Wilfred Benitez Net Worth Boxer Salary, Income And Revenue 2024

Wilfred Benitez

Wilfred Benítez is a name that resonates in the annals of boxing history, a prodigious talent who became the youngest world champion in the sport’s history at the age of just 17.

Known for his exceptional defensive skills and ring intelligence, Benítez earned the moniker “El Radar” for his ability to anticipate and counter his opponents’ moves with uncanny precision.

This article delves into the net worth of Wilfred Benítez, exploring the financial legacy of a boxer whose career was as meteoric as it was groundbreaking.

As we explore Benítez’s ascent in the world of boxing, we’ll take a closer look at the high-profile bouts that defined his career, the titles he amassed across multiple weight classes, and the challenges he faced both inside and outside the ring.

His story is one of early success, the pursuit of greatness, and the economic realities of a life spent in the squared circle.

Join us as we examine the net worth of Wilfred Benítez, a boxing legend whose skill and achievements have left a lasting imprint on the sport, and whose financial journey provides insight into the rewards and tribulations of professional boxing.

Major Wilfred Benitez  Net Worth, Income And Salary

Wilfred Benitez Net Worth : $ 1 Million USD
With such great talent and skills, the net worth of this boxer is $ 1 Million USD. Wilfred Benitez  net worth is famouse as such a great boxer and blessed with great skills.

As its well known that his family is full of boxers and from their he is also one of the best one. Such that he is the youngest boxer in the history of boxing to be the World Champion. He is mostly popular in the audience with his defensive skills which he has.

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Due to his defensive skills he is known as The Radar. This man also achieves 3 world titles and these titles are achieve in different categories of weight. All this he gains in very young age of just 17 years old.

Debut Career Wilfred Benitez Net Worth

Before the beginning of the professional career of Wilfred boxing. This man makes his journey to Netherland Antilles. And he moves to New York city where his fights gone held. With a creative mind this man divides his fights location into these two and also Puerto Rico.

This thing helps him to make his name in the island and get popular in them. Afterward it also helps him in internationally to popular his name through his talent of great boxing. The talent he has in just very young age of 16 year old make him way popular in the WBC and WBA.

Wilfred BenitezNet Worth

WBA Stand for (World Boxing Association). This association is the oldest association and came in those 4 association which organize the World Championship of Boxing.

The other 3 are IBF, WBO and WBC. IBF stand for (International Boxing Federation) and WBO stand for (World Boxing Organization). It is national award which is found in 1921 by the United States with the 13 stats representations if the NBA (National Boxing Association). The name is change in the year of 1962.

After that its spread in the world and make other nation its member and gain a lot of fame and spread worldwide. In the year of 1975 the organization move to “Panama” due to majority of votes. These votes is held by the nation of Latin American.

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According to (IBHOF) International Boxing Hall of Fame it is the oldest organization in the four major organization.

Fighting Wilfred Benitez  Net Worth

Lineal is faced by him and his High School classmate on the dates of 8 March 1976. Alon with that he also participates in the WBA light Weight Championship.

Facing Antonio Cervantes who is also known as “Kid Pambele”. The fight between Wilfred and Antonio help up to fifteen rounds. Antonio is the 30-year-old champion who have gained 10 titles in defence. The record of this man is 74-9-3 along with 35 KO.

After 15 rounds the winner becomes the Benitez. He reenters into the dame championship for 3 times and then move himself to upper level to the welterweight division.

Afterwards in the welterweight division, he challenges “Carlos Palomino” who is the World Champion WBC. Carlos is also included in the list of the Lineal Boxing World Champion. This all happen in the place name “San Jan”.

After again a 15 round split on the date of 14 January 1979 he wins and become the Champion of the second division. On the date of 30 November 1979 this man fights with Sugar Ray Leonard and the location where he fights with him is Las Vegas, Nevada.

The fight between these two was so scientific such that both were putting each and everything they have and the great defensive is seeing in the fight.

After that in the 3rd round a cut is made on the forehead of Benitez. Along with that in the round 6 the head butt is open and it is done accidently.

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Wilfred Benitez


The fight between Carlos and Benitez end with a loss of Benitez. He get more motivated after the loss and move up in the category of weight. Such that in the age of 22 he himself become the youngest person to be 3 time World champion in the sports of boxing.

And he made a history by when “Maurice Hope” who is the WBC World Super Welterweight Champion and he is knocked off by him.

Retirement Wilfred Benitez Income

Every things which goes up have to come down like this great boxer get to retire. After getting retire this man move back to his home town Puerto Rico. At that place he spends his rest of life with his mother and the income he gets his $ 200 USD as a pension.

This money came from the World Boxing Council. Now he is in sever condition of degenerative brain. This is because of the fights he has and the punches he took in the ring or during the fights.

Short Bio:

Net Worth: $ 1 million
Born: September 12, 1958
Full Name: Wilfred Benítez
Birth Place: Puerto Rican
Residence : Puerto Rican
Stance: Orthodox
Occupation Professional Boxer
Nick Name: The Radar
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