High Boi

High Boi
Net Worth: $125,000
Age: 23
Born: Under Review
Country of Origin: America
Source of Wealth: YouTube
Last Updated: 2022


High Boi is a very famous YouTuber and social media personality.

High Boi’s popularity is due to his hilarious movie recap videos. On his YouTube channel, he has more than 1.35 million subscribers. Most of his video titles are the same as “(Movie Name) explained by an idiot”.

Back in 2019, he started uploading content but in 2021, he was able to grow as a famous personality through his channel.

As of 2022, High Boi’s net worth is estimated to be around $125, 000.

Early Life and Biography

High Boi’s real name and zodiac sign are not known. He is running a very famous YouTube channel. At an early age, he was able to complete high school graduation from an unknown private school in his hometown.

He graduated from college with a computer science degree from an unknown university. He is of mixed ethnicity.  No information is available about his family. Currently, he is unmarried and his current relationship status is single.

High Boi Age & Height

Till now, High Boi has not revealed any information about his age. As a prediction, he is nearly around his 20s. In the current Q & A, he revealed that he has just completed his graduation. No information is available about his physical features.

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High Boi was able to create his YouTube channel on May 28, 2019. On his channel, he started uploading movie recaps of some famous films. IN the first two years, he did not gain many views. At that time, he used to manage both his job & channel.

One of his fans decided to create a TikTok fan page in order to share funny parts from his YouTube videos. Clearly, those TikTok videos went viral on the app. By using the app, a lot of people started to search for his videos on YouTube.

Due to thousands of searching for his videos, the YouTube algorithm decided to push the video into suggestions. The channel was able to get from one thousand subscribers to one million subscribers within a very short period of time of 45 days.

Furthermore, he also created a second channel titled Extra High.  This channel is used for uploading random videos. His second channel has gained more than 180k subscribers now.


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How does High Boi Make his net worth?

As of 2022, High Boi’s net worth is around $125, 000. The main sources of his income are YouTube and Patreon. His channel is very famous as it gains around ten million views each month.

An estimated idea is that he makes around $15,000 a month in ad revenue. Only a limited number of ads are shown on his videos. He is the most popular YouTuber time like Uruha Ruhsia.

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  • 12k followers with 100+ tweets on Twitter.
  • On Reddit, he has around 500 members.
  • His favorite Rapper is NF.
  • The second Channel is titled “Extra High”.


High Boi has become a very famous YouTuber known for the funniest movie recap videos. He is a computer science student. An estimate is that High Boi has over 1.35 million subscribers on YouTube.

Within just 2 months, he was able to gain over 1 million subscribers. High Boi started his first YouTube channel on May 28, 2019.

As of 2022, High Boi net worth is around $125,000.

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