Karl Urban Net Worth

Karl Urban Net Worth

Karl Urban is a well known New Zealand actor. In his career, he appeared in many New Zealand films and TV series like a Xena: Warrior Princess. He becomes an international actor because he gains a lot of achievements, which causes us to discussed Karl Urban Net Worth

Similarly, he was a very famous Voice actor and portrayed Leonard McCoy in the film series. He made many movies as an actor such as Judge Dredd in Dredd, and Vaako in the Riddick film series. 

So he studied at Victoria University of Wellington where he passed the program of Arts which causes him to boost up his career life. When he leaves college, then he starts his career as an actor. 

Today I talk about his career successful life and career opportunities to achieve and become a famous actor. Even I tell his personal life and source of income. If you can trust me, then I hope I complete all your requirements in this article. 

Early Life/Biography

On June 7, 1972 (age 47 years), Wellington, New Zealand. He was pleased with his life because in his career he competed for all dreams and became the richest actor in the world. Her parents moved immigrated to New Zealand from Germany and survived a relaxed and comfortable life.

Where his father opened the store of leather and earn money; likewise, he wants to become the richest man and develop his family life because he belongs to a middle-class family. He makes a nice actor and supports his family in financial problems. 

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His mother got a job in Wellington’s Film Facilities, that’s why he wants to become an actor. So he follows his mother’s footsteps and becomes a voice actor. Lee Meriwether and Tracee Ellis Ross become the most famous actress in the world. 

Later he is beginning a career as an actor when he was eight years old he appeared in TV series called “Pioneer Woman. ” This movie made by a New Zealand production company which causes it is the most significant success for his career. 

He pushed his career and got a lot of roles for movies and Tv series. He attended the High school, but later, he enrolled the Wellington College, where he completed the graduation from 1986 to 1990. ‘Similarly, Justin Hartley and Dave England gain a lot of skills and degrees from the university. 

He managed the few roles in Tv commercials later. He takes part in Wellington’s theaters, which is the most significant success. Even he appeared in Tv series Shark in the Park, which is the TV police drama series.

Karl Urban Net Worth 2022 and Income/Salary

Karl is an estimated net worth 20 million dollars because he earns a lot of money from the alternate source. Similarly, his mother, a very famous actor, which causes him to follows his mother’s steps and become a famous Actor. 

Karl Urban Net Worth : $ 20 Million USD
Karl was the most prominent voice actor. At an early age, he appeared in many Tv series and movies. In the starting age, Karl takes an interest in film industries and plays a lot of roles in TV series such as Xena: Warrior Princess. He appeared in Tv commercials and made movies such as Ghost Ship, Out of the Blue, and Red (VE), which causes his estimated income of 20 million dollars.

He became a voice actor and played in KidsCan Charitable Trust “as a voice actor. One time he takes a horserider role in The Lord of the Rings as an Eomer, which is the most significant role in history. So this reason he becomes a professional actor. 

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Also, in 2002 he acts the first role in the Ghost Ship movie, which is the Hollywood horror movie. This movie directed by Steve Beck. Later he takes a role in The Lord of the Rings as an Eomer. So a lot of people fans and followers on Instagram and other social platforms. 

And one more thing he loves animals but especially likes dogs. He was the owner of his Labrador terrier, which is the name Ire. In 2000 he becomes a stared in a Tv movie The Privateers “. H.Jon Benjamin and Lola Falana appeared in various movies. 

In the same season, he met Natalie Wihongi later he become a wife. Natalie worked as a makeup artist, and in 2004 they married. His son name Hunter. 

Career Life

In 1997 he took a career way and got a lot od roled ofCupid and Julius Caesar in the NZ TV series (Hercules “and “Xena: Warrior Princess “). When these series completed, then he gains a significant opportunity to become a big personality. 


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He appeared in movies as a soldier in Chunuk Blair, which is the most significant role in his career. He pleased to move his career into the film. Later he takes part in the romantic fantasy movie The Price of Milk in 2001. 

As causes, he nominated for 1st award in the category of Qantas Movie & TV Award. In 2006 he acted a lead role in the crime drama movie Out of the Blue. This drama directed by Robert Sarkies. 

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So he takes a lo of drama roles, which causes the gain Qantas Award in the category of Best Supporting Actor. Jace Norman and Frankie Muniz act roles in movies and drama series which causes them nominated for a lot of awards. 

He becomes starred in The Bourne Supremacy in 2004, which is the action thriller movie and made by Universal Pictures. So Karl had a significant role in The Chronicles of Riddick, which is the SCI-FI adventure movie directed by Vin Diesel. Woody Harrelson and Robert Carradine made a lot of movies. 

In 2009 he made a famous star in Star Trek movie as Dr. Leonard McCay because it is the most famous and international movie. Even Karl acts as role sci-fi action horror “Doom “movie. As a cause, he becomes one of the best voice actors in the world.

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