Matthew Santoro Net Worth

Matthew Santoro net worth

How much is Matthew Santoro net worth? How much does he earn?

Net Worth $3.5 Million
Profession Professional Canadian YouTuber
Born On July 16, 1985
Origin Welland, Canada
Height Will Update
Last Updated 2022

In this world of technology, many celebrities are becoming more and more famous through the use of the Internet. The Internet has provided many opportunities for many people, and different people are showing different skills through the use of the Internet.

They are called Internet Stars. All the stars have different platforms to show their talent and skills. Different skills are being shown on different platforms.

Some are good content creators, while some are the best YouTubers. It means all are using Internet platforms for their benefit.

These days, YouTube has become very famous among different celebrities. In this article, we are going to introduce you to an amazing celebrity who is known as Matthew Santoro.

Many people want to know about Matthew Santoro net worth and some amazing facts about her life. He is a famous YouTuber, comedian, and video blogger.

So, all these queries will be answered in this article. You need to pay full heed to the entire information.

Early Life and Biography

Matthew was born on July 16, 1985, in St. Catharines, Canada. His sign is zodiac which is a sign of cancer. His zodiac animal is Ox. He is a former accountant and now he is a Canadian YouTube personality. His YouTube channel has made him very famous in the eyes of the public.

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Many people also know him because of his top ten list and “50 Amazing Facts” videos. He posts all these videos to his main channel named “Matthew Santoro”.

Some most famous examples of his top ten list include “10 Extremely BIZARRE Phobias People have!” and “10 FORBIDDEN Places you’re Not Allowed to Visit”.

It is estimated that his channel had over 6 million subscribers and 1.4 billion views, in 2020. He is residing in Toronto. In 2011, he started his YouTube career and was a famous YouTube partner and reached his first 10,000 subscribers in January 2012.

In 2013, his channel was officially verified. He was raised by a very conservative father who was a businessman and wanted him to follow his steps.

After finishing high school in weeland, he enrolled himself at Brock University and graduated there. He graduated with a Master of Accountancy in 2010.

Awards and Achievements

He became an accountant, but he was not satisfied with his job. The interesting thing about his job was that he felt bored and did not like spending all day long in his office. His job was not creative, and he wanted to do something creative.

Matthew also decided to make some changes in his life and moved to a city called St. Catherine, but later he relocated to Toronto. In 2012, he quit the job that he was doing for several years. He realized that his future was not as an accountant.

At that time, he decided to do something for his hobby: YouTube. He decided to dedicate himself to his YouTube channel. “Matthew Santoro” is his main channel and it is also the second channel he uses for vlogging.

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When he became a famous YouTube partner then he started uploading videos. For one year, there was nothing good, but after some years the number of his subscribers started to grow. Some of his most famous is “10 Forbidden places you’re Not Allowed to Visit” and “10 Most Cursed Movies Ever Created”.

How did Matthew become so famous and How to make net worth?

The estimated idea about Matthew Santoro net worth is around $4 million, as of 2022. There is no doubt that it is a significant number for a YouTuber. Like Jake paul and KSI, Matthew became the richest YouTuber in the world.

He is the most famous YouTube personality, and he is very dedicated to following his passion. He has over 6 million subscribers and earns a lot through his YouTube channel.

Although he faced a toxic and abusive relationship, he came out of it and started to focus on his career.

What makes it So Successful?

In 2017, Matthew moved to Los Angeles and he is still living there. Although he keeps his private life to himself, in 2016, he posted a long video clip and he talked about his long last relationship.

In the same video, he also told the viewers that that relationship is no more. He called that relationship abusive because the woman he was involved in was a control freak and very jealous.


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These qualities also came to her attacking him physically. The woman was Nicole Arbour, who was also an Internet personality.

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His gaming channel is “Santoro Gaming” and he deleted it in 2016. After that, he started to focus on his main channel.

After that, he has arachnophobia and he decided to move to the big city of Los Angeles which was a better choice than living in Weeland in Canada. He is also the biggest fan of Drake and uses his hip-hop phrases a lot.

He is much famous among his fans that his fans call themselves “The Santorians or The Santoro Army”. One last but not least thing is that Matthew is a huge fan of Harry Potter and fantasy movies.

Annual Salary $152.85 thousand a year
Earning Point YouTube Ad Revenue
Working in Industry 2011
Still Alive Yes

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