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Jamie Kennedy Net Worth

Jamie Kennedy Net Worth

A famous United States star, which is mostly known as Jamie. One of the most famous comedians of the United States, and also has a high ranking on the net worth planet. Jamie is also a great actor and screenwriter, and it gradually became popular in the whole world due to his work. We discussed Jamie Kennedy Net Worth and career.

He started his career in the United States. Famous for the act of Randy Meeks in Scream and it’s sequels. Also pretty known for his nickname. The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, it is a reality show which is hosted by Jamie that comes on live on The WB. Due to this show, he became proud of his work.

Jamie loves his work and also do hard work for his appearance.

Early Life/Biography

A place called Upper Darby, which located in the United States, Jamie was born in 1970 on 25 May. The full name of the Jamie is James Harvey Kennedy, and the fantastic thing is that no one calls him with his full name.

He has five brothers and sisters, has four sisters and one brother. Likewise, He raised in the catholic family, which is the best knowing family in the United States. He is the youngest of his family. Due to the youngest in his family, everyone loves Jamie. Similarly, Olivia Holt and Chevy Chase live with their family.

Everyone took an eye on Jamie, what they do, and how they do. He seems interesting in all his roles. He got admission in the Monsignor Bonner High School. There is no co-education in this school, and he completed his Graduation from this school in 1988.

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He is not a good student and doesn’t take any intrust in studies. But he also works hard to make proud to his parents. He works for his parents, and always parents of Jamie fell proud due to his hardworking. Lena Headey and Josh Wolf become a richest actors because they want to survive happy life.

Jamie Kennedy Net Worth and Income/Salary

He started his work in 1998 when he has completed his Graduation. He began his work in Hollywood, and during the start of his career, he focused on his voice impersonations. Similarly, He got good results after working on his voice.

Jamie Kennedy Net Worth: $ 10 Million USD
For acting classes, he got admission to the Delaware County Community College. Towards Los Angeles after this admission, first, he talks to the waiter, and he feels that this is difficult for him, and he needs some extra for this job. Similarly, he earns money from various sources which causes his estimated net worth 10 million dollars.

In Red Lobster, he was a host and doing tough work for his bright career. He got failed and attained a job as a telemarketer and feels that he has a talent for purchasing and selling things. Also, I went to numerous auditions for finding work as an advertiser and commercials but could not get.

Maine Mendoza and Tiffani Thiessen works and earn a lot of money. When he worked as an agent, he got attention from different agencies and gained popularity in fields. In VR Troopers, which is a TV show, he got the first chance but did not do get good feedback.

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The year 1999 is best for Jamie, and he has done two movies one is Three kings, which is a war movie, and the other is Bowfinger. Geoff Ramsey and Rosanna Arquette appeared in movies which causes earn a lot of money and honor.

Career Life

2000 is also best for his career; he plays a crime scene drama whose name is Boiler Room. In Dr. Dolittle 2, he voiced a lot of characters like slacker Cats and Buckley. The best thing for Jamie is that he created a production company with his close friend Josh.


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In this same year, Jamie hosted a show, and the show has 61 episodes and until life in the year 2004. Jamie hosts all shows. Also, have a good movie in 2003 like King of the Hill. The film Malibu’s Most Wanted is written by Jamie in 2003 and even sing a song for this movie, which got popularity.

He was nominated for his funny role in the movie Son of the mask and won the Golden Raspberry Award for the Worst Screen Couple and also for The Worst Actor 2. He sang a song in this movie titled “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.”

Jamie has good experience with the comedy movies act funny in 2006 in the movie Wild n’ Out. In 2008 he was appeared on Ghost Whisperer as Eli James and also work for this project till 2010. He played 45 episodes for the great show.

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Have a good work in voice characters for Chum Chum and Fanboy. In the year 2014 to 2019, he has regularly appeared with different styles. It also has a YouTube channel, a huge list of fans and followers on Instagram.

Patrick Wilson and King Bach earn money and get a lot of awards. The government of California hired Jamie for tourism. He has excellent attention with the audience. He loves his work and hard work for his career.

Personal Life

Jamie is a soft nature person. He married in the ’90s, and actress Christa Denton lives a happy relationship but some problems after a few times this relation will crash. After this, at the start of the year 2003 again about Christa Campbell. She is an actress and producer.

Heidi Mueller popular, which is an American. Jamie started dated with Heidi. This relation stay not bound to long and breaks up after some time—the last relationship with Rita Volk, in 2014.

Quick Summary

  • Full Name: James Harvey Kennedy
  • Date of Birth: 1970, 25 May
  • Birthplace: Philadelphia, United States
  • Age: 50
  • Profession: Actor, Producer, Voice Artist
  • Height: 184cm
  • Weight: 83kg
  • Net Worth: $10 Million

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