Adrien Broner Net Worth

Adrien Broner Net Worth

How much does Adrien Broner worth?

Net Worth $9 Million
Real Name Adrien Jerome Broner
Date of Birth July 28, 1989
Birth Place Cincinnati, OH
American professional boxer
Age 31 Years Old
Height 1.7 m
Nationality American

Adrien Broner is a famous professional American boxer who had fought a lot of championships.

He played almost multiple world championship in the four weight classes, and he was a good boxer in the world. Now, we discussed Adrien Broner Net Worth and success life. 

From 2011 to 2012, he won the WBO junior lightweight titles. Likewise, from 2012 to 2013, he won the WBC lightweight title.

Similarly, he got a lot of claims in his professional life, who had won and earned a lot of money from boxing.

In the lightweight champion, he played a lot of fights against famous boxers, he met with Antonio DeMarco and did battle. So he defeated Antonio DeMarco, and later, he defeated Gavin Rees. 

In 2013 he won the WBA welterweight title, and from 2015 to 2016 also won the welterweight title.

He wins all the biigest championship titles and becomes an American professional boxer. Adrien was very active on the social platform because a lot of peoples follows on social sites. 

Early Life/Biography

On July 28, 1989, Adrien Broner was born in Cincinnati, Ohio (United States). He spent most of the childhood life and grew up in Ohio.

When he was childhood, then he traying to fit another kid that was playing games on the streets. So, Roberto Duran and Bernard Hopkins become the richest boxers at an early age. 

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At an early age, he takes an interest in boxing because his father focused on boxing to become a famous boxer in the world.

His father named Thomas Knight and his mother named Dorothy Broner. They live together and survives life very happily. 

 His mother always says his son make a professional boxer, Adrien went to the junior boxing and completed his mother wish. When he does fight in the championship, but he mostly injured but wins a lot of matches.

Similarly, Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard face a lot of financial problems but become an outstanding boxer. 

After played fights, he met his girlfriend and gave a proposal. Since he got media attention and asked questions, but said he only brush his hair.

In 2015 he proposed at the end of the year. His girlfriend name Arie Nicole.   

Mother Name Dorothy Broner
Father Name Thomas Knight
Siblings Andre Broner
Martial Status Married
Spouse Arie Nicole
Son Name
Admire Broner, Armani Broner, Adrien Broner Jr., KJ Broner
Daughter Name Na’Riya Broner

How Did Adrien Broner Become So Famous and How To Make Net worth it?

Adrien is an estimated net worth of 9 million dollars, which had to earn money from boxing career. He was the most prominent boxer in the world. He does many fights and wins a lot of several titles because he joined a lot of championships. 

In 2016, many peoples were starts to fear Adrien’s mental health because when he does fight, then he left from original health.

Sometimes he wanted to kill the other fighters, and he uploaded the various weird images on the social sites. Mark Hunt and Miguel Cotto played fights in the boxing championships. 

When he injured from the boxing fights, then mostly peoples said Broner take retirement at an early age.

He got severe injuries, and he did not recover in a few months. As causes in 2016, he starts the spends time in clubs and drinking alcohol. 

The media asks a lot of questions, but he did not gives accurate statements and sied the apologies.

In 2017 he faces trouble because he arrested in a car drive case. He drives the car but in the car a lot of bullet holes. 

What Makes It So Successful?

In 2008 when he defeated the first match then decides to start his professional career life.

In the same year, he beat Flores from many boxers players and starts career was of hope for him. He decides to become a professional boxer and a prominent player. 

Similarly, Leon Spinks and Freddie Roach are the senior boxers, since they give the boxing training. In 2011 he won the match from to Daniel Ponce de Leon, its fight very difficult but to be a win and won the title.

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After played with Featherweight players, he joined the WBO, but later, he went to the other weight team. 

So he entered in Welterweight championship and won the match from Malignaggi. When his age 23 then already wins three weight titles, which is the highest success for his career life.

He very famous and likes to gives success statements to the media. 

So he lost the famous IBF champion from Shawn Porter in 2015, Shawn teased Adrien in the entire match. But he did not give any teasing statement to the media.

Broner joined the light-welterweight champion and played math against Allakhverdiev, won, and later won the match against Theophane. 

When he returned in the welterweight champion when he wins a lot of fights and earns 1 million dollars, he was won the light welterweight champion title in 2017 and become a professional boxer.

Yet, Danny Garcia and Andre Berto, most of the income came from his boxing career. 

In the same year, he played fight against Mikey Garcia, but he loses this fight, later he defeated Granados.

Similarly, in his career life, he fought 37 battles and lost just three matches. He was a famous and professional American boxer. 

Annual Salary $10 Million
Earning Point professional boxer
Working in Industry Since May 31, 2008
Still Alive Yes

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