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Robin Quivers House: The New Jersey Pad 2024

Robin Quivers, best known as the long-standing co-host of “The Howard Stern Show,” has become a household name through her role as a radio personality, author, and actress.

Her voice has echoed through the airwaves for decades, providing a blend of sharp wit, insightful commentary, and a grounding presence alongside the show’s often controversial content.

Quivers’ contributions to the world of broadcasting have not only earned her fame but also afforded her the ability to create a personal sanctuary that reflects her tastes and accomplishments.

Her New Jersey pad, a reflection of her success and personal style, offers an intimate glimpse into the life of one of radio’s most enduring figures.

The home is a testament to Quivers’ journey, from her beginnings in Baltimore to her ascent as a media icon.

Robin Quivers House: The New Jersey Pad

This article invites readers to step inside Robin Quivers’ abode, exploring the nuances of her private retreat that provides comfort and luxury away from the microphone.

Join us as we take a closer look at the New Jersey residence that Robin Quivers calls home, revealing how it encapsulates the essence of the woman whose voice has become an integral part of the American radio landscape.

Robin Quivers House: The New Jersey Pad

Networth Of Robin Quiver 

Robin Quivers

It is estimated that Robin Quivers earns over $11 million per year, adding to his estimated net worth of over $95 million. Moreover, she worked in radio, writing, and acting in the United States and has been Howard Stern’s co-host for many years.

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She was a captain in the armed forces before switching to a career in radio. Millions of dollars were made from Robin Quivers’s two best-selling books, 1995’s Quivers: A Life and 2012’s The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life.

More than $12 million has flowed to Robin Quivers in the form of book royalties during the previous two years.

robin quivers net worth

Robin Quivers Own The New Jersey Pad

For $2.775 000, Robin Quivers purchased a canal-front home on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, in 2007. The house exceeds 7,000 sq ft and features seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

There is a boat dock, a swimming pool, and Jacuzzi. There appears to be a lot to accomplish about the house. Quivers has always bragged about the weekend she hosted the staff of the Howard Stern show. It seems like a place where many beautiful memories could be built.

robin quivers estate

In addition, there is a light, and airy feel about the place. This seems to be a popular spot during the warmer months. Since it tends to be chilly throughout the winter months, beachgoing is out of the question.

The house is warm and inviting, making it a good candidate for a year-round residence. Rooms abound for lounging and dining. The primary bedroom is enormous, and its attached bathroom has a bubbling jetted tub perfect for unwinding.


Quivers has a wide variety of interests, including racing cars, art, and rock climbing. In 2007, she was one of seventeen Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race contestants and came in fourteenth.

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Moreover, lots of Quivers’ time has been spent helping others. She has done extensive work with The Girl Fund, an initiative of the United Nations that promotes women’s and girls’ access to education. She also started the charity The 15 Foundation.

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