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Jeffree Star Net Worth

Jeffree Star Net Worth

What is The Total Net Worth of Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star is an American model, fashion designer, DJ, artist lyricist, and cosmetics craftsman is Jeffree Star. As of this composition, Jeffree Star has a total net worth of $200 million.

As well as being one of the most generously compensated YouTube stars in the world, he supervises a cosmetic empire called Jeffree Star Cosmetics that is the wellspring of most of his fortune today. Also, he is known for his striking hair shading that is regularly hot pink, and numerous tattoos.

Early Life & Biography

On November 15, 1985, Jeffree Star was brought into the world as Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. in Orange County, California. Disastrously, when he was six years of age his dad named Jeffrey Steininger Sr., committed suicide. However, he was raised by his mom Marra Shubyann Lindstrom Steininger, who was a model.

Whenever he was youthful, Jeffree would try different things with his mother’s cosmetics. Moreover, he really started wearing cosmetics to school consistently in middle school. After completing graduation from secondary school he moved to Hollywood to seek after a modeling and cosmetics profession.

Likewise, he kept an interest in music. Whenever he previously showed up in Hollywood he worked at a few cosmetics counters while booking side-gigs at weddings and fashion shoots. Over the long run he began making superstar associations for his cosmetics abilities.

Further, he fostered a following via web-based media, MySpace specifically, where he posted cosmetics tips and tunes. At last, he created one of the biggest early MySpace followings with photographs posts getting a huge number of remarks. By 2006, he was MySpace’s most associated profile character.

Also, he acquired reputation as one of the most well-known unsigned craftsmen on MySpace. Additionally, his songs consistently beat MySpace Music’s Independent Artists diagrams.

Full Name
Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr.
Husband Under Review
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Brown

Professional and Music Career

The profession of this talented star began as an electronica and pop singer started when he got to know Peaches’ drummer Samantha Maloney, who urged him to make music. During the late spring of 2007, he was publicized as a piece of the ‘True Colors Tour 2007’, which went through 15 urban areas in the United States and Canada.

On June 8, 2007, the visit, supported by the LGBT Logo channel, started to match with Pride month. However, the celebrity delivered his solitary studio collection “Beauty Killer” in the year 2009, which topped at number seven on the US Billboard Top Electronic Albums outline.

The collection included the songs, for example, “Lollipop Luxury” highlighting Nicki Minaj. In order to advance his music, he boarded on a few world visits. Also, In the year 2010, he signed to Konvict Muzik whose founder Akon depicted Star as “the next Lady Gaga” with plans to deliver a subsequent collection.

In the year 2013 notwithstanding, it was never released and Star unexpectedly left the music business under hazy conditions. Later, he showed marking to Akon’s record name as “the biggest mistake I’ve ever made”.

In the year 2010, he showed up in the second form of Kesha’s music video for her single “Take It Off”. In addition, the star has worked with a few other melodic entertainers, including “Blood on the Dance Floor, Deuce, Millionaires, and Larry Tee”.

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How did Jeffree become so famous and how to make net worth?

He earned a total net worth of $200 Million US dollars. By doing hard work in the department as a Makeup Artist, Best YouTuber across the world. 

A huge amount of net worth earned from YouTube. Estimated earning per month is from $2.3K to $36.4K

How he makes Net Worth in his life?

Also, his yearly earning is approximately $27.3K to $437.3K. Channel has video views rank in 1,424th. The country ranks 128th in the United States.

As referenced previously, Star earns a beautiful scent from his namesake line of beautifiers. He supposedly makes up to $7.2 million for each item dispatch.

In 2017, YouTuber David Dobrik did us every one of the strong and straight-up asked the master the amount he acquires. His answer? “$150 million.” That’s in US dollars, incidentally, which converts to around AU$215 million.

In the same way, if we compare other YouTubers like Jake Paul and James Charles then We can easily know J Star is one of the best YouTubers in the world.

