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Anna Akana Net Worth

Anna Akana net worth

How much does Anna Akana worth?

NET WORTH $2 Million
Full name
Anna Kay Akana
Date of Birth August 18, 1989
Place of Birth the USA
Parents N/A
Siblings Kristina (sister)
Spouse Ray William Johnson
Profession Internet Star
Height 1.5m
Weight 45 Kg

Choices differ from one person to another. Everyone has his own choices in every field of life. The same is the case with the favorite celebrities.

Today, we want to talk about the best personality named ‘Anna Akana. Who is Anna Akana? How much is Anna Akana’s net worth?

This article is going to answer these questions in a comprehensive and easy way.

Nowadays, it has become clear that in every field there are large numbers of stars who are emerging. Youtube is not an exception. Let’s talk about Anna Akan in some detail.

Early Life and Biography

Full Name
Anna Kay Akana
Children’s Single
Hair Color Black Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Bra Cup Size 33 C

Anna Akana was born on August 18, 1989, in the USA. Her father, Anna Kay Akana, is Japanese. The sign of birth is ‘Leo’.

From her background and career, it seems that she has a mixture of various traditions and values. Her father was from Japan and her mother was from the Philippines.

The interesting thing about his father was his quality of picking up all the dialects, traditions, and lifestyles from different places. It was all due to his duty in Marine Crops.

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Due to this reason, she can speak Japanese, Spanish, and English in a very fluent way.

The tragedy occurred in her life when an abuse forced her sister to commit suicide. After that, she became very sad and did not try to smile and be happy.

Due to this tragedy, she started performing stand-up comedy. At the age of 19 years, she started working on the YouTube platform of Social Media.

In the end, she decided to release a video on YouTube called ‘Please don’t kill yourself,’ and it all happened due to her emotional attachment.

In her famous YouTube videos, we can clearly find humor and seriousness. She also makes both documentary and comedy videos.

‘Cat Benatar’ is the first duet that was released in 2014 with the collaboration of comedian Megan Rosati.

Awards and Achievements

Digital Pioneer 2014
Best Actress 2015
Acting in a Drama Streamy Awards 2018
Outstanding Digital Drama Series 2019

During her career, she did not stop making comedies and documentaries. In her earlier days, she decided to make short movies such as “Miss 2059”, “Ant-man”, and “Miss Earth”.

There were also some short films as well. Akana had been in ‘Awkward’ and in Katy Perry’s music video about her famous film and TV series career.

There are totally of 4 members in her family, and her uncle had been an officer in the US Marine Corps.

How Anna Akana earn money from YouTube?

According to the 2022 survey, there are almost more than 2 million followers on his YouTube channel. The channel has also accumulated more than 300 million views since its launch.

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She uses to upload twice a week and there are almost 120,000 views per day. This all adds much to her net worth and the profit from YouTube ads is almost $480 a day.

It is a rule of YouTube that it charges almost $6 per 1000 paid views when YouTuber takes its share completely. There also comes more from the stand-up comedy shows and production of movies.

Using her website, she also sells clothes and products. The total numbers of films, TV series and short films are almost 70.

Her different roles including production, writing, and as a director have made her famous among the different kinds of people.

Similarly, Doug Walker gets a lot of awards in his career life because he does work in several ways.

How did Akana become so famous and How to make net worth?

The estimated idea about Anna Akana net worth is around $2 million and she earns almost $1 million in YouTube and hospital wages.

Her best movies mentioned in a wiki are ‘Inappropriate Comedy’ and ‘Kids Vs. Monster’. There are also some other performances including ‘Hello my name is Doris’ and ‘Dirty 30’.

According to the available information, she has earned an award for online pioneer at the San Diego Asian Film Festival and she has also been nominated for the Streamy Awards as an excellent actress.

With Akana’s biography, you must read about Pokimane because she earns a lot of money from YouTube and other ways which reason she becomes a famous celebrity.

Favorite Things

What makes it so successful?

In 2019, Akana released her song called “Intervention” and a video by Auden Bui. Her most famous albums include ‘Pretty Girls Don’t Cry’, Not My Proudest Moment, and Let Me Go.

She has been praised by many critics and they use to say that she has a very interesting approach to subjects and gives a new view on things and events.


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According to the available information, she has been in a relationship with Ray William Johnson, and she also started dating comedian Brad Gage.

She used to mention the phrase ‘whole world stopped’ and it was when her younger sister committed suicide.

Now, when she is 29 years old, she uses to smile and live happily. When her sister was a victim of school bullying, she said the following words:

“For a moment, it allowed me to escape, to forget everything, and to laugh. And for someone else I wanted to do that”.

There had been a hit podcast ‘Explain Things To Me’ and she was doing it with her boyfriend “Brad Gage”.

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