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50 Cent Net worth

50 Cent Net worth

50 Cent is an American rapper and celebrity among superstars with a massive Net worth. Here you got the complete information about his net worth.

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This article is written about official 50 Cent Net worth.

There is a number of ways to become strong personalities why everyone chooses their unique niche.

He prefers the music field in which he is performing well as a Rapper that attracts a vast audience.

Curtis James Jackson III was born in the United States of America on July 6 of 1975.

Now he is 42 years old having a 6ft height and 218 lbs weight. Professionally he is an Actor, Entrepreneur, Rapper, Screenwriter also songwriter.

Rapper and record producers have a net worth of $150 Million in 2017-18 according to the current record.

50 Cent is counted as the richest person, musician, and artist in his field.

He is doing hard work for his success by introducing new albums with beautiful songs compositions which help in 50 Cent’s net worth.

He was listed as a Top-ranked artist in the world of music.

How Did 50 Cent Become So Famous and How To Make Net worth it?

Yes, 50 Cent’s total net income of U.S $30 Million that was he earned from his earning source is music, artist, businessperson, and others.

Through his significant investment in Vitamin Water, he got 50% equity stake. His famous name “Formula 50“ is a drink that is an honor for him to become a part of.

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Vitamin Water was sold out and bought by Coca-Cola from Glaceau for $4.1 billion U.S dollar and stand it as a great firm.

From this, he made up to $150 without paying taxes. After Dr DreJay-Z, Sean “Puff Daddy,” Snoop Dog, and Eminem he ranked as the wealthiest person.

Albums Records Success

His top selected recorded albums which attract the audience with success and earn huge money having 30 Million in numbers.

He is the 3rd high-level rapper after Eminem and Nelly rappers. In 2009 Billboard announced him 6th best for the 2000s.


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He is also known as a top business person in the market; he invests in some ways, he is also referred to as a film producer, also acting as an actor in T.V shows and movies.

Through his new album in 2005 “The Massacre” earned a lot of money by selling millions of records within four days of the first register.

Launched new albums like Curtis in 2007, Bedore I Self Destruct in 2009, and Animal Ambition in the year of 2014. Throughout his music careers his earnings boosted by more than $100 million.

Awards and Achievements

This American attractive superstar won 73 awards for his excellent performance on different platforms.

Curtis James Jackson III was nominated 118 times for awards and wins three awards from American Music.

Also, gain 11 from ASCAP, BET Awards gives 3, one from BET Hip Hop, 13 Billboard Music, 16 times from Billboard R&B Hip-hop,1 Grammy Awards, 3 MOBO Awards, two from MTV Video Music, 3 The Source, 6 Vibe and in last 6 World Music Awards.

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He participated in 20 Awards shows for price ceremonies.

He grew up with great records and earn huge. The name “How to Rob” grab a tendency audience other than Jay Z and DMX in the year 1988.

In 2001 his record album music was “Guess who’s back”. In 2002 the singer Eminem gave a music collection and asked him to get together with Dr. Dre in Los Angeles.

This rapper got $1 Million personal checks with Eminem shady and Dr Dre Aftermath Entertainment. For more information visit our website and Social media pages.

How Does 50 Cent Spend His Money?

As we all know 50 Cent is one of the famous names in the rap music industry now. Recently he was on the top of the news due to his money troubles.

The monthly income written down by 50 Cent is almost $184,000. Most of part of this huge income from his media company named G-Unit Branded Entertainment distributes TV, music, and movies.

Moreover, the house he used to live in is the antecedent property of the most famous boxer Mike Tysen.

The worth of this mansion is almost $8.25 Million which is huge. This vast mansion contains 21 luxury bedrooms, a garage for eight cars, a home-based movie cinema, and a racquetball court.

Nonetheless, he also had more assets in the form of properties in Atlanta and Long Island which are in the form of investment properties.

Jackson spends more than $70,000 monthly to maintain his three main houses.

His first-ever business was a collaboration with Glaceau to produce a magnified water drink called Formula 50.

In 2004, he became an investor in the beverage field and got some small shares in exchange for becoming an agent.

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As a professional rapper, his interest in films and music led him to be the founder of two film production companies: In 2003, in G-Unit Films, and In 2008, in Cheetah Vision.

5  Rules for Success from 50 Cent

Below are the 5 lessons we can learn from 50 Cent,

1-Work Hard

50 Cent once said that “sleep is for those people who are broke, I don’t sleep”.

This is a common and obvious thing that without hard work you are not gonna succeed in any form. So try to put your energy into work.

2- Trim The Fat

It means that you should have to remove the unnecessary people (who are unsupportive to you) from your life. Just remove them or they will cost you your success.

3-  Fear Nothing

Like Jackson was a rapper so the people try to demotivate him by some dis-tracks. But he didn’t care about them and feared nothing. Still, he was focused on his goal.

4- Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Past

According to 50 Cent, all of the suffering will make you who you are. So don’t regret those things which are coming in the form of hardships.

He said, if you asked me what I am, I would never come to this if I’d never been exposed to the hard situations.

5- Do What You Love

If you are addicted or in love with a thing then with all your passion do it and let the success make the noise.


50 Cent’s net worth is still calculated to be $30 Million despite the lawsuit and his bankruptcy. No doubt he is one of the coolest and most influential hip-hop rappers of all time. All with that, he was a successful entrepreneur too.

Annual Salary USD 150,000,000 per year
Earning Point G-Unit branded entertainment deals in music, film, and television
Working in Industry Since 2002
Still Alive Yes

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