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Dej Loaf Net worth

Dej Loaf Net Worth
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Dej Loaf is a famous singer from Michigan. There is no doubt that her singing qualities have made her very famous in all around the world. Deja Loaf net worth is also due to her amazing performances in various shows.  It is a rapper name, Deja Loaf, which is given by her fans.

Dej loved Lil Durk and she met him in 2015. They both are rappers and they released a track “My Beyonce”. There is not much contact with her mother and she spends most of the time with her brothers and this all happened due to her rough childhood.

Early Life and Biography

The real name of ‘Deja Loaf’ is “Deja Trimble”. She was born on April 8, 1991, in the US. The childhood was spent in Detroit, Michigan. The interest in music is due to his grandmother.

Her grandmother was also interested in music. Deja used to listen to 2Pac and Rakim with her grandmother. When she was at the age of 4, her father was killed.

After the death of her father, she had to live without him. There are her two brothers and her grandma.

There was not a good relationship with her mother, and she spends most of her time with his brothers. When she was at the age of 9, she started writing and she looked very kind, quiet and kind-hearted.

Career Development and Achievements

Dej graduated from Southeastern High School and she played there basket-ball. Deja had an interest in becoming a nurse and she finally turned her interest in the music.


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She started her career in 2011, and at that time she wanted a rapper or stage name so that she might get into the fans. The first track was released in 2014 by the name of ‘Try Me‘. This track was being quoted in the Instagram posts.

After releasing the first track, she did not stop, but rather she started working on the second track. The second track was released in 2015.

In the same year,  Fredo Santana and Garth Brooks earn a lot of money from singing career.

The second track was released with the help of ‘Columbia Records’. The name of the second track is ‘Sell Sole’. There is an ‘A’ grade which was given to her by Robert Christgau. According to Robert, the rhymes of Dej are addictive.

How much is Dej Loaf net worth?

There is no doubt that the wonderful rhymes of Dej Loaf were the main cause of her popularity. The estimated idea about Dej Loaf net worth is around $2 million, as of 2022. She also released sn album by coordinating with Columbia Records. There is no doubt that after releasing her that album, she became very famous.

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“I’ll never forgive myself if we don’t go all the way tonight.”

“For less than the cost of a Big Mac, fries and a Coke, you can buy a loaf of fresh bread and some good cheese or roast beef, which you will enjoy much more.” Steve Albini

“If the thrill is gone, it’s time to take it back.”

“I’m tired of words and I’m too hoarse to shout.”

“Life is a lemon and I want my money back.”

“Who am I, why am I here? Forget the question, someone give me another beer.”

I got sick of the dough, and thought I’d go on the loaf.”

You’ve been cold to me so long, I’m crying icicles instead of tears.”

Some amazing Facts about Dej Loaf net worth

There were a lot of problems in a relationship with Lil Durk. The problem was actually due to his relationship with his ex-girlfriends. There is a rumour that Dej is gay, but she belied this talk and said because she is a musician so it does not matter that she is gay. Also, There was a question about her Sexuality at the 2015 BET Awards.

There is a very good interest in sunglasses. She has many sunglasses. There is also a dog called Don. Dej also has an Instagram account and she shares her photos and videos.

The Instagram username is @donlordthesharpie. There is a talk about the parents and she says, after marrying she will hide herself from the fame and will be able to give the full attention to her child.

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