How Much Is The Net Worth Of IshowSpeed 2023?

Net Worth Of Ishowspeed

Wondering how much is the net worth of IshowSpeed? Check out here, his net worth, career and more

Attracting 5.87 million viewers to subscribe to his YouTube channel is not an ordinary feat, which IShowSpeed has achieved at the age of 17. Born on January 21, 2005 and named at birth as Darren Watkins, this American YouTuber is also simply known as ‘Speed’. 

IShowSpeed started his YouTube channel on March 22, 2016. Moving forward, the channel has so far attracted 361,270,972 total views by the end of February 2020.

Speed is able to command a huge following through his startling gaming videos. While his videos show him playing different games, on the Twitch app, he too goes live streaming.

Evolving into a successful social media personality, the young YouTuber has amassed an impressive amount of money in the process. Like several other frontline YouTubers like |Dream, KSI, and Pwediepie, Speed to likes to be identified by his online name.

How much is the net worth of IshowSpeed?

IshowSpeed’s current net worth is estimated at $400,000 Thousand. He is an American YouTuber who is also simply known as ‘Speed’ with 5.87 million viewers. 

During his live streaming on Twitch, he is seen playing some very popular games like Roblox, Lunch Lady, Resident Evil 7 Bio-Hazard, and several others like Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 while, Fortnite, and NBA 2K21.

He too has a huge following on his social media accounts. Speed’s principal activity seems to be streaming video games on the applications featured on his channels.

Ishowspeed Net Worth Quick Summary:

NameDarren Watkins
BirthdateJanuary 21, 2005
Birth PlaceMichigan, USA
EthnicityAfrican – American
Career RolesYouTuber, Gamer and Social Media Personality
Net Worth in 2022$400,000 dollars
YouTube Channel 5.87 million subscribers
Twitter Account 255.8 K followers
Instagram Account 1.5 million followers

Net Worth Of Ishowspeed 

IShowSpeed’s net worth in 2022 is estimated at around $400,000. The principal source of Speed’s income are his YouTube videos and other streaming activities.

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With a huge following on multiple platforms, he earns through streams, donations, merchandise, affiliate commissions, speaking gigs, sponsorships and advertisements.

Ishowspeed youtube income

From the beginning of 2022, the YouTuber is making handsome money as the channel is receiving over 20 million views per month. However, over the past years, his earnings were not that impressive.

SocialBlade estimates ShowSpeed’s monthly earnings at $30,000, which will mean he could be making around $350,000 per year. Living up to his name ‘Speed’, IShowSpeed was quick to grow his career as a social media star.

Initially, his fans posted TikTok to popularize him. Eventually, Speed entered the mainstream attracting a huge number of viewers to follow him and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Within 3.5 months of its debut, Darren could bring in the number of subscribers from just 20k to 1 million and on June 30, 2021, Speed’s YouTube channel hit the benchmark of 1 million followers.

Responding to the positive criticisms of this phenomenal achievement, he remarked, “Speed, It’s because I’m Speed”.  In September 2021, Speed’s YouTube channel attained verified status and garnered over 2.42 million subscribers. Just five months forward in February 2022, the number of subscribers increased dramatically crossing 5.87 million.

Hypeauditor gives him a global ranking of #18,780 on YouTube and #1432 in the category of gaming in the international scale. The famed Twitch Star has garnered more than 88.3K followers on Twitch, where he entertains his fans with a wide range of games. However, he was banned from Twitch after a sexual remark on an influencer. 

How Much ISpeed Earns Per Month

As per the estimates available from Google Ads CPM, Speed is earning from $378 to $1,079 from one video on average. His net worth is therefore estimated between $419.5 thousand and $785.5 thousand. Several factors help in calculating his net worth like the monthly views garnered by his channel, country, user engagement and number of subscribers.

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Towards the beginning of March 2022, he has uploaded over 1,036 videos on his YouTube channel. Several metrics make us conclude that IShowSpeed could be earning between $5.4 thousand to $15.4 thousand per month from his YouTube channel alone.

Net Worth Of Ishowspeed

In a year, he makes between $65,743 and $187,735. While this statistics pertain to YouTube earnings alone, his other earning avenues will have to be taken into account to land on the precise figures pertaining to his net worth.

Career Highlights Of IshowSpeed

One of his friends inspired Darren to start publishing on YouTube. While the two of them started together, his friend left in the middle and Speed continued.

Making remarkable progress. In fact, Darren’s preoccupation with YouTube started just as a hobby as he had nothing to do during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown shutting down the doors to other options.

Darren was seen making videos on April 21, 2020, and the mission continued to grow over time.

The unimaginable achievement he could make on YouTube made him feel it made sense to discontinue his school for committing his full time to video production.

Ishowspeed youtuber

In one of his videos, IShowSpeed revealed that he is diagnosed with a coronary heart problem and also suffered a heart attack sometime in his life. He never let any of his discomforts and health conditions affect his passionate career as a YouTuber.

Before dedicating his time to YouTube, Darren was appointed with a Nursing Home as a food delivery boy bringing food to senior citizens. After he got started with his first video, the success he saw in front of him encouraged him to go for rapid expansion.

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He soon saw himself one among the few who were producing top-rated streams on NBA2k20 and NBA2k21. Very soon, Darren could bring in a phenomenal number of subscriptions for his productions on multiple platforms.

While advising content creators, Darren always used to tell the importance of being unique and investing in one’s own talents in paving the road to success.

Once Adin Ross made his appearance on one of Speed’s live streams, which resulted in a significant rise in the number of subscribers. With his single ‘Lying’, Darren debuted into music too on August 6, 2021, which he wrote along with Jay Cinco.

This song garnered more than 500K streams within 24 hours. As per the statistics available on the date of writing this article, his YouTube channel has over 5.87 million subscribers and 361,270,972 total views.

Fighting the way to success

Sharing the fate of any other teenager, Speed had to wage a stiff battle to convince his family to accept the course he has taken for his career. His family was far from getting convinced that what he was doing had any real worth in the long run.

Even when he told his mother that his YouTube channel had reached 100,000 subscribers, he could hardly impress her. Later, he wrote, the naïve reaction of his mother ended up infuriating him.

One of his videos conveys the pain he suffered when his fiancée cheated on him. He dated an Ohio girl and supported her in several ways across many of her achievements, but all of them turned futile ending their relationship.

In none of his videos or social media interactions, Speed has revealed anything about his family, parentage or siblings.

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