Mikey Garcia Net Worth

Mikey Garcia is an American Professional Boxer. His real name is Miguel Angel Garcia Cortez Known as Mikey Garcia. Also, He plays many world cup championships and wins. Likewise, he gets many titles, and his one title name is welterweight. In the world, many famous actors and celebrities found that, but we discuss athletes. So I am going to talk about Mikey Garcia net worth and his career achievements. 

If you are interested in sports, then you read my article. Because in the article, we discussed career life, Bio, early life, and net worth. We are going to talk about his early life. 

Early Life/Biography

Mikey Garcia was born on December 15th, 1987, in California. He was a great Boxer player. His father is very interested in Boxing, and a boxing trainer(coach). When his father is young then he was plays boxing in a Colonia Youth Boxing Club. And, also his father is a boxer. He fights the Boxing in BF Super Featherweight Champion. But he loses this match and loses the belt(title). Mikey Garcia Net Worth

His older brother is the boxing world championship, and he is a trainer if Boxing. Mikey Garcia lives in like an athlete’s team. Likewise, Wilfred Benitez is a famous boxing champion i the world. His family member is an athlete player. So he mostly spent time in our home and gets training from our father and older brother.

Mikey Garcia has belonged to toa middle-class families. He did not survive life quickly, so he and his family do work hard. Mikey works piker strawberry, and his family does work the same. So in the next years, he became to make the richest man, and also he began to make an American professional boxer. As causes, he belongs to the wealthiest family. Similarly, Mike Tyson is the richest boxing champion.  So I am going to talk about his career and net worth.

Current Networth 2020 and Income/Salary

Mikey Garcia is estimated Net Worth $4 Million. Because his all amount is received in his career. He was a great American boxer player. When Mikey Garcia was a child, then he fights many championships. So he makes four times championship.

When he was a child, when he starts the Boxing, a gets training in his family. His father and his brother is a boxer player and trainer. In the world, 20 richest athletes are such an amazing athletes. So he spent most of the time in his family. And, also he was very interested in sports but only focused on Boxing.

Mikey Garcia Net Worth : $ 4 Million USD
In 2003, he started his career, and during the time, his age is 14 years old. He joins the National Junior Olympic Championships under the 125lb group and wins his championship. He received a silver medal. Ass causes him to became make a famous boxer player in the world. Likewise, his estimated net worth $4 million dollars.

In 2004, he won the National Junior Golden Gloves Championships under the 132 lb. In this championship, he earns a bronze medal, and also he wins the golden gloves. Likewise, he starts his career and early life. 


Mikey Garcia is the world championship boxer. In 2003 he started his career; he was famous for one thing when he fights then Shows patience in the ring. When he gets a chance, then he struggles with his power. Also, he won the fights.

In 2006, he fought many championships. During this year, he fights around about 20, which 17 is knockouts. But he wins all fights. After he wins, then he joins the USBA Featherweight Championship and fights against the Tomas Villa. So he defeated Tomas Villa and won this fight.

In 2013, he participated the super featherweight and won the fight against Martinez and Burgos. Also in 2016, he joins the Light Welterweight championship, he fights against Rojas. So he competes for the match and won this fight. Likewise, in 2017 he fights against Broner and Lipinets and wins the light Welterweight fight. Finally, he was a great American and international boxer, and his estimated net worth is $4 million.

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