Pavel ‘Pasha’ Petkuns: Wife, Career & Net Worth 2024

Pavel “Pasha” Petkuns stands as a trailblazer in the world of parkour and free-running, where his gravity-defying stunts and creative approach to movement have earned him international acclaim.

As a Red Bull-sponsored athlete and a multiple-time world champion, Pasha has not only pushed the boundaries of his sport but has also built a brand that resonates with fans and sponsors alike.

This article delves into the net worth of Pavel Petkuns, exploring how his athletic prowess and innovative spirit have translated into financial success.

Pasha Petkuns
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Throughout this piece, we will examine the different revenue streams that contribute to Pasha’s income, from competition winnings and sponsorships to social media presence and content creation.

His journey is a testament to the potential for niche sports athletes to achieve both competitive glory and economic stability.

Join us as we explore the financial world of Pavel “Pasha” Petkuns, where the exhilaration of parkour meets the practicalities of making a living, and where passion for one’s craft can indeed pave the way to prosperity.

Fullname Pavel ”Pasha” Petkuns
Nickname/Celebrated name Pasha the boss, Pasha Petkuns
Date of birth September 29, 1992
Age 29 years old
Birthplace Daugavpils, Latvia
Parents Father’s name- Not availableMother’s name- Not available
Siblings Not available
Nationality Latvian
Religion Christianity
Race White
Zodiac Sign Libra
Body Type Athletic
Height 1.65 m (5 feet 5 inches)
Weight 70 kg ( 154.32lbs)
Shoe Size Not available
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Marital Status Married
Spouse Riley Reid
Children Not available
Profession Freerunner and Parkour
Representing Country Latvia
Movie Human Pinball (2021)
Years active 2009-present
Net worth $1 million – $1.5 million

Pavel ‘Pasha’ Petkuns is a free runner and parkour athlete who has achieved worldwide fame.

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He is widely known for his work as one of the few Red Bull-sponsored athletes and his creative and innovative take on freerunning.

Pavel is the first person to win three consecutive Red Bull Art of Motion freerunning championships and is referred to as one of the strongest free runners in the world.

His dedication and originality have led him to be a famous free runner and parkour athlete.

Early Life of Pavel ‘Pasha’ Petkuns

Pasha was born on September 29, 1992, in Daugavpils. He grew up there as well, but unfortunately, no information is available regarding his immediate or extended family members.

Pasha also attended school in Latvia, but details of his education are lacking at the present time.

Personal Life of Pavel ‘Pasha’ Petkuns

Pasha and Riley Reid were married in an intimate ceremony on June 28, 2021. 

Surprisingly, Riley is a year older than Pasha!

Pasha Petkuns wife
Source: Instagram

The newlyweds have been together for a long time before getting married, though they chose to keep it on the down-low until an Instagram post revealed their engagement in 2020.

They will be living together in a $4.8m house that Riley recently bought after her marriage to Pasha, which can be found around Pasadena, California. 

Pasha Petkuns and Riley Reid
Source: Instagram

Pasha’s wife, Riley, is famous for being an American adult film actress. Riley was a stripper before she started working in the adult film industry in 2010 when she was nineteen years old.

She was ranked as one of the top 10 best porn stars of 2013 by LA Weekly and won forty awards, including the XBIZ Awards for Female Performer of the Year and many more accolades.

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Lately, she has been nominated for entry into the 2021 XRCO Hall of Fame to be inducted next year.

The Career of Pavel ‘Pasha’ Petkuns

Pavel ‘Pasha’ Petkuns is an athlete who has been highly successful in parkour.

He made his debut in 2009 with the release of his first showreel and has since been consistently engaging in the sport.

Since his debut, he has been engaging in freerunning and parkour. 

Pasha the boss
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His first official competition for the Red Bull Art of Motion was in 2010 in Vienna, Austria, when it all began there.

In 2011, his following performance was during the Santorini Island’s Greece Red Bull Art of Motion, where he surprisingly managed to grab the first position. Then 2012 came along, and his performance during Santorini Island’s Red Bull Art of Motion saw him coming out second.

Finishing at a lower place than the previous year didn’t stop him. However, even though this fact is true, he came into prominence after performing brilliantly for three consecutive years after being invited to participate.

Pasha Petkuns net worth
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Pasha has consecutively grabbed the third position in the Red Bull Art of Motion competition. 

Pasha has also successfully grabbed the second position in the FIG Parkour Cup – Freestyle competitions, which are held annually.

His impressive achievements have paved the way for him to achieve even more in the future.

Pavel ‘Pasha’ Petkuns: Human Pinball

In the short story, Human Pinball, based on Latvian free runner Pasha Petkuns himself, we follow his unique and mind-blowing feat of building a 16m wall tilted at 45 degrees to create fear of impossible angles, jumps, and catches.

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The film was released on September 14, 2021, and the film’s country of origin was Austria.

Pasha the boss net worth
Source: Instagram

Mike Christie is the writer and director of the movie, who created the total length of the film for only 29 minutes.

Other cast members include Ella Augustin as Angel and Jenny Runacre.


In his personal life, he is known for marrying Riley Reid, an American famous adult movie actress. 

However, as much as the two seem to enjoy their marriage, their relationship has attracted criticism from many followers. 

Comments say ‘momma must be proud’ mocking their profession and lifestyle online.

Pavel ‘Pasha’ Petkuns’ Net Worth

If you’re a fan of freerunning and parkour, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with the name Pavel ‘Pasha’ Petkuns. 

He has achieved great success in his career, with an estimated net worth of $1 million – $1.5 million.

This wealth is largely due to his successful career as a free runner and parkour athlete. 

Pasha Petkuns parkour
Source: Instagram

Additionally, his wife, Reid, is a well-known adult movie actress. Together, the couple has earned a considerable fortune through their work in the entertainment industry.
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