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Fredo Santana Net worth

Fredo Santana Net Worth
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Most of the people want to know about the famous rapper, “Fredo Santana”. There is a much talk about his career and net worth. In this article, we are going to tell you some of the amazing facts about his career and net worth. Fredo Santana net worth is due to her wonderful qualities as a rapper.

There is a very much talk about “Lil Reese” who is a very close friend of Fredo. Most of the times, his name mentioned in the songs of “Fredo Santana”. In most of the hard times, he was supported by Lil and Fredo appreciates the efforts of Lil Reese.

By overconsumption of Lean, a seizure was brought on him and he rushed to the hospital. ‘Lean’ is a drink made of cough syrup, Sprite and Jolly Candy.

It is very tasty and full of sugar, and therefore it is very famous amongst the performers. Fredo is in a relationship with a beautiful model.

Her Instagram nickname is Madzilla. There is no doubt that she is a fashion model, but she also has an interest in music. In their free time, she uses to sing songs.

Early Life and Biography

The real name of Fredo Santan is ‘Derric Coleman’. He was born on July 4, 1990, in Chicago in illinois. There is a talk about him that he used to create problems for his parents in childhood. Fredo had an interest in various professions and he could not succeed in anyone.

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After trying various careers, he came in Rapping. He is a wonderful rapper of his time. When he kicked down a door on a bus on Halloween, then he was arrested by the police and was taken into the custody. There was a gang in his hometown of Chicago, and he took part in the gang.

In the same way, There work was thugging and car stealing. There is a talk about his childhood that when he was mentally developing, then he struggled with quite a lot of black thoughts.

What Makes It So Successful?

In 2013, he released his debut album “Trappin Ain’t Dead”. His cousin is Chief Keef, and due to his cousin he get into the rap game. Chief Keef is one of the famous rappers today. Fredo was hired as the CEO of his cousin’s label “Glory Boys Entertainment”. After becoming the CEO, his popularity began to rise among his fans.

On the occasion of the releasing of the album, there were several guests including Kendrick Lamar, Chief Keef, PeeWee and more. After releasing this album, he tried to start his career and he became very famous after the releasing of this album.

Nowadays, he has his own label “Savage Squad Records”. There is no doubt that he earn a lot of money from several endorsement deals and sponsorships.


“They lived in such a deep state of feeling for each other, whether love or hate, that it surrounded them like the weather.” – Anita Amirrezvani

“Sometimes bad things happen to good people. We don’t know the meaning of all things, but we know God loves His children! And because He loves us, He will never desert us.”- John Bytheway

How much is Fredo Santana net worth?

After signing the sponsorships and endorsement delas, he could earn a lot of sum. All these deald added much to Fredo Santana net worth which is around $4.75 million, as of 2022.

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On the occasion of his single “Jealous”, Kendrick Lamar was a guest and this helped him to make progress. After this single, his popularity began to rise.

Some amazing facts about Fredo Santana

The first push into the industry was given by his cousin, Chief Keef. They both worked on several songs. Keef always supported Fredo in every trouble. Once, Keef fought with the producers, because they did not want to accept Fredo.


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Fredo always appreciates Keef’s efforts in his career. There is a Drake’s music video for a single ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home”, in which he appeared and acted as Drake’s girlfriend kidnapper.

Fredo likes to sponsors most of the selling on his Instagram page, and he also promotes various amazing pages that he likes.

Most of the times, Fredo shares his favourite music’s screenshot with caption having the favourite lines from the song. Fredo uses to smoke marijuana and different herbs. All most of the activities are shared by him over Instagram.

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Annual Salary $ 388,000
Earning Point Rapping, Singer, Songwriter
Working in Industry Since 1990
Still Alive Yes

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