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George Lucas Net Worth

George Lucas NET WORTH

How Much Is George Lucas Net Worth?

Net Worth: $10 Billion
Birth Date: May 14, 1944 (77 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 1.7 m
Profession: Film Producer, Film director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Film Editor, Entrepreneur, Actor, Television producer
Nationality: United States of America

A very admirable director, producer, writer, businessman having a net worth of $10 billion is George Lucas. The franchises of movies such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones are made possible only because of this great celebrity. These two franchises, by selling office tickets on the global world have produced a wealth of 12 billion dollars.

As he has a keen sense and good understanding of films and business, therefore, he is also known as a founder of a very famous film production company that is Lucasfilm. Moreover, he is also the creator of technical effects company named Industrial Light and Magic.

Their net worth of 10 billion dollars makes him the richest celebrity on the globe, the wealthiest man in the entertainment industry and also the richest director in the world. As he gives his signature to the philanthropic “Giving Pledge” that shows his objective of donating at least half of his wealth to charity at the time of his death.

Early Life and Biography

This great personality was born on May 14, 1944, in Modesto, California. At the time of their childhood, he has a keen interest and passion for car racing. This great attention towards cars and motor racing of George Lucas led to the creation of films such as American Graffiti and 1:42.08.

Most of the time was spent by George Lucas in near garages and racing at underground circuits and this all continued until his high school years. When he was 18 years old, an accident happened with his racing car and this incident killed him hypothetically.

The interest and attention towards car racing began to go downhill when he was driving and another car flipped over his car. Although George Lucas succeeded to escape from there this caused great destruction to cars.

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However, Lucas was brought up with his family in his hometown and his father was George Walton Lucas Sr. while his mother was Dorothy Ellinore. The father of Lucas was the owner of a stationery store and he desired that George worked for him and this was the time of his high school years.

Although, he was a great lover of art, therefore, stated upon leaving home that he desired to attend art school and determined to become a millionaire at the age of thirty years. The college which he attended for his higher education was Моdеѕtо Јunіоr соllеgе from where he completed his graduation.

When Lucas began to attend college, later on in films he started to gather great interest. A prevailing cinema of that time was Canyon cinema and in viewing and understanding classic European films of that age, Lucas began to spend most of his time.

Professional filmmaking was the education that Lucas started to study at the time of University. Moreover, he worked together with those people who of them also had a huge curiosity for art. This was the time when he met Steven Spielberg and the Indiana Jones franchise who went on to become a traitor.

Many other important features that cause great impact on the overall consequence of any film including lights, positioning, and vibrant energy speciously perceived in motion pictures was learnt by him at this time. The putting of his learning to the best possible use made George Lucas to become the successful filmmaker as he is well known today.

How George Lucas Earn a lot of Money from Career?

At the time when he was at Modesto Junior College, George Lucas developed enthusiastic about shooting and filmmaking. With an 8 mm camera, he started to make capturing car races and other recordings. The film of him at student life in 1967 known as Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB was ultimately converted to a leading full-length feature film, THX 1138 in 1971.

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It was acknowledged under the weather that in American Scribbles, the venture led to a more fruitful project, which gathered five Academy Award nominations and in national revenue alone earned 115 million dollars and 140 million dollars global. The cost of 777,000 dollars was consumed on this movie but in history, American Graffiti is considered as one of the most lucrative films.

The next film “Star Wars” would become even greater triumph and this made Lucas as a Hollywood film star. The total budget that was spent on Star Wars was 11 million dollars and when it was released in 1977, it developed a worldwide wonder.

After 10 years, for the movie’s re-release reestablishment cost George Lucas spent 15 million dollars. In the early 1980s Star Wars produced a further two consequences that ware significantly successful and this sustained until to make out Star Wars universe.

Moreover, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, after concentrating on procedures that occurred before the original films, Lucas made a further Star Wars series. An amount of 12 billion dollars was earned by the epic Star Wars franchise internationally and up to today remains to capture more viewers.

The films which he directed were six in total, on many films Lucas represented as producer, executive producer, and writer. However, some of his great successful movies include Body Heat in 1981, Labyrinth in 1986, The Land Before Time in 1988, and The Indiana Jones film franchise.

Moreover, Lucas achieved The Lifetime Achievement Award from The American Film Institute in 2005. Also, he attained the Academy’s Irving G. Thalberg Award in 1991. As he was the great contributor of American cinema received the National Medal of Arts by President Barack Obama in 2013.

Personal Life and Real Estate

A pretty lady whom he married was film editor Marcia Lou Griffin from 1969 to 1983. For her editing work on the original Star Wars, she received an Academy Award. In 1981, they adopted a daughter named Amanda Lucas. Two more children were also adopted by Lucas were Katie Lucas in 1988 and Jett Lucas in 1993.

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In the three Star Wars preludes, all of his three children acted. After seven years of dating, another beautiful girl Mellody Hobson also married with Lucas in 2013. One daughter was born by this couple together.

The biggest real estate asset of George was 6,000-acre Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California. A 9,000 square foot home in the Bel-Air neighbourhood of Los Angeles was purchased by him for 33.9 million dollars in 2017.

George Lucas filmography

Year Title Role Notes
1965 The Bus Production assistant Documentary film
1966 Grand Prix Additional camera operator
1968 Finian’s Rainbow Production assistant
Journey to the Pacific Assistant editor Documentary film
1969 The Rain People Production associate
Mackenna’s Gold Trainee
1970 Gimme Shelter Camera operator Documentary film
1972 The Godfather Assistant editor[14]
1979 Apocalypse Now Participated in early development of the film as director, later helped financing late in production
1981 Dragonslayer Participated in making of the film
1985 Ran Participated in the financing of the film
1989 Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland Participated in making of the film
1990 Dreams Participated in the supervised post-production
1993 Jurassic Park Supervised post-production[15]
2000 We Married Margo Sound mixed
2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Wrote rough story treatment, creative consultant early in development
2016 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Creative consultant in development and visited set
2017 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Wrote rough story treatment, creative consultant in development
2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story Convinced original concept for the film, creative consultant early in development, visited set
2019 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Wrote rough story treatment, creative consultant in development

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