants to create a new program for youth.

On Twitter, they mentioned that “Basically, I am sick of our education system and how it’s teaching kids 0 real-life skills for them to secure their own future.”

However, they continued that “I am creating a movement for everyone who wants to take life into their own hands and learn real-life skills from actual professionals.”

People can purchase this course in just 7 US dollars. That offer was available for each citizen. This course gave permission to the user to unlock recorded videos for a “roadmap” to make a successful person as a professional man.

Videogamedunkey starts his career life on the youtube channel and earns a lot of money. Today He is a famous YouTuber in the world.

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85 m
Weight 87 KG
Stance Orthodox
Waist Size 33
Body Measurements Under Review

Successful Career As Youtube | Source of Income

In 2014, Paul posted his first video on his Youtube channel title name “Jake Paul Daily Vlogs”. That’s the first video was the first appearance in front of an audience. At that time, Paul’s was the 20th birthday.


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Jake Paul has become a professional Successful personality in the world. Many people inspired by knowing the successful story of his person. He creates a massive fan following through his channel.

In 2013, Jake has been uploading a video for his rapper, social media, Professional boxer on his channel. Then, he continuously published videos on his official channel.

Jake’s Paul has obtained 20 million subscribers, and also 70 Billion views so now that has continued to increase on daily basis. This depends on his average number of views in 1 day.

He wants to make $20,000 views each day and wants to earn $6.6 million in a year through Youtube ads. The list of main sources of Income includes Youtube, Team 10, Merch, Brand Deals.

Favourite Things

Color Black
Food Sushi
Car N/A
Hobbies Rap
Sport Bowling

How Does Jake Spend his Money?

Jake Paul seems to be very much inclined towards parties, expensive cars, and other costly stuff. In 2017 he bought his Calabasas mansion with a hefty amount of $6.9 million.

Jake Paul also has a Toyota Tacoma which costs nearly $33,300.  Lamborghini Hurricane Performante is probably his most prized vehicle.

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