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Doug Walker Net Worth


How much does Doug Walker worth?

NET WORTH $1 Million
Full name Doug Walker
Date of Birth November 17, 1981
Place of Birth Naples, Italy
Parents Barney Walker and Sanders Polkow
Siblings N/A
Spouse N/A
Profession Internet Star
Height 179 cm
Weight 76 Kg

Most people want to know about Doug Walker. Who is Doug Walker? How much is Doug Walker net worth? He is a famous American content creator.

According to the available information, he launched a series called Nostalgia Critic and it happened in 2007. This series was launched on the platform of YouTube.

Doug has a lot of interest in movies and series. Due to his various YouTube channels, he is very famous among people of different kinds and people know him through his channels.

The famous channels include ‘That Guy with Glasses’ and ‘Nostalgia Critic’. It is a clear fact that his entire work is hyper-edited.

The scores of the people who watch him on his channels are over 150,000. Now, let’s talk about his life and some major facts about his success.

Early Life and Biography

Doug was born on November 17, 1981, in Naples, Italy. Many people ask him to make some more videos about Italy because he does not sound Italian.

His mother’s name is ‘Sanders Polkow’ who had been an Opera singer, and she is respected in the place where they live.

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His father was a naval officer and his name was ‘Barney Walker’.

The basic education of his mother was as a Therapist.

Whenever he talks about his success, he must mention the names of his parents, and he uses to say that in achieving the success there had been a major role of his parents.

He studies film and social communications at Northern Illinois University.

He claimed that he wanted to pursue his passion and he was ready to invest anything precious for achieving his destination.

Awards and Achievements

The starting of his career was from his school days when he used to take part in the small plays in the theatre.

It was claimed by him that he was not interested in education, but he had to get an education because he came to know that he could not succeed in life without education.

He liked to make reviews of the movies. His famous channel called ‘That Guy with Glasses’ is owned by a company called ‘Channel Awesome’. He expected a good deal and therefore he is under them.

His other famous channel ‘Nostalgia Critic’ was opened in 2017. The first review was the Transformers movie.

He changed the name of the channel to ‘To Boldly Flee’ and he started focusing on the Sci-fo kind of stuff because he became interested in such type of stuff.

In 2013, due to the rejection of the people, he again changed the name of the channel and brought the previous name back.

The famous people who appear in his famous show include Rob Walker and Malcolm Ray. Rob is his big brother and Malcolm is his best friend.

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How did Walker become so famous and How to make net worth?

There are very different views about his shows by the different people. Some people like humour and they say that it is the funniest thing on the internet.

How to Doug Walker earns a lot of money?

Others say that he has not a good sense of the humor and it is just rude and dry. The estimated idea about Doug Walker wealth is around $1 million, as of 2022.

The best thing about the series is that it has been translated by many fans into several languages by using their own subtitles.

It all happened on the platform of YouTube. Most fans triggered by the parody of Pink Floyd

What makes it so successful?

A tragedy occurred to him in 2016 when his mother departed him. The best thing about her mother’s death, he felt, was that she died in her sleep and she did not feel any kind of pain.


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His wife’s name is ‘Robin Poage’ and they married in 2012. There is not much appearance of her wife in his videos because she is a bit shy.

In some videos, his wife made an appearance and the people did notice her.

Before marriage, they dated for a very long time. He loves coffee very much and he has an addiction to coffee.

They have two cats and two dogs. He does not have any kids, but soon it expected that he will have because he mentioned several times that he will watch something great with his kids.

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Being a vegetarian, he does not like to drink alcohol, and he has a lot of energy to pursue his career.

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