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Rza Net Worth

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How much is Rza Net Worth? How much does he earn now?

Net Worth $18 Million
Real Name Robert Fitzgerald Diggs
Date of Birth July 05, 1969
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York
Profession Musician/Singer/Actor/Rapper
Age 51
Height 1.88 m
Country United States of America

Modern stars are now very popular among them by their own unique styles. They did their great performances to entertain people well. In this article, you will read about Rza Net Worth, early life, and Career Life. Rza is an American singer, rapper, actor, and musician.

Early Life And Biography

Rza is a great rapper from America. Rza was born Robert Fitzgerald Diggs on July 05, 1969, in Brooklyn, New York, America. He is a very famous singer, rapper, actor and musician. Also, he acts in various movies and got his fame.

Rza has a brother who is also a great musician. And his brother is well-known fr his stage name 9th Prince. Until Rza reached seven he lived with his uncle. And his uncle gave him great motivation for his study matters.

When RZA was 9 years old boy then, he starts listening to hip-hop music and at 11 he starts participating in rap contests. When he reached his youngest level he used to sell the drugs. And he faced some difficulties with it.

How Much is Rza Net Worth?

Rza shows his interest in music when he was only 9. But later when he reached 11, so he starts striving in rapping trials. His elder brother is also a great musician and maybe Rza starts working in the music industry with the encouragement of his brother.

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He worked in movies and also he has released his great albums and singles. He created the group with his two cousins named “All in Together.” This group was three members.

How Rza makes Net Worth in his life? : $18 Million USD
Rza works hard to gain his familiarity among the people. He worked in films, sing songs and raps also. He created a musical group but sadly this was his bad experience. But later he applies some more and new strategies to gain his fame and succeed.

Later they were decided to create more group named “Wu-Tang Clan.” And this group was nine members, all were chosen their nicknames which they have used till now.

Rza Net Worth is $18 Million. All the ways which help him to gain his wealth are detailed following. In the future, the great artist will increase his wealth more and many more. Also, Polo G and Travis Scott become the most famous Musicians in the world.

How Much has Rza Earned from Career Life?

Rza is a great rapper, singer, and musician. Along with them, he is a well-known author, composer, and actor. There is so much information which we will share with you now.

In his career life, in the first days of his career, he created a group with the collaborations of Gary Grice and Russell Jones. These two great collaborators are his cousins. The group which they were created named “All in Together.” 

At the start, this new group was very successful in his local areas. And after some time this group was very successful in other areas.


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In 1991, Rza published his debut EP. named “Ooh I Love You Rakeem.” This was a great release from Rza. And he got fame from this EP. and he was popular among the people by his polite voice.

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However, in 1992, he decided to expand the members of the new group. He includes five friends from his childhood. SO after adding five more members the group was with the eight-members entirely. And the group called “Wu-Tang Clan.”

The interesting thing is that all the members of this group chosen the nickname. And they have used their nicknames till now. In this regard, Robert Diggs choose his nickname called Rza. And e is now famous all over the industry with his nickname.

So they released the first singles of this group named “Protect Ya Neck.” This single came in 1992. After some time in the same year, the group added a new member. The member which they were added a name “Masta Killa.”

In 1993, he released another album called “Enter The Wu-Tang.” Later in 1997, they released another great album called “Wu-Tang Forever.”

Likewise previous work he starts working on his new projects, in 2007, he released his album named “The RZA-Instrumental Experience.” 

Film Career:

In 1999, he work for a crime movie named “Ghost Dog; The Way Of The Samurai.” After it, he worked for the film “Afro Samurai.” This was a great movie and got very great fame because Samuel L. Jackson was acting in it.

Later he worked in some more movies like Duo Date, Funny People, and Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. Also, he arrived in a crime movie called “American Gangster.”

After it, he has work in a science fiction movie called “Repo Men.” And he worked in a great movie named “Tom Yum Goong 2.” In 2019, a comedy film released titled “The Dead Don’t Die.” Also, he appeared in this movie.

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