Brendan Schaub Net Worth 2024

How much does Brendan Schaub worth?

Net worth  USD $3 Million
Place of Birth United States
Born March 18, 1983
Full name Brendan Peter Schaub
Education University of Colorado Boulder
Spouse Joanna Zanella
Age 37 years old
Nationality American
Children Tiger Pax Schaub
Occupation American mixed martial artist
Height 1.93 m
Income Source Career

Brendan Schaub is a figure who epitomizes the modern-day Renaissance man in the world of combat sports and entertainment.

Transitioning from a former professional football player to a UFC heavyweight contender, and now a prominent comedian and podcast host, Schaub has demonstrated an impressive ability to reinvent himself and succeed across various platforms.

His multifaceted career has not only garnered him a diverse fan base but has also paved the way for a range of income streams that extend well beyond the octagon.

On NetWorthPlanet, we delve into the financial evolution of Brendan Schaub, exploring the net worth of a man who has grappled with and laughed in the face of convention.

From the paychecks of a fighter to the earnings of an entertainer, we unpack the wealth accrued by Schaub through his endeavors in sports commentary, podcasting, stand-up comedy, and digital media.

This profile offers insight into how Schaub has leveraged his personal brand and experiences to build a portfolio that reflects his dynamic career trajectory.

Join us as we take a closer look at the economic impact of a charismatic individual who has fought and joked his way to financial prosperity.

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Early Life/Biography

He was born on March 18th, 1983 in Colorado. Brendan Schaub was a great comedian. He spent most of the time childhood in his family in Colorado.

When he was a child, then he was very interested in comedy. His father is a great American citizen, and his mother belongs to England. She came into American.

Brendan Schaub was going to get study in Overland High school. When he was going to school, then he mostly spent most of the time in the football game. Likewise, Mikey Garcia is a famous fighter and martial arts, player.

Brendan was primarily interested in a football game. So mainly, he focuses on his football game. In this, the school gets training from football. He also got a train in martial arts. 

Mother Name Debra Schaub
Father Name Peter Schaub
Siblings Jay Schaub
Martial Status Married
Spouse Joanna Zanella
Son Name Tiger Pax Schaub
Daughter Name N/A

How did Brendan Schaub become so famous and how to make Net worth it?

Brendan estimated net worth is $3 million. His mostly came net worth in his career. When Brendan Schaub was younger than he interested in martial arts.

When he trains for football then he went to college then he went to the football team in his scholarship. Because Brendan’s father is a businessman. Also, his father gets a blake-belt in his career. So he was a perfect celebrity.

In 2007, he joined the Utah Blaze Arena league. Likewise, he plays well and wins this match. But after wins match, he leaves the NFL leagues. 

When he gives the retirement in Utah Blaze Arena league, then he stats the coaching for martial arts and boxing. Because he was a great martial artist and boxing champion, he wins gold medals and gold gloves in Colorado.

Similarly, Jim Ross wins the golden gloves from the fighting champion. So he was a great boxer, martial artist and football player. 

In the same way, Mark Hunt and Concor McGregor’s are great Martial Artist in the world.

What Makes It So Successful?

Brendan Schaub was a great football player. But when he received a retirement in football, then he decided for he joins the martial arts.

In 2015, they joined the martial arts and played the match. So in 2014, he was a host of the podcast with Bryan Callen. Finally, he makes a great martial arts fighter.


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After his passe career then he decides to join the coaching in High-Altitude Martial Arts. He is a great fighter. When he became makes a coach, then he returns to his hometown.

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He does coaching. Brendan Schaub and Shane Carwin are best friends. Shane Carwin is a great fighter, and both he decided to make a self martial arts school and give training for students.

In beginning his career, he does fight against Roy admiral in UFC. But he loses these fights.

So finally, he plays a final match and wins the battle against Chris Tuchscherer. In the world, Ronda Rousey is a famous richest women fighter.

So as causes his career is charming. We based his career worth; we tell his life is straightforward and beautiful.

And, also Brendan Schaub estimates income is $3 million. Finally, I tell them he is a great martial arts fighter, boxer, and great football player.

Annual Earning $475,000
Monthly Earning $39,583.33
Weekly Earning $9,134.62
Still Active Yes

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