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Chamillionaire Net Worth

Chamillionaire Net Worth

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Modern twinklers are very chic and very elegant amongst the breaths from their specific practices. They bring senses by their performing of assisting the people. In this article, you will read about Chamillionaire Net Worth, Early Life, biography, income source, wealth, earning, and how to spend money?

He is an American rapper, record producer, and musician. Also, he is a great investor and entrepreneur. But people knew him just because of his musical career.

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Early Life And Biography

A great musician is well famous for his frame name Chamillionaire. Although he was born on November 28, 1979, in Washington DC, America with the name of Hakeem Seriki. But he is very famous among the people due to his music. Because is a great singer and a rapper in America. Now he lives in Housten, Texas.

His father is a Muslim and belongs to Nigeria. And his mother is Christian and belongs to African-Americans. 

When he was only 4 years old boy then he moved to Houston, Texas with his family. So, he spent his childhood there playing in the streets of Texas.

Although when he touched his teenage period so his progenitors held separate. So, this was a very hard time for Chamillionaire. His elder sibling Rasaq Seriki is too a great rapper. Both of the brothers choose the same field and they are now widespread among the people.

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At that time, he showed his interest in music, and with the passage of time, this interest was high. Later some time he decided to dedicate his life to his love of musicology.

He chooses secure music, his parent did not like it. But this music attracted him to its side. At that time he joined the musical group named “Geto Boys”. Later he joined the group called “UKG.” 

After then he joined the other great music bands which helps him to get his fame among the people.

Mother Name Under Review
Father Name Under Review
Siblings Rasaq
Martial Status Married
Spouse Demetra Seriki
Son Name
Daughter Name Will Update

How did Chamillionaire become so famous and how to make net worth?

Chamillionaire is a great singer, a great musician, investor, and entrepreneur. He has released his great singles, mixtapes, and albums. His huge hits make him popular among the people.

There are so many other stages where he has performed and got his fame and collects money. As we have mentioned all the positions of his musical hits and his fame in the following heading.

How he achieved a lot of success in his career life?
Chamillionaire is a great singer, rapper, and musician. He released his great collections and also singles which makes him popular among the people.

Also, he has invested his huge amount of wealth in different businesses. From his albums and his investments, he collects all of his wealth. Now, his estimated Worth is $25 Million.

Also, he has invested his amount of money in several of his investments. He gets huge money in this regard from his investments.

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He gained all of his wealth from his great release of singles, albums, and mixtapes. Also, he invests his money and collects a lot in this regard also.

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What makes it so successful?

Chamillionaire is not only a rapper, he is a great singer, author, investor, and entrepreneur. His career from the first day to today is very successful all the time. And he gets his fame from his best performances on different stages.

Also, he joined several groups and works with them to make himself popular. So, he succeeded. In his teenage period, he decided to create a music group with his childhood friend Paul Wall.

When both of the friends created a music group together, so, they work together and helps themselves. Once they were met with the well-known DJ in Housten who’s name was “Micheal 500 Watts.


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After meeting with Micheal 500 Watts, Paul decided to meet him in his studio to show his talent to him. So both f the friends have met him in his studio and they were performing on his mixtape.

Later, both of the friends created their own musical group with the title of “The Color Changin’ Click.” So, they start working on their first album.

Album List:

After some time of creating their own band, they released their debut album. This was a very great hit named “Get Ya Mind Correct.” Their first album sold out 150000 copies.

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Because of their hard work, Chamillionaire and Paul get their familiarity among the people. They both released another great hit called “Controversy Sells. This great published in 2005 and got very high-level fame.

In 2005, Chamillionaire decided to dedicate his life to solo music. So he starts working on his solo career. Later in 2005, he released his first solo collection titled “The Sound of Revenge.” This great collection got 10th position in Billboard 200 Charts.

Without any doubt, this collection of Chamillionaire got huge familiarity among the people. And this is a great hit, other superstars encouraged him on this huge hit.

Later, in 2007 he published his great hit album called “Ultimate Victory.” This was a very huge hit from Chamillionaire, and he gt his huge fame from this collection.

Mixtapes List:

Later he publishedhis the first mixtape called “Mixtape Messiah” in 2004. Later, in 2005, he released another great mixtape called “Mixtape Messiah 2.” 

Along with his great mixtape, he works with other great superstars in their singles. Some of the singles in which he collaborates are Get Up, Bet That, etc.

Also, in 2004, he has released his third huge hit mixtape called “Mixtape Messiah 3.” After it in 2008, he delivered another mixtape titled “Mixtape Messiah 4.” And in 2009, he released his mixtape “Mixtape Messiah 7”, and he said that this is the last mixtape.

When he released his song “Good Morning” so he got huge fame. And this was to reach the 40th position in Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Annual Salary $4.17 Million
Earning Point Rapping
Working in Industry Since 1997
Still Alive Yes

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