Shawn Kemp Net Worth

Shawn Kemp Net Worth

How much does Shawn Kemp worth?

Net Worth $6 Million
Real Name Shawn Travis Kemp Sr.
Date of Birth November 26, 1969
Birth Place Elkhart, IN
Basketball player
Age 51 Years Old
Height 2.8 m
Nationality American

Shawn Kemp is an international and professional NBA basketball player, who had played mostly power forward position. Also, he played in four different NBA teams, and he made six times NBA All-star and many times includes in the top list of the players. We discussed in this article Shawn Kemp Net Worth.

Now, in his career life, Kemp spends most of the time in NBA(National Basketball Association) and also played basketball and wins titles/medals.

Sometimes he signed contracts for played basketball, who had earns a lot of money from settlements and NBA. 

Similarly, Kemp was very famous on social media sites, he was interested in social media and much of the time spend on social media.

More, his Instagram fan following increased because he is a great basketball player. Shawn was a dominant player of his team, and he joins the team, his teammates named Zavier McDaniel.

In the 2nd season, he also a dominant player, and he gained the nicknamed. Peoples also called his nicknamed “Reign Man.”

In 1994, he was a player of the United States National Team, situated at the FIBA Championship in the world.

His team gains the gold medal, Shawan feels proud to join his team. Julian Edelman is the best athlete player, he was eans money and a lot of awards. 

Now, in 2008 he played the Italian team and his team named “Premiata Montegranaro.” so he won and made a famous basketball player in the world. 

Early Life/Biography

On November 26, 1969, Shawn Travis Kemp was born in Elkhart, Indiana (United States), he was pleased to carry in these united states. In-country many of the opportunities and chances to take up the right way quickly. 

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Kemp mother’s name is Barbara Kemp, and she was not a popular woman, but his connection good with Kemp. When he was young, then he interests in basketball because it sees all the kids when he played basketball.

So he takes an interest and gets the pieces of training. Now, Kemp wanted to make a great NBA player. 

In the beginning, Kemp was a student at Concord High School situated in Elkhart, who had improved our basketball skills.

In school, he makes a member of the school team, and he was a valuable player in this team. 

Similarly, Jason Williams and Shannon Brown are professional basketball players. When he reached on final year then he declared for the top 5 basketball players, Kemp was pleased to make the best player in the school. It is a massive success for his career life. 

Now, he leads the basketball team, and his team well played. Likewise, his team reaches on finals of the state championship.

So he very supported to his side and won the state championship. Gary Payton earns money from different sources and his income estimated 130 million dollars. 

In his school career, he has broken many old records and make new high records, because Kemp is a great and valuable player in school.

Although Kemp had won many matches and get achievements, he does not win the Indiana Mr. Basketball title. Russell Wilson played basketball and football, who had won many matches. But later, he improves skills and gained the Woody Austin title. 

Mother Name Barbara Kemp
Father Name Tom Hart
Siblings Under Review
Martial Status Married
Spouse Marvena L. Thomas
Son Name
Jamon Kemp, Shawn Kemp Jr.
Daughter Name Under Review

How Did Shawn Kemp Become So Famous and How To Make Net worth it?

Shawn is an estimated net worth 6 million dollars, who had to play basketball charmingly. Also, in his career life, he wins many matches and earns money. Sometimes he wins titles and trophies.

If we are talking about Kemp personal life, then we know that Shawn married Marvena L in 2001. There have two sons, his names Thomas and Shawn Kemp Jr. They are playing basketball for the University of Washington. 

He played well in his career life, and peoples also called Rain Drop”. Iman Shumpert and Clyde Drexler played basketball and earn a lot of money from the NBA.

Similarly, his father is a great basketball player of the university, and he ranks as a top 50 played in the entire basketball world. 

His proper friend names Gary Peyton, he was very supportive in making a professional player. In 2006, Kemp involved in a big controversy, but later, he arrested for the possession of marijuana.

Because he captured in a drug case, but after investigation, he leaves and returns to the home. 

And also a considerable controversy his seven children out of marriage, this is the main problem.

So he hides the information from the media and even any comments from the press he removes all comments and continues his professional life.

What Makes It So Successful?

when he get studies from the Kentucky University then he involves a hug controversy, he took the gold chain from the teammates. The coach’s son is a teammate of Kemp.

So he decides to left this university and went to the Trinity Valley College situated in Texas.


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Since in starting life, he did not play basketball but when he younger 19 years old when he wanted to play basketball.

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So in the high school career, he gained many achievements, and he joins the NBA and played basketball. Yet, Bill Walton and Clyde Drexler are successful basketball players in the world, they earn a lot of money and titles. 

In 1989 he made an NBA drafted player from the Seattle SuperSonics team. He was a younger player, and he did not plays in under 19 junior teams. Kwame Brown played basketball in NBA at an early age.

So he played in NBA senior team because in school life he is a great basketball player. As causes NBA selected for his team. 

So he picks the second team and his team named Seattle Supersonics, he played basketball in the group and improves the team skills.

When he joins the rookie season than his coach Bernie Bickerstaff but later changed and new coach name K.C Jones. Because he was the biggest Stars in NBA and he does the job in the NBA. 

Also, in 1979 his team made for the NBA finals and played basketball. So his team played against Chicago Bulls led by Micheal Jorden Because Jordan is the biggest NBA star.

Shawan played the match and won because, in the game, he gained many points in one round. 

Career Earnings

2003/04 Portland Trail Blazers $14,941,935 ($20,968,895*)
2002/03 Orlando Magic $1,030,000 ($1,475,991*)
2002/03 Portland Trail Blazers $12,621,028 ($18,085,954*)
2001/02 Portland Trail Blazers $12,660,000 ($18,335,449*)
2000/01 Portland Trail Blazers $11,720,000 ($17,525,410*)
1999/00 Cleveland Cavaliers $10,780,000 ($16,721,129*)
1998/99 Cleveland Cavaliers $9,740,000 ($15,404,556*)
1997/98 Cleveland Cavaliers $8,600,000 ($13,830,656*)
1996/97 Oklahoma City Thunder $3,300,000 ($5,429,037*)
1995/96 Oklahoma City Thunder $3,000,000 ($5,071,416*)
1994/95 Oklahoma City Thunder $1,000,000 ($1,741,871*)
1993/94 Oklahoma City Thunder $750,000 ($1,338,973*)
1992/93 Oklahoma City Thunder $650,000 ($1,195,207*)
1991/92 Oklahoma City Thunder $430,000 ($815,093*)
1990/91 Oklahoma City Thunder $350,000 ($694,603*)
Total $91,572,963 ($138,634,240*)

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