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85 m
Weight 60 KG
Bra Size 34
Waist Size 28
Body Measurements Under Review

Jeffree Star’s Quotes

  • “Quit attempting to be somebody else. Be what you’re acceptable at, be you”
  • “Recollect that genuine excellence comes from the inside – from inside bottles, containers, compacts, and lipstick tubes”
  • “Haters have simply confounded admirers since they can’t sort out the motivation behind why everybody loves you”
  • “Sweet as sugar, hard as ice. Hurt me once, I’ll execute you twice”
  • “Grin it bothers the individuals who wish to annihilate you”
  • “Say thanks to God for Redbull and phony eyelashes”
  • “You wanna know who your actual companions are? Mess up and see who’s still there”
  • “Now and again you need to fail to remember and excuse. Excuse them for harming you and fail to remember that they exist!”
  • “I’ve been a cosmetics craftsman since I was 12 and it was consistently a fantasy of mine back them to have my own line”
  • “I would go through hours consistently reproducing glances I found in my mom’s Cosmo magazines and it was my getaway”
  • “At the point when you come from a helpless foundation and a family loaded with heavy drinkers, you don’t completely comprehend what that implies when you’re a small child”
  • “I discovered workmanship and cosmetics, it transformed me”
  • “On the off chance that I can’t be wonderful, I’d prefer simply pass on”
  • “I trust one day it will not make any difference who you’re infatuated with. Sex is only a word. LOVE is wonderful. marks are for butt heads. never quit acting naturally”
  • “Sorry in the event that we can’t all be unimaginative yet I have a shape to break”
  • “I’m not single and I’m not taken. I’m essentially on save for one who merits me”
  • “Act naturally, you’ll be significantly more joyful”
  • “Genuine liars won’t ever cherish. Genuine sweethearts won’t ever lie”
  • “On the off chance that everybody invested as much energy o bliss as they did on dramatization and outrage, they’d sparkle significantly more splendidly!”
  • “Now and then the most ideal approach to stand out enough to noticed is to quit giving them yours”
  • “I’m the living Barbie Doll, how are you?”
  • “Consistently is another thing. It’s sort of like Hurricane Katrina. Every so often I’m recording or going out on the town to shop or having a gathering blowout”
  • “Perhaps today I’ll go to Louis Vuitton and engage in sexual relations with a straight person. I need to adjust my time.”
  • “Try not to begin to look all starry-eyed at somebody you can live with, experience passionate feelings for somebody you can’t survive without”
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Actor in Film

In 2007 and 2007, actin LA Ink role as a Himself, Directed by Aaron Krummel and Fred Villari
In 2020, act in The Dish With Trish, Directed by Trisha Paytas, Himself is a role
In 2019, act in The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, Directed by Shane Dawson, Himself is a role
In 2018, act in The Secret World of Jeffree Star role as a Himself, Directed by Shane Dawson
In 2017, actin Shane and Friends role of Himself, Directed by Shane Dawson
In 2015, actin What Now role as a Victoria, Directed by Ash Avildesen

Music Albums

  • On September 22, 2009, released the album Beauty Killer with the label of Popsicle. Provided in CD, Digital Download

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

In the year 2014, Jeffree established his eponymous beauty care products organization utilizing as long as he can remember investment funds acquired from his music and cosmetics career up to that point. At that point, he would later agree that he was almost bankrupt and felt his music career was dead in the water when he sent off the organization.


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To utilize YouTube to advance his image and himself, he was one of the early cosmetics characters. The initial Jeffree’s YouTube uploads were still generally connected with his music, but he before long moved to stimulating Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Moreover, because of kinships with big names like Kat Von D, his following developed very rapidly. The YouTube following of Jeffree Star would ultimately top 15 million, with more than 1.7 billion video views.

Furthermore, his first delivery was an assortment of velour fluid lipsticks. Each of the 30,000 units sold out promptly after presentation. In addition, he circled back to a line of lip scrubs, highlighter palettes and eye-shadow pallets. Then, he at that point, delivered a line of accessories and clothing including makeup bags and mirrors.

The first shopping center based store in quite a while in US started carrying Jeffree’s line in the year 2018. However, most of his deals today came from direct contentment from his own stockroom in Los Angeles.


