Valeri Bure Net Worth 2024

Valeri Bure Net Worth

How much does Valeri Bure worth?

Valeri Bure made his mark in the NHL with remarkable speed and scoring ability. Beyond his impressive on-ice career, his marriage to actress Candace Cameron Bure has kept him in the spotlight.

This brief overview will delve into Valeri Bure’s net worth, examining the earnings from his hockey days, his business endeavors, and his combined celebrity with his wife.

Join us as we explore the financial legacy of this skilled athlete and public figure.

Net Worth $14 Million
Real Name Valeri Vladimirovich “Val” Bure
Date of Birth Jun 13, 1974
Birth Place Moscow, Russia
Profession Ice hockey player
Age 46 Years Old
Height 2.11 m
Country Russia

Valeri Bure was an international Ice Hockey player. Also, he was an American professional hockey player. He wins the many matches, and he plays around about ten seasons. So if you are interested in sports, then you read my article. We are going to talk about Valeri Bure net worth and his brilliant career. 

Similarly, Valeri is a great ice hockey player. In his career life, he earns much more money and wins championships. So Bure titles and medals. We are going to talk about his early life. 

Early Life/Biography

He was a great ice hockey player, and his wife is an American actor. His wife is very nice, and he lives in America, and Valeri very loved his wife. So his wife’s name is Candace Cameron. 

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on June 13, 1974, Valeri Bure was born in Russia. When he was a child, then he very interested in sports because of every family member like the athletes.

Likewise, his family has very supported the Valeri Bure. Because when he made an ice hockey player, then he helped him.

Valeri Bure, his father, was an international athlete. From 1968 to 1976, his father won the many Olympic championships and won the Olympic medals. His father’s name is Vladimir. 

In 1983, when he was lives along because when he was younger, then his parents leave the family. So he does a wedding, but this time his parents did not with me. But his family very loved Valeri. So we are going to talk about Valeri net worth.

Mother Name Tatiana Bure
Father Name Vladimir Bure
Siblings Pavel Bure
Martial Status Married
Spouse Candace Cameron Bure
Son Name
Maksim Valerievich Bure, Lev Valerievich Bure
Daughter Name Natasha Bure

How did Valeri Bure become so famous and how to make Net worth it?

Valeri is an estimated net worth of $14 million. Because he was an ice hockey player. But that time, he is a retired ice hockey player.

When he was a hockey player, then he joins the many championships and national leagues. His national league’s names are Calgary Flames, Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues, and Dallas Stars.

Valeri is the most famous domestic leagues. So mostly he joins these leagues.

When he does a wedding, then he went to America. Also, Eric Koston is an international athlete player. Likewise, he gets training in his father.

Finally, he became to make a famous ice hockey player. We are going to talk about Valeri Bure career developments. 

What Makes It So Successful?

In 1990 when he was lives in Russia and get he study in high school. He plays ice hockey by the CSKA Moscow and wins the match. During the year, he starts his career.

After he passed the study, then he went to the junior ice hockey team and played hockey.


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When he went to the US(United States), then he becomes to make a member of the Western Hockey League and plays the match.  Boomer Esiason is a great player and he earns massive source income.

He faces the first National league and wins these leagues. In the game, he wins the gold and bronze medal. 

In 1992, he made chief and played the national league. Also, he plays the almost ten seasons in domestic leagues. Next season, he went to the hockey clubs and played the match by the team.

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When he made a member of first all team, then he wins the national league. During league, he makes a new record and gets 68 goals in this league.

In the athlete world, Gary Payton is an overactive athlete player. Later, in the next season, he plays by Spokane and wins many matches. 

In 1994, he made an international Fredericton Canadiens and played the matches. In February 1995, he began to create a member of the NHL. Like, 20 richest athletes players.

Finally, he was a great ice hockey player and his net worth around about $14 million.

Career Earning History

Season   Salary
In today’s
1994-95 $167,314 $291,982 507    
1995-96 $255,150 $433,109 615 $87,836 52%
1996-97 $700,000 $1,154,364 301 $444,850 174%
1997-98 $725,000 $1,168,256 326 $25,000 4%
1998-99 $925,000 $1,467,766 265 $200,000 28%
1999-00 $1,100,000 $1,708,044 241 $175,000 19%
2000-01 $1,175,000 $1,764,956 249 $75,000 7%
2001-02 $2,600,000 $3,798,023 114 $1,425,000 121%
2002-03 $2,900,000 $4,170,080 116 $300,000 12%
2003-04 $3,100,000 $4,358,806 118 $200,000 7%
2004-05 NHL lockout year: Season cancelled – no NHL salary paid
2005-06 $1,500,000 $1,986,738 221      
Career Total: US$15,147,464
(In today’s dollars: US$22,302,124)NHL Rank: 798
(In today’s dollars: 710)

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