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Jessica Alba Net Worth

Jessica Alba Net Worth

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A professional actress is a special personality who converts herself from actress to Entrepreneur. She is an American great Actress and Entrepreneur. In this article, you will read about Jessica Alba Net Worth, Early Life, and Career Life.

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Early Life And Biography

A great superstar model was born as Jessica Marie Alba on 28 April 1981 in California, America. She started her career by acting in films. But later she changed her mind when she collected money to invest as an Entrepreneur.

Her grandparents were really from Mexico. Later they shifted to California and started living here.

Before shifting to California they also lived in several parts of the country. Because her father was an Army person so they traveled a lot.

At the age of 16, she passed her graduation. When she got her degree of graduation from Claremont High School she started working in a theatre.

After completing her studies she made a step forward to film. So in 2004, she worked in her first movie, and later she began her career in it.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 2001, She won the “ALMA Award” in the category of “Back through Actress of the Year.”
  • In 2005, she won the “Young Hollywood Awards” in the category of “Superstar of Tomorrow.”
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Jessica becomes popular when she starts modeling. Later when she becomes an Entrepreneur, she becomes more popular among the people.

She earned a great income of $12 Million from her acting career. Also, from “The Honest Beauty”, she earned 15 to 20% of her total income. Also, her dealing with others gained $22 Million.

Jessica Alba starts her career as an actress. Later she starts entrepreneurship. With other dealers, she makes some of the deals. So in this regard, she collects a big part of her wealth. 

With her acting career, she becomes an honor of the company named “The Honor Beauty.” From this company, she earned a great part of her wealth and make her income.

After that, she has more than $16 Million per annual salary. In regard to her investments with other dealers, she earned great wealth.

When they blessed with a daughter, she posted her photos on social media. From her daughter’s pics, she earned $1.5 Million. These pictures were shown in a Magazine also.

Jessica Alba’s Net Worth is $350 Million. She earned this wealth from her acting and entrepreneurship. Also, she is still active in gaining her wealth.

What Makes It So Successful?

Jessica Alba is a great Actress from the United States. After completing her studies she starts a professional career. In her childhood, she was an ill girl. Because she faces a lot of diseases and be very suffered from them.

When she collected her wealth from her filming career, she decided to jump into the investment field. Later, she became a great Entrepreneur.


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In 2015, she introduced her company with the name “The Honest Beauty.” Later in the surveys, she became an American wealthiest investor under 40. Along with her acting and entrepreneurship, she is also a producer also.

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From this company, she collects a great part of her income. Also, she got her great fame from the honors of the company. 

At the age of 12 years old, she got interested in acting. So she starts her training in acting classes. Later she got a chance to model in an advertisement.

After taking a role in Dark Angel, she starts her friendship with Micheal Weatherly. He was 12 years older than Jessica, but she started dating him. After a few months, they have destroyed their friendship.

She worked in a TV series named “The Sleeping Dictionary” and “Honey.” later when she got more roles in several films, so she got her fame among people.

Also, she has worked in flops named “Awake” and “The Eye”. Her performances as a model and as an actress, she got huge familiarity. When she worked in the TV series called “The Fantastic Four”, she got her real popularity.

Film List:

In 2003, she worked in a film called “Honey.” Later in 2005, she played the best role in “The Fantastic Four.” After it, in 2007, she worked in the film “Good Luck Chuck.”

In the year 2008, she worked in “The Eye”, which was a horror movie. Later in 2010, she played  a role in “Valentine’s Day.” In the same year, she worked in the movie “Little Fockers.”

After it, in 2016, she played a role in “Mechanic Resurrection.”

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