Lil Wayne Net Worth 2020 Annual Income and Salary

lil wayne net worth

Lil Wayne Net Worth : $150 Million USD

lil wayne net worthThe word doesn’t need any introduction as his massive popularity around the globe speaks for itself. One of the biggest names in rapping world; he was born on 27th September, 1982 at New Orleans, USA. His original name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. and is known for his exceptional skills in hip hop rapping and song writing which pushed Lil Wayne Net Worth to millions.

Initially, he joined Cash Money Records and was being regarded as the youngest guy to join. Followed by The B.G.’Z and rapper Lil’ Doggie, he then joined up with a group named Hot Boys where his original step up to the success came up. Carter’s debut album “Get It How U Live!” proved to be vital as it took him to a blasting start in the rapping world adding immensely to Lil Wayne net worth. He then continued to progress further which made him stand him amongst the people with charming monetary value in the world right now. Currently he himself is the CEO of his own label named as Young Money Entertainment introduced in 2005.


Lil Wayne Net Worth 2020 Annual Income and Salary

Lil Wayne Net Worth: $150 Million USD
As of 2017, Carter’s total net worth is $150 million. The total income doesn’t only depends upon his rapping but also from other sources. Besides rapping, Carter also earns from his endorsement deals like Trukfit, investments, cloth line business as well as the advertisement revenue from YouTube Channel. The total income from all these sources make him being a person having wealth in millions.

lil wayne net worth

Before joining Cash Money Records, Carter used to perform in parties. Once being there, he caught the eye of a person name Lil Smith (A rapper working with Cash Money Records) who helped him took a step up in his rapping career. His original rapping career started in 1996 when he released his debut album in Hot Boys group. From there his career took boost which fired him up to the heights of success earning him a charming figure in terms of money value.

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Being his fan, it is a must thing to know about what he won during his career until now. Listed below are the winnings by this magical voice.

  1. American Music  (Won: 1)
  2. BET (Won: 10)
  3. BET Hip Hop  (Won: 14)
  4. Billboard Music  (Won: 5)
  5. BMI (Won: 7)
  6. Grammy (Won: 5)
  7. MOBO (Won: 1)
  8. MTV Video Music Award (Won: 1)
  9. MTV2 Sucker Free Summit  (Won: 4)
  10. Ozone (Won: 4)
  11. Vibe Music (Won: 3)
Few Things You Need to Know About Lil Wayne:
  1. Carter used to work for Pepsi; when in 2013 he was dropped out of the company as he released a song against their latest Mountain Dew Soda Ad.
  2. He used to have a gun in his backpack and yes; he never completed school.
  3. Some of his famous names he was called by are “Baby D” and “Shrimp Daddy”.
  4. At the age of 12, playing with his mother’s gun, Lil once shot himself in the chest.
  5. The last time Carter wrote a rhyme was back in 2002. Since then, all he recorded were just verses without writing down anything.

Lil Wayne Biography (Wiki 2020)

Born27th September 1982
Home TownHollygrove, New Orleans, US
Years Active1991-Present
OccupationRapper, Singer, Writer, Entrepreneur, Record Executive
Net Worth$150 Million
GenresHip Hop

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