Marie Robards Net Worth

Marie Robards Net Worth

How much does Marie Robards worth?

Real Name Dorothy Marie Robards
Nick Name Marie Robards
Profession Actress
Age 43 years old
Father Name Steven Robards
Mother Name Beth Burroughs
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million

In 1977, the birth of Marie Robards took place. In high school, Marie Robards was an integrity student and by the other students of the class, she was called an actual prettiness. In this article, you will read about Marie Robards Net Worth, Early Life, and Career Life.

At the time when she provided a sufficient quantity of barium to her father and at that time her father was taking the dinner and he died within a few hours, she was sufficiently old to drive an automobile by herself.

At this time, Marie Robards was also sufficiently old to cast a vote. In the year 1977, the lady Marie Robards, at the age of 16 in the Fort Worth, Texas was known for the poisoning of her father.

Early Life and Family Background

Zodiac Sign N/A
Children’s N/A
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Brwon
Body Measurements Not Available

Marie Robards should have been gratified enjoying her high school years and from the school received fame at the time of her school days.

During this time, Marie Robards was not planning to homicide one of her parents.

At the time of her parent’s partition, Marie Robards was distressed, and afterward, her parents divorced.

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The mother of Marie Robards after the divorce again married. The name of her mother was Beth Burroughs.

With the stepfather, she did not want to live, and that the reason which inspired Marie Robards accomplishment for the killing of her father. The name of her father was Steven Robards.

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School and College Info

School Name N/A
University N/A
Education Qualification N/A

The Murder

The incident of Marie Robards giving poison to her father achieved the attention of the media since she was a talented student.

The infrequent crime that was killing her father by the Marie Robards was more commonly committed by the men.

When Steven Robards ate his evening meal and became unpleasant after some time, he started throwing up. Sandra Hudgins was a neighbor of the Marie Robards. To her neighbor, she went and requested her help.

While the neighbor of Marie Robards went to check on Steven and at that time, she stayed behind and visited with her neighbor’s son.

At the age of 16 years old, after giving poison to her father, Marie Robards then started living with her smart plot.

In the meanwhile, she could have no longer manage with her ethics and revealed her secret to a close friend and the name of that friend was Stacey High.

The secret eventually exposed by her close friend named Stacey High because of the reason that she had nightmares in which the father of Marie Robards, Steven Robards calling to her from his grave, and asking her to help him.

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In the year 1993, Marie Robards grieved from the devasting loss of her father. The death governed the result of cardiac arrest.

Previously one year before, Marie Robards won a part in a high school production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

In the year 1995, incident in which Marie Robards condemned of murder and because of which she was punished to jail for a time period of 27 years.

In the year 2003, Marie Robards was departed on bail. It is thought that she is now to be residing below a new one non-public recognition.

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