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Christian Guzman Net worth

Christian Guzman Net worth

How much is Christian Guzman net worth? How much does he earn?

Net Worth $1.3 Million
Profession Amateur bodybuilder, YouTube vlogger, and fitness entrepreneur
Born On February 20, 1993
Origin Houston, Texas
Height Will Update
Last Updated 2022

Do you know about Christian Guzman? How much is Christian Guzman net worth? What makes it so successful? Many people want to know about Guzman. There is no doubt that he is the most famous American bodybuilder.

After having a look at his body, many people want to have a body like him, because his body is totally fit and perfect for a young man.

The best thing about his career is that he is the most famous amateur bodybuilder in the USA. It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is a popular vlogger and also a fitness entrepreneur.

Due to his perfect body, many people desire to have a body like him. He is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of the Alphalete Athletics Brand.

Another wonderful thing about his career is that he is a person who does take care of fitness at another level. He also owns Alphalete Gym in Houston, Texas.

He has also founded 3D energy drinks. In this article, we are going to talk about his career in much detail. If you are his favorite fan then you should read this article with full concentration.

Early Life and Biography

Christian was born on February 20, 1993, in Texas, the USA. During his childhood, he was a skinny kid and did not take interest in any sports. But he was very interested in playing guitar.

During his school days, he started training with friends and fell in love with weight lifting. He became very much interested in weight lifting. Soon, he started working at the gym. After having seen many other fitness trainer workouts online, he decided to post his own fitness tips.

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Basically, Guzman is a very famous fitness coach, personal trainer, and model who got famous through his YouTube channel. His channel is very famous as he uploads fitness tutorials and tips on his channel.

When he realized that the channel has become famous then he used it to develop a clothing and fitness brand named Alphalete Athletics. The channel has over 730,000 subscribers and almost 150 million views.

During his college days, he wanted to be a member of a rock band, but after the disbanding of the group, he soon returned his attention to study health as well as fitness management. He developed his own fitness program.

Awards and Achievements

He could not complete his degree at the Texas Christian University, and he diverted his attention to pursuing his growing business in fitness-related digital products. He started his fitness vlog in 2012, and he operates it about weight lifting tips as well as instruction.

After a period of time, he generalized his YouTube channel and inculcated aspects of his personal life.

When he was in his first year at University, he used to do a video on regular basis, and he was able to get almost 3,000 subscribers, at that time.

In the second year, he made 20,000 followers. He did not stop here as he gained 260,000 followers in the third year. He also began a company by the name “Alphalete Athletics”, and its focus was on selling various fitness apparel.

After the success of the company, it also started selling LifeStyle apparel. There are top quality products of clothing and the prices are affordable, according to many people.

The best thing about the company is that it features various international bodybuilding events. He also owns a gym in Houston, Texas.

How did Guzman become so famous and How to make net worth?

Guzman has been very famous, and he has been able to feature on various media outlets that include Muscle and also performance as well as The best quality of his YouTube videos is that they have been described as authentic.

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The estimated idea about Christian Guzman net worth is around $1.3 million, as of 2022. The main sources of his net worth are YouTube and other business deals.

He is using his popularity on YouTube and social networks as a marketing tool for the promotion of his brand Alphalete Athletics.

What makes it so successful?

Before becoming famous, Christian decided to hold fitness training classes for kids. He also thought of opening a small space to fulfill the dream. But when he became a famous YouTuber then he decided to focus on his YouTube career and his business deals.

He eats very small meals because he wants to remain fit and active. His meals entail vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.

He eats nine times a day. His body is very natural, as he does not use any steroids or other similar artificial substances. Its truthfulness is constantly debated by his fans and foes.

His current girlfriend is Heidi Somers, and she is four years his senior. She also used to befriend with Christian’s ex-girlfriend named Nikki Blackketter. When Nikki cheated him with his friend then he left her. They had been together for about three years with two breakups during 2016.

They also bought a house in Huston, when they used to live together. Nikki was also involved in Christian’s personal life as well as in business.

The name of his younger brother is Ivan. He is very close to his family and usually posts pictures of them together.

How Christain Guzman Made Such Net Worth?

There is not only one reason that makes him rich. He is a social fitness influencer and an entrepreneur, as well a beginner bodybuilder and a motivational speaker. Motivational videos of his are mostly related to how to be prosperous? And how to develop a fitness routine?

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Moreover, Guzman is a famous vlogger and uploads on Youtube on a weekly basis. As mentioned earlier, he started his Youtube channel in 2012, the same year he started to upload videos on it. Most of his initial videos were related to weight lifting. His first ever video was the introductory video and he got about 137k views on it. Then the main gain of subscribers was started in 2015 when he got used to the channel. By 2015, he got 100k subscribers on his channel and about 50% of them were active subscribers.

Guzman’s career as a Youtuber is worth as he worked and uploaded more than 1800 videos.

Most of them are vlogs on fitness and daily life. His most famous video’s title is “I Bought My Dad A Car And This Is His Reaction”. This video gained over 15 million views. Just like this video, most of the videos have more than 1 million views for now.

Let’s talk about some most popular projects of Christain. Some of his major playlists include, “Arm Workout Revealed”, “Meet My Girlfriend”, “My Cutting Diet” and “I Have Some Explaining To Do”.

In 2022, he got over 1.5 million subscribers and Christain Guzman net worth is approximately about $2 Million. This amount is huge for being a professional Youtuber.


There is no doubt that Christian Guzman is a famous Youtuber, social media influencer and entrepreneur too. But he was totally interested in fitness and bodybuilding. For his passion, he dropped out of the University. But now he is more popular and still working as a social activist.

In 2022, Christian Guzman net worth is calculated to be about $2 Million. We will surely see the increment in this amount as of his businesses and earnings through his Youtube channel.

Annual Salary $500,000 and $750,000
Earning Point YouTube Ad Revenue
Working in Industry 2012
Still Alive Yes

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