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Mike Rashid Net Worth 2024


How much is Mike Rashid net worth? How much does he earn?

Net Worth $4 Million
Profession Professional Bodybuilder/ Boxer
Born On 14 March 1982
Origin America
Height 1.80 m
Last Updated 2022

Mike Rashid, a powerhouse of the fitness world, has built a reputation that extends beyond the sheer display of muscle and strength.

As a professional bodybuilder, boxer, and entrepreneur, Rashid’s multifaceted career has turned him into an icon for those seeking to transform their bodies and minds.

His philosophy of “overtraining,” which pushes the limits of physical endurance and mental resilience, has garnered him a dedicated following and has significantly impacted the fitness industry.

Beyond his athletic prowess, Rashid’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to establish a successful line of supplements, apparel, and fitness-related content, contributing to his financial stature.

In this comprehensive look at Mike Rashid’s net worth, we delve into the various revenue streams that have bulked up his wealth, from competition winnings to business ventures.

Join us as we explore the journey of this fitness mogul, and uncover the discipline and strategic thinking that have sculpted both his physique and his net worth.

Early Life and Biography

Mike Rashid was born on March 14, 1982, in New York, US. Mike was raised in a very strict and bounded environment as his parents were very harsh to the kids. We can say he learned discipline from his parents. He joined the school for early education in his area. And the bond within his family was of great respect.

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From childhood, Mike was working with his father to help him out. Or it was an order from his father to help him out in the work. Rashid was involved in hiking, cutting of woods and sprinting in sands etc.

From his teenage years, he got addicted to some anabolic steroids but later he stopped using them as the bad results were coming out of it.

Mother Name Under Review
Father Name Under Review
Siblings Under Review
Martial Status Divorced
Girlfriend: Narmin Assria
Son Name
Under Review
Daughter Name Under Review

How Did Mike Rashid Make Such Net Worth?

Mike was involved in teen boxing matches just at the age of 12. While he was in school, he got interested in boxing and gaining more muscles. A teen boxing match was held in the gym nearby his school.

He participated in that match when he was 12. After this match, he got really interested in boxing and wanted to adopt it as a career.

Mike in no time, became a professional boxer. And gave tough times to opponents and won many tournaments.

After he got retired from boxing, Mike became a businessman. There was a time when he got used to supplements. But he started a business of natural supplements which cause minimal harm and more growth.

Although Rashid’s boxing career gave him much money. But his supplements company named ‘Imsoalpha iX3’ gave him much more.

His career has not stopped at this point. Mike is the owner of a gym, Iron Addicts Gym located near the beach of Miami.


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Also he is the co-owner of the Original Addicts Gym and two famous gyms, LBC and Metronome. Besides this he has a clothing line and a supplement brand too.

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If you have ever heard of Alpha Academy Apparel, Mike is co-founder of that too. All of these businesses paid him a lot and are still going on well.

As an author, Mike published an electronic book series named Overtraining. This series of books was related to fitness and was available at low price. Mike’s Youtube channel came to the site in 2011.

There he used to upload videos about fitness and muscle building topics. He now has over 500k subscribers on that channel.

Currently, Mike is working online, as he is giving online lectures about fitness and workout routines.

In 2022, overall Mike Rashid wealth is estimated to be about $4 Million which is huge.


Mike got a vision, a vision to become a successful person. And he proved his vision right and gained many things in his life.

Starting from boxing, he ended his career as a bodybuilder, author and a successful businessman.

Now Mike is more popular and giving training sessions to others on his Youtube channel as well as in online meetings.

Earning $4 Million
Earning Source Professional Bodybuilder/ Boxer
Monthly Income More Than $150k
Still Alive Alive

In 2022, Mike Rashid net worth is calculated to be about $4 Million. Most of the money he generated from his boxing career and a huge amount is made up from Youtube’s earnings. Surely we will see an increment in this net worth amount in the near future.

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