In the year 2018 meeting with YouTuber Shane Dawson, Jeffree guaranteed that his cosmetics territory yearly gross income is north of $100 million. Since the company is private, this could not be affirmed, however based Jeffree’s home and car assortment which we find in a different Shane interview, the organization is obviously doing incredibly well.

Today, Jeffree Star has major interests in marijuana, real estate and marketing. Moreover, he also owns the shipping and fulfillment center utilized by Jeffree Star Cosmetics and other drop shipment organizations.

In the year 2019, Jeffree and Shane collaborated to send off a line of eye-shadow and fluid lipsticks. In an October 2019 YouTube video, Jeffree guaranteed that if the sell-out of the eye-shadow, they would earn $35 million, with $10 million going to Shane. With re-arranges, the numbers would ultimately become much higher.

Between January 1 and December 1 of the year 2018, Jeffree acquired $18 million from his different business undertakings. That was to the point of making him the fifth most generously paid YouTube Star in the world.

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Further, Jeffree obtained $17 million, which was to the point of making him the fourth most noteworthy YouTuber on the platform in the year 2019. Similarly, Jeffree acquired $15 million, which made him the tenth highest paid YouTube star in the world in the year 2020.


For being engaged with various high-profile fights with different personalities, Jeffree is prominent for this. However, he ceaselessly fights with individual cosmetics investor Kylie Jenner, habitually debasing her items as bad quality, subordinate and copycat. Additionally, he has fought with Kylie’s Sister Kim Kardashian, fellow YouTuber James Charles and previous dear companion Kat Von D. The fights appear to just make Jeffree more well-known.

Personal Life and Real Estate

From the year 2015 to January 2020Jeffree was involved with online media character/model Nathan Schwandt. However, Star professes to swear off alcohol, notwithstanding beforehand tweeting regarding drinking vodka on different events. Additionally, he says that he keeps away from cigarettes and hard drugs, despite the fact that he smokes cannabis which is legal in California.

On April 16, 2021, following a car accident in Wyoming, Star and his companion Daniel Lucas were hospitalized. Due to this accident, he broke his back and had a few fractures on his spine. For a long time, Star and Nathan Schwandt lived in a colossal mansion in Calabasas, California with five canines.

In the year 2016, Jeffree bought the 10-bedroom; 15-bathroom house for $3.62 million then, at that point, emptied millions into remodels and upgrades. With all-encompassing viewpoints of mountains and valleys, the house that is 7,000 square-foot home sites on an almost 30,000 square-foot parcel. In November 2020, he sold this house for $3.4 million.

Moreover, Jeffree spent $14.6 million on an unimaginable new home in Hidden Hills, California in December 2019. The property, which sits on just under of 3-acres of land, has 8 rooms and 13 bathrooms in 25,000 square-feet of living space. Furthermore, Jeffree has an amazing car that has highlighted Bentleys, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Also, he supposedly possesses more than twelve extravagance vehicles.

Awards and Achievements

As such, Jeffree Star has not won any awards, yet he was selected for the Shorty Awards two times, once in the year 2019 and the other in the year 2020. Also, Jeffree Star is one of the most well-known YouTube characters and has an immense fan following, so to show his talents he does not need any awards.

Net Worth: $ 200 Million
Real Name: Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr.
Birth Date: November 15, 1985
Place of Birth: Orange County, California, United States
Father Name: Glen Steininger
Mother Name: Marra Shubyann Lindstorm Steininger
Gender: Male
Marital Status: In a relationship
Boyfriend Name: Nathan Schwandt
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 73kg
Profession: Singer, Singer-songwriter, Model, Makeup Artist, Fashion designer, Actor, Musician, Beauty YouTuber, and Internet Celebrity
Nationality: United States of America


An American cosmetic business visionary and YouTube star who has a total assets of $200 million is Jeffrey Star. However, he is also considered as one of the most highly paid YouTube stars in the world, every year obtaining at $15-20 million. By far most of his total net worth is inferable from the worth of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, as well as possession interests in different real estate properties and new companies.

Favorite Things

Color White
Fruit Apple
Car N/A

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