Danny Garcia Net Worth

Danny Garcia Net Worth

How much does Danny Garcia worth?

Net Worth $1.5 Million
Real Name Danny Óscar García
Date of Birth March 20, 1988
Birth Place North Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
American professional boxer
Age 33 Years Old
Height 1.74 m
Nationality American

Danny Garcia is a very famous American pro boxer who had won multiple championships. In his career life, he joins the light-welterweight and welterweight category. He won and earned a lot of money from both tournaments. We discussed in this article, Danny Garcia Net Worth

In one championship, he weighs 2 pounds over the limit, so he loses the championship title, but he earns almost 200,000 dollars.

So he does fight against Amir Khan for the WBA title, and he met the other two teams, in 2012 he started this fight and won this fight. 

Similarly, in 2018 he won the fight in Las Vegas, and he earns money. George Edward spends most time in a poor family but he decides to make the richest athlete then improves our home conditions.

In September 2018, he defeated the match and got money around about 1. 2 million dollars. 

Garcia is one of the most famous boxers in the world, who had currently fought and earned money/titles.

So his dreamt, he makes a professional boxer player and earns money to make the richest boxer in the world.

Little did we know that he is an international boxer and fighting in different countries. In many of the states does fighting and joins the various championships.

So he makes a professional and international boxer. 

Early Life/Biography

On March 20, 1988, Danny Garcia North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania(United States). He very loved the United States because the United States is one of the states that works very quickly.

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In-state many of the changes and opportunities to make a boxer and best athlete player. 

In the beginning, he had not lived in the USA, who had not met professional coaches. Because he gets the training from the excellent player, and he with collaborated.

He received all the skills and wanted to join the boxer championships. 

His mother belongs to a Bayamon in Puerto Rico. His father is an excellent boxer in the world. When he does fights, then Danny sees his father and takes an interest in Boxing. Likewise, 20 richest athlete earns money and awards.

When he was ten years old when his father gets boxing training at Harrowgate Boxing Club in Philadelphia, so ten years is the most minimum limit gets boxing pieces of training. 

But his father is a great boxer, and he wanted his son to make a professional boxer in the world.

His father supported making a great player and his childhood life very amazing. He survives life easily because he is born in the wealthiest athlete family. 

So when he gets the training, then he decided to go to the USA and joins the championships.

Now, Danny attended the George Washington High School in Nort Philadelphia in the United States.

He was a very brilliant student because he loves studies and enjoyment.

So in free time, Danny went to the sports ground and plays differents games. in 2005, Danny was an under 19 boxers who joined the under 19 national championships.

He won this championship and told his father great news. So his father and family feel proud. 

How Did Danny Garcia Become So Famous and How To Make Net worth it?

Danny is an estimated net worth 1.5 million dollars, which had to get money from many sources. Because he is a great boxer and gets cash from welterweight and boxing championships. 

Danny Garcia Net Worth : $ 1.5 Million USD
Danny is one of the famous boxers; he wins many fights and championships.

He joined the multiple world championships: the most prominent championships, Unified WBA(Super), WBS.

In 2012 and 2015, he wins the Lineal light-welterweight titles. Also, Danny wins the WBC welterweight title from 2016 to 2017.

So he did many fights and earned a lot of money, who made around about 1.5 million dollars.

If we are talking about Danny’s personal life, his family very close to Danny. Garcia’s mother named Marissa, and she was a famous Chef, his father is a great boxer coach.

So there are two brothers, his brother name Erik, he was a manager. 

Even he wants to get a lot of money and survives life very wealthiest. So he bought a new house in Philadelphia, his family moved to this home and sustained growth.

Danny is married to Erica Mendez and his daughter named Philly. Roberto Duran and Brendan Schaub face poor life but become the richest boxer.

Danny was very active on Instagram and his Instagram followers around about one million. 

In the next season 2013, he fights against Zab Judah, who had won the 4-time light-welterweight titles. Danny won the fight and earned a lot of money, 1.25 million dollars. 

What Makes It So Successful?

In 2006 he started his career life, Danny wins the first Tammer Tournaments in the United States Amateur Boxing National Champion. This fight is the significant early achievements and feels proud; he knew that won more contests about to come. Now Danny was just his career life. 


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In 2007 he did first professional fight against Mike Denby in Atlantic city. He won this fight in the first three rounds, but he not experienced.

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And, also he interested in social media. Even, Gervonta Davis and Mikey Garcia most famous on social sites, they very active on social sites.

In 2008, Danny defeated the fight against Marlo Cortez in California. Also, this is a big success and gains many faithful fans.

Later two months, he does fight against Charles Wade in Las Vegas, so he won and earned a lot of money. 

Since 2008 he does again fight against Guadalupe Diaz in Las Vegas, so Danny to Daiz down, and the referee stopped the match. So Danny won the 5th fights in his boxer career. 

In 2011, Danny won the Note Campbell, Kendall Holt, and NANO Jr. welterweight belt. Although, Andre Berto and Wilfred Benitez earn mostly income from boxing championships.

So all achievement is a huge success, so he feels he is a great and professional boxer in the boxing world. 

Recently in 2019, he does fight against Adrien Granados and won vacant welterweight titles. In his career life, he won 56% fights and earned a lot of money.

Also, his cloth brand named “DSG “( which stands for Danny Swift Garcia), people go to the online website and buying clothes.

Annual Salary  $4.5 million
Earning Point Boxer
Working in Industry Since 17, 2007
Still Alive Yes

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