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Mac Miller Net Worth

Mac Miller Net Worth

How much does Mac Miller worth?

Net Worth: $10 Million USD
Born: January 19, 1992
Full Name: Malcolm James McCormick
Birth Place: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Labels : Remembe,Rostrum,Warner Bros.
Education : Winchester Thurston School and Taylor Allderdice High School
Occupation Professional rapper and songwriter
Wikipedia: Mac Miller

The heartbeat of various people on the planet of Earth. This guy is famous American rapper, record producer, and singer. His full name or the real name is “Malcolm James McCormick,” but in the world of music or melody he is known as “Mac Miller”.

He opens his eyes after birth in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Mac Miller Net Worth is also famous for his other names which are “Delusional Thomas”,” Larry Fisherman”,” The Velvet Revival”,” EZ Mac” and “Larry Lovestein”.

Not only this boy is famous because of his great singing but also noticeable in the industry with producing great records.

These records are produced under pseudonym Larry Fisherman. World love his rap, and most people have just craze of listening only him.

How Much Is Mac Miller Net Worth?

Mac Miller Net Worth : $10 Million USD
This great and excellent singer Mac Miller Net Worth is $ 10 Million USD. Just before few years in 2010, this man makes a contract deal of record with “Indie Record” which is Pittsburgh base.

This record has a label name “Rostrum Records”. Rostrum Record is a record label which is independent. This label found by “Benjy Grinberg” in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ion the year of 2003.

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Now it is located in Los Angeles, California. This boy is the son of “Karen Meyers” and “Mark McCormick”.

His mother is a photographer and father an architect. He s3ent to get his early education from the “Winchester Thurston School” and then to “Taylor Allderdice High School”. In the high school, he finalizes the decision that he seek his future in the melody field.

The Debut of Rapper Mac Miller Net Worth

He starts his rapping in at the very young age of just 14 years. Before in the audience, he is known as “EZ Mac”. Mac gives a mixtape “But My Mackin’ Ain’t Easy”. This mixtape made by him in the age of just 15 in 2007.

Addition to that he is also part of the famous group “The all Spoken” with his fellows. The fellow includes “Beedie” which is also an rapper whose real name is “Brian Benjamin Green”.

In this group, he releases two mixtapes that are “The Jukebox: Prelude to Class Clown” and “The High Life”. These came on the market in 2009. This all happen before the contract with the “Rostrum Records”.

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Tomi Lahren

The president of the Rostrum meets with the fantabulous rapper in the recording of “Wiz Khalifa”. But at that time he did not show any interest in Mac and later after the mixtape K.I.D.S and after he gets a notice to him. But that time he gets way popular in the audience that most of the world know him.

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Even the big personalities get to know him because of his popularity and talent. With that, he gains attraction of various other companies. But he prefers the Rostrum he main reason for that it is located in his town.

He is the Pittsburgh Hip Hop award winner of 2010. The mixtape which he gave get so famous and become a breakthrough for his wealth and him.

Mac Miller Net Worth

First Single And First Album Net Worth And Incomee

He keeps on giving mixtape such that the 5th release is also a mixtape “Best Day Ever”. In that, they feature the president of the United States of America “Donald Trump” and the popular song that gone viral “All Around The World” and “Wear My Hat”.

The first single which he release is on 22 November 2010. The name of the single is “Knock Knock”. With that later, he gives “On And On And Beyond” on 5th of July 2011.

This track is made in his hometown by the Rostrum’s Record. He announces that the name of his first album is “Blue Slide Park” and he announces it on his Youtube channel.

He gave a mixtape “I Love Life, Thank You” that is of 13 songs on 14 October 2011 that features Sir Michael Richard.

The gross of the Blue Slide park is that on the first week it sells 144,000 copies and came at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. This is the first album of him, and it is independent and make its way to number one on the Billboard.

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Mac Miller net Worth

Mac Miller Celebrity Net Worth

After the great hit of his album, he becomes a star of the world. Such that of 2011 he is one of the 11 rappers who features in the Freshman Class XXL magazine of 2011.

The first appears on television is in the Single Ladies show, and he is also the part of MTV jams Fab Five artist.

Coming to 2012 this boy upload a music video more trial “Missed Calls” on Youtube on 15 February. That came on his Youtube channel June 22.

After that, on 23 March this man gave a mixtape “Macadelic” whose single “Loud” came on 53rd on the billboard 100 chart through which Mac Miller Net Worth is going to sky limits.

In 2012 he premier “Onaroll” a song that is performed by Mac and produces by Pharrell Williams.Pharrell Williams is also an American melody singer, rapper, record producer or film producer whose real name is Pharrell Lancelot Williams.

This came on his youtube channel and is for collaboration “Pink Slime.”. After that, another song is also made for Pink Slim that is “Glow”.

He also makes a free song that is available to download freely is “Plane Car Boat”. This song is a feature for “Schoolboy Q” who is West Coast rapper and is produced by himself.

Annual Salary $470,400
Earning Point Rapper, Singer, Song Writer
Working in Industry Since 2007
Still Alive Yes

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