Mark Hunt Net Worth

Mark Hunt Net Worth

Mark Hunt is a famous New Zealand mixed martial artist who had a former kickboxer of Samoan descents. But that time, he lives in Sydney(Australia). He competes for the severals championships but currently competes in the UFC(Ultimate Fighting Championship). Now, in this article, we talk about Mark Hunt Net Worth and their career life. 

Similarly, he was a member of the super heavyweight division, who had participated in kickboxing and MMA. In 2001 he won the K-1 World Grand Prix, it was the most significant success for his life. 

In his professional career life, he earns the Super Samoan nickname. So many of the peoples also called King of walk-offs. Mark was very active on social platforms and made money from martial. Now, we tell how Mark to become a famous and professional martial artist and earnings/revenue. 

Now, he invited Japan K-1 qualifications, but he lost the first international flight from Jérôme Le Banner. But in the same year, Hunt joined K-1 world GP in Melbourne. So he won against Hiromi Amada. Also, he lost the champion Ernesto Hoost. In 2002 he did fight with Le Banner again, and he won the fight by knock out.

Early Life/Biography

On March 23, 1974, Mark Richard Hunt was born in South Auckland, Auckland (New Zealand). Mark was a member of a large and wealthiest family, and which causes him he gains all member attention. His family ver loves and very supportive of every work. 

At an early age, he faces a lot of problems with school teachers and parents because of his behavior very bad violent. In the beginning, life, once time, he went out of the home and did an accident, but he was lucky and saved a life. Similarly, Jessie Graff and Ronda Rousey are the famous martial artist. 

One night he went to the column and joined the club, who had to see some peoples fight in a club. So he takes an interest in martial arts and decides to become a famous martial artist in the world. Now he joins the GYM and gets training from sam Master who had works hard and immediately improves all our skills.

Later a few days, he does fight and won the first Muay Thai kickboxing match. Peoples are very impressive and say hoe to Mark win this match and improves our skills. Some peoples say jow much Hunts do. Mikey Garcia and Miguel Cotto become a boxer at an early age. 

So when he improves skills, then he moved to Sydney and began training with Alex Tui. Similarly, a few years later, he becomes a member of Liverpool Kickboxing Gym and run by Hape Ngaranoa. So his career life starts and earns money. 

Mark Hunt Net Worth 2020 and Income/Salary

Mark is an estimated net worth 960 thousand dollars, who had a professional martial artist. In the beginning, he takes an interest in martial boxing and decides to make a prominent martial artist. Similarly, most of the eaning cames from his professional career life. 

Mark Hunt Net Worth: $ 960 Thousand USD
He was a great famous martial artist who had a former kickboxer. In his career life, he fights a lot of matches and earns money. Currently, hr competes with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Similarly, he was a winner of the K-1 World Grand Prix in 2001 and won other titles. Many of the championships he earns only money and his approximate income revenue 960 thousand dollars.

When he fights against Ray Sefo, then in the match, he injured his eye, and Ray Sefo won the game. His injury very serious he did not continue fights. After the injury, he joins championship and reaches quarterfinals, who had defeated the Stefan Leko by knock out.

Freddie Roach and Gervonta Davis become a professional boxer and earn a lot of money. Likewise, he moves to a final and fights against Brazilian fighter Francisco Filho who had become a K-1 World Grand Prix champion. 

He belongs to a Mormon family and later makes a Christian. his wife name Julie Hunt, and they have two kids and his named Aurora and Sierra. He did marry in 1994, and in 2014 his older brother killed, and his name Jhon. 

Similarly, in 2015 he becomes a Vegan and seeing the treatment of the animals. So recently he bought a new big home outside the city. They live together in his house and survives life. He has his own BMW, who had drives because very interested in buying the luxuries cars. 


At the beginning of his career life, he joins a lot of championships and won many matches. Now, in 2001 he won the K-1 World Grand Prix and promoted into the first tournament. When he win K-1 titles, then he reached in quarterfinals and got medals by knocking out “The Coconut Crusher.”

Similarly, in the same year 2002, he had to defend his K-1 world champion, but this champion lost from Jerome Le Banner. He wanted to join the K-1 world champion again and win this title. 

Mark hunt fought in japan Japan’s Pride Fighting Championships as a mixed martial artist and started a professional career. Brendan Schaub and Leon Spinks are the world-famous boxer and win a lot of matches. 

So he won this championship who fought against middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva. As a cause, he became a famous Martial artist in the world. Similarly, Danny Garcia and Andre Berto wins a lot of titles and money from the boxing championships. 

Similarly, in 2005 he appeared PRIDE Shockwave and drafted the Mirko Cro Cop and wins the title. Yet, in the next season 2005, he won Open-Weight Grand Prix from Tsuyoshi Kohsaka. So in life, a lot of fights succeed and become a professional fighter. 

In 2009 he did fight against Gegard Mousasi and win the title also who had fought against in UFC in 2010. He wins the ultimate fighting championship against Sean McCorkle. Likewise, in 2017 he fights against Alistair Overeem at UFC 209 and defeated by knock out. He wins the titles to earn money. 

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