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Farah Galfond Net Worth 2024

Farah Galfond Net Worth

Farah Galfond, also known as Farah Fath during her time on daytime television, is an American actress best known for her roles on popular soap operas such as “Days of Our Lives” and “One Life to Live.”

Her portrayal of beloved characters has endeared her to fans and made her a familiar face in the world of television drama.

This article examines Farah Galfond’s net worth, offering a glimpse into the financial aspects of a career in soap operas and the entertainment industry at large.

As we delve into Galfond’s professional journey, we will explore her transition from a young actress to a seasoned performer, her impact on the soap opera genre, and the various endeavors that have contributed to her financial portfolio.

Her story is one of consistent work in a genre that fosters dedicated fanbases and offers actors the chance to develop their craft over long story arcs.

Join us as we explore the net worth of Farah Galfond, an actress whose commitment to her roles has not only earned her acclaim in the world of daytime television but also a stable foundation in an industry known for its ebbs and flows.


Farah Galfond also known as Farah Fath, started her practical life as a TV star. She had a successful acting career as she was a part of many films and TV serials.

Most notable of them are the TV shows including ‘One Life to Live’ and ‘Dirty Soap’.

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She had a major transition in her life when her current husband Phill Galfond came into her life.

Phill is a professional poker player and he was the reason behind her leaving the entertainment industry.

Currently, Farah has completely abandoned showbiz and she has become a professional poker player.

Early Life and Biography

Full Name
Farah LeeAllen Fath Galfond
Children’s 1
Hair Color Blundy
Eye Color Blue
Body Measurements Under Review

Farah was born in Lexington, Kentucky on 01 May 1984. She and her younger sister are the only kids of their parents, Lisa Fath and Greg Fath.

At a younger age, Farah had a craze for acting. When she was just five, she introduced herself to the limelight.

In 1995, for her gorgeous beauty and innocent charm, Farah won the title of Miss Kentucky.

She got sponsorships from many famous brands such as Duncan Hines and also featured in an international commercial for a renowned potato chips manufacturer, ‘Pringles’.

Television Career

Fath started her TV career in 1999 when she joined Days of Our Lives. She played the character of Mimi Lockhart and remained a part of the show until 2007.

In 2007, she became a part of the soap ‘One Life to Live’ in the role of Gigi Morasco.

Her journey with this series halted for some time in June 2011 when she left the show temporarily. But in the same year, she returned to the show as Gigi’s sister.

Farah was also featured in a reality TV show ‘Dirty Soap’ along with some of her other colleagues.

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In 2018, she returned to ‘Days of Our Lives for many episodes. Since then, she has not made any notable appearance in showbiz.

Poker Career

At the same time, when she was earning huge sums of money from her acting projects, Farah also started trying her luck in poker.

Moreover, her husband Phill Glfond is also a professional player and has a net worth of around$2 million.

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It can be assumed that Phill was the major motivation behind her transition from an actress to a professional poker player.

Farah has won two daily tournaments at Aria Resort and Casino. In addition to this, she has been a regular at the World Series of Poker.

Farah has earned a substantial amount from poker and this has contributed a lot to her staggering net worth.

As of 2022, Farah Galfond’s net worth is about $2 million and she has won $44,000 in her live poker tournaments.

Favorite Things

Car N/A
Food N/A
Dress N/A
Bra N/A

Personal Life

Farah remained in a relationship with her fellow start John Paul Lavoisier from One Life to Live. Their relationship ended in 2013.

In 2014, her current husband Phill Galfond came into her life and they announced their engagement. They got married in May 2015.

Phill was a successful professional poker player. This marriage proved to be fruitful and their only son, Spencer came into this world from this relationship.

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