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Mick Jagger Net Worth

Mick Jagger Net Worth

How much does Mick Jagger worth?

Net Worth: $360 million
Born: 26 July 1943
Full Name: Mick Philip Jagger
Birth Place: Dartford, Kent
Spouse: Bianca de Macias,Jerry Hall
Genres: Rock,blues,pop
Occupation: singer, songwriter, composer, actor, and multi-instrumentalist
Education: University of London,London School of Economics and Political Science
Wikipedia: Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger Net Worth : $360 Billion USD

Mick Jagger a big name on the richest singer list. His real name is Sir Michael Philip Jagger. mick jagger net worth is famous as an English singer, songwriter, composer, actor, and multi-instrumentalist.

He is born on 26 July 1943 into a middle-class family in Dartford, Kent. His father and Grandfather both are teachers. His mother was born in Sydney, Australia.

Jagger is a born singer who allowed to follow father career but life leads to the music industry. In September 1950 he and his friend went to same school “Wentworth Primary School”.

Mick Jagger Net Worth – How Rich Actually He is?

Mick Jagger Net Worth : $360 Million USD
He has a massive gross of $360 Million. In 1954 he passed the eleventh grade and went to “Dartford Grammar School”. He starts his music life when he left the school and join a guitarist as a roommate. Both of them join a group “Blues Incorporated”.

He is a man of great passion to music. He also studies business in “London School Of Economics”. Later on, Jagger becomes the featured singer of the group.

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He is also one of the founders of “The Rolling Stones”. He is considered as one of the most popular personalities of the rock and pop music.

Acting Net Worth

He has an intermediate career in acting. Mick has mostly known for his role in “Donald Cammell” and “Nicolas Roeg’s” performance in 1968.

He is also known for his performance in Australian bushranger “Ned Kelly”. In the 1978 film “All You Need Is Cash” he performs and is cast as a “Wilbur”.

Mick film first releases the World War II drama “Enigma” in 2001. The same year it produce a documentary named “Being Mick”.

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Singing Gross

The 1960s: His first group appeared under the name of “Rolling Stones” at the club “Marquee” in London on 12 July 1962. This group plays songs by American rhythm and blues artists. But with time spend he write his own songs.

The first song written by both is “The Last Time”. The group releases various successful albums. Those albums include “December’s Children”,”Aftermath” and “Between the Buttons”.

Mick Jagger Net Worth

The 1970s: He bought “Stargroves” a house and estate in Hampshire. The mobile studio uses to record material for various albums.

Rolling Stone mobile studio also use to record the “Deep Purple” song. The album “Jamming with Edward” release in 1972 which recorded in London.

The 1990s: He tries to establish himself as a solo artist. In 1993 he releases his solo album “Wandering Spirits”. He uses minimum celebrity guest focusing on to be a solo artist. Jagger sign with “Atlantic Record” to distribute “Wandering Spirit”.

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The 2000s: In 2001 he releases “Goddess In The Doorway”, the single version of “Vission Of Paradise”. This reached number 43rd for one week. In the same year for a charity concert, he joins Keith Richards which held on 11 September. In 2007 “The Rolling Stones” gross $437 Million on their “Bang Tour”.

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