Dominique Wilkins Net Worth

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Net Worth: $14 Million
Born: January 12, 1960
Full Name:
Jacques Dominique Wilkins
Birth Place: Paris, France
Residence : North Carolina
Education : University of Georgia
Occupation professional basketball player
Updated 2022

Dominique is an international and professional basketball player. His brother’s name is Gerald Wilkins. He was a retired American professional Basketball player, and he was playing for Atlanta Hawks. In this article, we discuss Dominique Wilkins Net Worth and his career. 

He plays 12 years for Atlanta Hawks, and his team was very famous for the NBA championship title. NBA titles are an essential part of his career life. So we are going to talk about Dominique’s early life.

Early Life/Biography

On January 12, 1960, Dominique Wilkins was born in Paris. Dominique Wilkins started to study at Washington High School.

In 1982, he played at Georgia University, and his team performance is beneficial. So at the cause, Wilkins went to the Atlanta Hawks.

In 12 years, he played by Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics, and different teams, so he won the various titles. During the year, he wins the round 50 victories. 

When Dominique Wilkins was 30 years old when he loses every match and finally 1999, he was retired Orlando Magic, he was an international star, and made almost nine times all-star.

In NBA, he wins the 26,668 points and 7,169 rebounds.

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There was a significant point in Dominique Wilkins’s career. Likewise, Sean Tuohy is a great basketball player in the world.

In January of 2001, when he was retired, then he wins many matches, and dorsal players are of famous players. So he was a brilliant, professional and international basketball player.

Mother Name Gertrude Baker
Father Name John Wilkins
Sister Name N/A
Martial Status Married
B-F/Wife Name Robin Campbell Wilkins, Sunny Wilkins, Nicole Berry
Son Name Jacob Dominique Wilkins
Daughter Name Aiysha Wilkins, Chloe Webster-Wilkins, Danielle Wilkins, Alysandra Wilkins

How did Dominique Wilkins become so famous and how to make Net worth it?

Dominique Wilkins net worth around $14 million. His nickname is “The Human Highlight Film.” He was two times made an NBA Slam Dunk champion.

In 1982 he joined the NBA when he childhood then he starts NBA. But his selected from Utah Jazz to different teams.

In career, he played 10 National Basketball Association(Dirk Nowitzki, Shaquille O’Neal, Moses Malone, Elvin Hayes).

Similarly, Kobe Bryant is the richest basketball player in the world. And, also In 1979, he wins the MVP honors back to back and even gains the 3-A class championship with the team.

In 1984/85, he won the dunk tournament. In this match, he gets the 27.4 points and wins the dunk tournament. To cause, he gets a title, and during the same year, he makes a famous player in the United States.

In next year he stats the all-star games and wins the 29 points in these games. he plays on their behalf Hawks team. Dominique Wilkins wins 26.8 points in this Semifinal match. So finally, he wins this final match. 

What makes it so successful?

Dominique Wilkins Net worth around $14 million. Those are more than his job. When he was a basketball player.

In 1981, he began to make an SEC Player in the world because he wins the match and gets 21.6 points. So he makes an excellent American player. He lived in France, but he plays games in American.

In America, he gets 16 points and 12 rebounds in match. And, also after this match, he becomes to make an American professional player.

So he wins this tournament. After he wins this match, he went to the Hawks team. As cause he became to make a famous player.

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In 1982 he started the career and faced the first match. So he wins this match against James Worthy and Terry Cummings.

Dominique Wilkins gets the third position in Utah Jazz. In the world, Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal is an overactive basketball player in the world.

Likewise, he is a famous and international professional basketball player. And, also his net worth is $14 million. 

Past Salaries

1999/00 Orlando Magic $250,000 ($387,781*)
1998/99 Orlando Magic $1,000,000 ($1,581,576*)
1996/97 San Antonio Spurs $247,500 ($407,177*)
1994/95 Boston Celtics $2,820,000 ($4,912,077*)
1993/94 Atlanta Hawks $3,500,000 ($6,248,542*)
1992/93 Atlanta Hawks $3,500,000 ($6,435,731*)
1991/92 Atlanta Hawks $3,100,000 ($5,876,255*)
1990/91 Atlanta Hawks $2,065,000 ($4,098,158*)
Total $16,482,500 ($29,947,297*)

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