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Steve Kardynal Net Worth 2024

Steve Kardynal Net Worth

How much does Steve Kardynal worth?

Net Worth $3 million
Born 07 January 1990
Occupation Comedian, You Tuber
Genres Comedy, Mimicry, Lip Syncing
Channel Steve Krdynal
Subscribers 5.19 million
Views 60 million
Nationality American
Religion Christianty
Age 30
Education N/A
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A

Dive into the hilariously unpredictable world of Steve Kardynal, a comedian who has captured the hearts of millions with his inventive and often outrageous viral videos.

Our dedicated page turns the spotlight on Kardynal’s rise to internet fame, from his early days on YouTube to becoming a viral sensation with his unique brand of humor.

We explore the creativity and spontaneity that have become the hallmarks of his comedic style, as well as his ability to connect with a global audience through laughter.

As we delve into Steve Kardynal’s net worth, we consider the financial side of viral fame and the various avenues through which an online comedian can monetize their content and influence.

Join us as we highlight the journey of Steve Kardynal, a comedian whose bold antics and infectious energy have carved out a special place in the world of digital entertainment.

Early Life and Biography

Stephen Kardynal was popularly known by his professional name, Steve Kardynal born on January 07, 1990. He belongs to Macomb Township Michigan.

When Steve was in high school, he started making funny videos. In school, he spent four years learning theatre arts. During the last year of high school, he decided to make funny skits.

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These skits were to be played in front of the whole school once every week. Unlikely his expectation, the skits got great applause not only from the students but also from the instructors.

After high school, he didn’t continue his education. Though he attended classes at Macomb Community College he never wanted to actively pursue his degree.


School  N/A
College Macomb Community College in Michigan
University University of Glasgow


Upon getting such an amazing response from his schoolfellows and friends, Steve decided to upload his videos on YouTube. This marked the beginning of his professional career.

In an interview, You Tuber revealed the fact that at that time he did not expect him to get so popular.

He was expecting that only his friends would watch those videos. But the videos got a good response and it urged him to pursue his career in the entertainment industry.

Chatroulette Career

Kardynal has also produced several videos on an online chatting platform Chatroulette. It is a platform where random people join each other via webcams and start a video conversation.


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His major acts on this platform include him dressing up like a woman and lip-syncing on famous songs. He also mimics the reactions of people who join him at Chatroulette.

He has done lip-syncing over many hit tracks of various famous singers. His works include the songs like ‘Peacock’ sung by Katty Perry, Telephone sung by Lady Gaga, and Let It Go, the song which was the part of Disney’s animated movie Frozen.

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Family Info

Mother Name N/A
Father Name N/A
Sister Name N/A
Marital Status Single
B-F/Husband Name N/A
Son Name N/A
Daughter Name N/A

YouTube Career

He created his YouTube channel in 2009. Soon the channel got hit and till now it has gathered over 5.1 million subscribers and over 60 million views.

Silver Button

In the year 2011, he got the silver play button on YouTube after achieving 100,000 subscribers.

Gold Button

The pace of his success never slowed down as he went on to achieve the gold play button just after two years. By the time he had gained 1,000,000 subscribers.

Similarly, Mr Beast and KSI get YouTube Golden Button because both are the richest YouTuber on the planet.

How He Got Famous?

His most famous creation on YouTube is the ‘Songs in Real Life’ series. In this series of videos, people from real-life backgrounds are seen lip-syncing over various songs.

These videos exemplify what is happening with people’s lives in reality. He made videos on many hit songs. Although his content may look ridiculous to many people, Kardynal is an artist who believes in expressing the real face of one’s life.

Reason for his Success

According to his claim, his channel aims to encourage people to be true to themselves. He also goes into public to shoot his videos. Although he has received mixed responses from the public this has certainly helped him in gaining the attention of the audience.

Because of this unique style and frequent public appearance, the You Tuber soon got famous among the audience. This is the reason, he has accumulated so much wealth. As of now, Steve Kardynal net worth is approximately $3 million.

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Steve Kardynal Career Earnings By Monthly

April 2022 $ 98
March 2022 $ -1.59K
February 2022 $ 1.48K
October 2020 $ 899
September 2020 $ 762
August 2020 $ -8.33K
July 2020 $ 516
March 2020 $ 336
February 2020 $ 377
January 2020 $ 1.81K
December 2019 $ 2.07K

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