Kai Greene Net Worth

Kai Greene Net Worth

What is Kai Greene worth? How much does he earn?

Net Worth $1.6 Million
Earning Source Professional Bodybuilder
Birth Date 12 July 1975
Origin America
Height 1.73 m
Last Updated 2022

Kai Greene is professional bodybuilder and an IFBB pro athlete as well from the US. He also needs no introduction like other IFBB pros. He is the multiple times champion of the Arnold Classics. Kai Greene is well known for his posing skills on the bodybuilding stage.

Kai is also an actor. He has a role in the famous Netflix series “Stranger Things”. Also he is working on some projects which will be released in near future.

As of 2022, Kai Greene net worth is estimated to be about $1.6 Million. This amount makes him one of the richest bodybuilders on the planet. According to a survey, his wealth makes him the 19th richest bodybuilder in the world.

Early Life and Biography

Kai Greene was born on July 12, 1975 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. His official name is Leslie Kai Greene given by his parents. From the age of six, he was raised in foster care and residential treatment centers in Brooklyn.

He has a good height of 5’8 which suits his body perfectly. When he was in middle school, one of his teachers introduced him to bodybuilding. It was because of his rapid growth of muscles and body shape. His physical development was so rapid, he was referred to the gym.

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His behavior was bringing trouble in the school. It was alarming for all other kids. So the school authorities convinced him to be a bodybuilder and join a gym to relieve his aggression.

How Did Kai Make Such Net Worth?

Greene became an inspiring bodybuilder when he started working out at Johnny Lats Gym in Brooklyn, where he began training with personal trainer Jakob Panotas in 1996. He competed in the NPC (National Physique Committee) aiming to move into the IFBB.


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He became conscious of his success in the NPC as mixed. He won the 1999 NPC Team Universe, after he took a long five-year break from all the competitions before re-emerging in the 2004 NPC Team Universe contest. That was the competition he won again. This victory qualified him for a career as an IFBB pro when his professional career started as a bodybuilder.

In 2011, Kai started to workout for the Mr. Olympia with his training coach George Farah. He placed 1st position in the New York Pro Championship.

While he was standing at 3rd in the Mr. Olympia 2011. This is how he qualified for the next competition. His main focus was to compete in Mr. Olympia, so he didn’t compete in the New York Pro. Kai’s hard work placed him at 2nd in 2012 Mr. Olympia. Against Phil Heath in 2013 and 2014, he stood 2nd while aiming for the win.

Kai Greene didn’t compete in 2015’s Mr. Olympia and stated the reason that, “There is a lot more going behind the scene that I cannot discuss here”. There was a claim from people that Olypmia banned him from competing. But Olympia refused their claim by saying he was not registered by himself.

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Later in 2016, Kai won the Arnold Classic once again. Before he was the champion of Arnold Classic in 2009 and 2010.

As of 2022, as a professional bodybuilder, Kai Greene net worth is estimated at about $1.6 Million.

Greene’s Career As An Actor

His first role was a male stripper in a comedy film “College Debts” which was released in 2015. Later in 2016, he moved to China in order to act in a martial arts film “Crazy Fist”.

Then in 2017, he had a role in the most famous web series from Netflix “Stranger Things”. Currently in 2022, he is working in an Indian action movie “Pogaru” which will be released soon. Moreover, he had made an appearance in many scenes of gay erotica and worked with the Jimmy Z Productions Studio as well.


Kai Greene without any doubt is one of the most freakiest bodybuilders we’ve ever seen on the screen. His body shape along with the size makes him the beast. But he couldn’t stand against Phil Heath as his bad luck we can say.

Net Worth $1.6 Million
Profession Professional Bodybuilder
Monthly Income Not Yet Known
Still Alive Alive

In 2022, Kai Greene net worth is estimated about $1.6 Million which will further increase as of his investments and businesses.

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