Lawrence Taylor Net Worth

Lawrence Taylor Net Worth

How much does Lawrence Taylor worth?

Net Worth $200 Thousand
Real Name Lawrence Julius Taylor
Date of Birth February 4, 1959
Birth Place Williamsburg, VA
Football player
Age 62 Years Old
Height 1.9 m
Nationality American

Lawrence Taylor is a famous American actor and professional ex- American football player who had played football in NFL.

Similarly, he was a great wrestler and sports commentator, who had mostly spent time in a football game. That’s why he becomes the wealthiest sports commentator and player. We discussed Lawrence Taylor Net Worth.

He is a very dominant football player, who had gains the L.T. nickname from his professional career life.

Now, Lawrence was a player on the position of a linebacker in the New York Giants club. So he was a very famous and outstanding player to earn money from many several sources.

Taylor also played Superbowl XXI and became a famous super bowl player. Because in 1986 his team won the match and made a great team in the world.

So he played with a fractured tibia team in 1989, he played well and gave the outstanding performance.

Similarly, the top most expensive football players which are played a lot of matches and earn money. In 1983, he decided fro the All-pro team, who had played on the position of outside linebacker and inside linebacker. 

Taylor was pleased to make a defensive player in the NFL. Likewise, playing football, he spends free time on social platforms and become famous in social networks.

Now, in the article, we are telling Lawrence earnings, net worth, and annual revenue. 

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Early Life/Biography

On February 4, 1959, Lawrence Julius was born in Williamsburg, Virginia,(United States), who was the oldest brother of another three brothers.

His father named Clarence, who had an employee in a dispatching company. Also, his mother’s name Iris was working in a school as a teacher. 

At an early age, Julius was very active, and his parents also called differents names Lonnie, not Lawrence.

Now, Julius was a big fan of a baseball game; in the beginning, he takes an interest in baseball and decides to joins the professional career life. 

Similarly, when he was fifteen years old then take an interest in football, and at that time, he studied in eleventh grade.

In his school he played football, he was a great student and a well-played football player. Likewise, Larry English and Julian Edelman face several financial problems in their career life but they become the best footballers. 

He attended Lafayette High school and passed graduation from this school. So after passed the study, he moves on to the University of North Carolina and takes studies.

In university, he becomes the captain of the university football team.

Vince Papale and Russell Wilson got a lot of titles and money which make them international football player.

He has broken a lot of old records and makes the new defensive records. In 1980 he chose for the player of the year.  

Mother Name Iris Taylor
Father Name Clarence Taylor
Siblings Under Review
Martial Status Married
Spouse Lynette Taylor, Deborah Belinda Taylor, Maritza Cruz
Son Name
Lawrence Taylor Jr.
Daughter Name Under Review

How Did Lawrence Taylor Become So Famous and How To Make Net worth it?

Lawrence is an estimated net worth 200 thousand dollars, who had played football in NFL.

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Similarly, he earns money from a professional career, sports commentator, and Acting. When he studied at university, he starts his professional life and played football. 

Lawrence Taylor Net Worth : $ 200 Thousand USD
He was a great and famous football player who had mostly spent time in the NFL and earn money.

In his professional carer, he becomes a wrestler, sports commentator, and renowned football linebacker player.

He makes a lot of money and played football only New York Giants team on the position of linebacker. So his estimated net worth 200 thousand dollars.

In his personal life, he faces a lot of problems because of drinks, alcohol, and drugs. That’s why his parents worried about Taylor married.

When he receives retirement from the NFL, then in 1995, he got drugs and go on rehab. As causes, he arrested twice for buying and selling drugs. 

Now, Lawrence joins the “Dancing with the Stars “show and do as an Acting But in the same year, he arrested fro car accident and went the Jail.

His wife name Deborah Belinda and they married in 1982, but in 1996 gives the divorce and again married another girl.

So his second wife name Maritaz Cruz, they survive life in a short time and 2005, got a divorce. Now Vince Young and Eric Decker are very happy about his personal life because they not face any problems with his career. 

What Makes It So Successful?

Now in 1982 starts his professional career life and joins N.Y. Giants team. He becomes a drafted player by New York Giants.

So he joins the training camp N.Y. giants and improves our football skills. Taylor gains the superman nickname from his professional career life.


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He becomes a member of N.Y. Giants team and collaborated with head coach Bill Parcells. Yet, Reggie Bush, Mark Sanchez, and Pat McAfee played in the NFL teams which are the most prominent player and earned a lot of money. 

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After gain al training, he started the rookie season in 1981. He becomes a defensive rookie player and selects for the top 5 rookie players.

Similarly, the New York Gainst team offered Tayler for contract and which income is 6 million dollars. He accepted and played football for New York Giants team.

Now, in 1986 was very well season for Lawrence because, in the season, he chooses for the most valuable player award. He gains the three times defensive player of the award. 

In 1990 he broke the contract from his team and chose the new year for a year. After a few days, he signed the contract with Philadelphia Eagles and agreed with 5 million in three years contract. 

Bill Parcels retired in 1990, but his team chooses the new coach for the football team. But same years he receives the retirement and starts works on Tv as a football analyst.

Also, a commentator for amateur gifting because he was a great football player in the NFL. So he joins the pro football hall of fame in 1999 and become a famous athlete player. 

Annual Salary Under Review
Earning Point Football player
Working in Industry Since 1981
Still Alive Yes

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