Mark Zuckerberg NET WORTH
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Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth

How Much Is Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth?

Net Worth: $75.3Billion
Birth Date: May 14, 1984 (37 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 1.75 m
Profession: Programmer, Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Nationality: United States of America

A man of great wealth and third-richest person on this earth is Mark Zuckerberg who is the youngest one of all of the wealthiest persons in the world. Mark Zuckerberg’s Net worth is $75.3 Billion USD. An American technology businessperson and contributor with having a net worth of $75.3billion dollars is Mark Zuckerberg. By more than 10 years, he is the youngest one out of the top 30.

The number one social media platform is Facebook, Mark is the creator and CEO. This is fast growing network used by millions of people. As discussing about his prosperity, not astonishingly is due to his huge majority shares in Facebook.

Until now, this amazing and wealthiest personality owns around 400 million of the total shares of Facebook; various classes are broken up that have voting privileges of different kinds.

There are different classes of shares of Facebook and he owns about 12 million Class A shares and 365 million Class B shares of Facebook, this is about 81% of all the B shares. On August 7, 2020, the net worth of Mark topped $100 billion for the first time.

Early Life and Biography

On May 14, 1984, the birth of Mark Elliot Zuckerberg took place in White Plains, New York in the United States of America. The family to which he belongs in the family of doctors. The father of Mark is a dentist while his mother is a psychiatrist.

Moreover, he is not the only child of his parent but also has three sisters. In Dobbs Ferry, New York that is a small village in Westchester County, Mark along with his three sisters, Randi, Donna, and Arielle was brought up. At 12, when he made his Bar Mitzvah “Star Wars” was themed at that time.

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When he was at middle school, Zuckerberg started using computers and writing software. In the 1990s, his father taught him BASIC Programming, and later David Newman was hired who was a software developer to teach him privately.

At the start, for his freshman and sophomore years of him, Mark Zuckerberg joined Ardsley High School. Then he attended Phillips Exeter Academy for his junior and senior years, where he was very brilliant in studies academically. Moreover, Mark won prizes in physics, math, astronomy, and classical studies.

In the Phillip Exeter Academy, he was head of the palisade squad. At Mercy College, he started a graduate course in BASIC.  A software program known as “ZuckNet” was created by him and it had many functions like connecting all the computers with those in his dad’s dental rehearsal in the Zuckerbergs’ home.

A famous music player that he called the Synapse Media Player was also made by Mark at his high school time. Many big and famous companies such as AOL and also Microsoft tried their best and offered many million dollars in order to buy synapse and to hire Mark. However, he enrolled himself at Harvard and did not sell synapse in the fall of 2002.

Mark Zuckerberg Social Network

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Career Life 

This richest personality started his profession by launching Facebook from his Harvard residence apartment on February 4, 2004. Originally, Mark launched the Facebook by name “Thefacebook” located at with his fellows were Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin.

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The school from which Mark completed his graduation degree in year 2002 called Phillips Exeter Academy gave the principal stimulus for Facebook. At the start, this very fast and vast growing social media network was only used and available for those members who belonged to Harvard.

The former Netscape CFO Peter Currie gave the advice to Mark about financing strategies for Facebook in April 2009. However, as time passed Facebook was spread to many other schools and colleges. It began with Columbia University than many other universities such as New York University, Stanford, Dartmouth, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, and Yale.

When this happened the attractiveness of Facebook started to rise and on July 21, 2010, this site became popular among millions of people, went global reaching 500 million users. The team grew considerably, and the office was transferred from Harvard to California.

Facebook now become a hub for billions of people to contact their friends everywhere in the world, and also this is considered as one of the biggest sources of news on internet. A data crack occurred in the start of 2018 where millions of people’s personal data was collected by Facebook without agreement by Cambridge Analytica that used it chiefly for political publicity.

The largest leak in history of Facebook occurred after this data crash. This made Mark Zuckerberg to affirm it before Parliament and to ensure the users that their data should be safe and was only in hands of Facebook. In 2020, the net worth of Mark Zuckerberg reached up to $98 billion. The wealthiest personalities like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, he is rapidly catching up them.

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Personal Life and Real Estate

It was stated by Mark that he could read and write French, Hebrew, Latin, and ancient Greek at the time when he used to fill his college applications. One day, during his early years at Harvard he met with a very pretty girl and also she was his fellow student named Priscilla Chan at a community party.

In 2003, they started to date and fell in love. At his rented Palo Alto house, Zuckerberg invited Chan in September 2010. This beautiful couple tied a marriage knot on May 19, 2012 in Zuckerberg’s backyard. He also celebrated his wife’s graduation from medical university in the same event.

A beautiful daughter ‘Maxima Chan Zuckerberg’ was born on December 1, 2015, and was announced by Mark. In August 2017, they were bestowed by the second daughter ‘August’.

Through their foundation that is the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, they also own the membership of The Giving Pledge and active humanitarians. 99% of their Facebook shares are donated ultimately by the couple to the Initiative.

The real estate and land, Zuckerberg and Chan own roughly of about $200 million worth. The most notable assets of them include 700 acres in Hawaii, and a townhouse in San Francisco and several households in Palo Alto.

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