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Kendrick Lamar Net Worth


How much does Kendrick Lamar worth?

Net Worth: $75 million USD
Born: June 17, 1987
Full Name: Kendrick Lamar Duckworth
Birth Place: Compton, California, United States of America
Labels : Top Dawg, Aftermath, Interscope
Education : Centennial High School in Compton
Occupation Professional rapper and songwriter
Wikipedia: Kendrick Lamar

One of the most elegant and most luxurious rapper on the whole planet who is best known because of his tremendous and fabulous rap.

His net worth is famous as “Kendrick Lamar” but the full or real name of this personality is “Kendrick Lamar Duckworth.” In this post you will know Kendrick Lamar Net Worth, career and source of income.

Being a tremendous and fantabulous rapper, he is also a most excellent songwriter. This boy gets birth on the date of 17 June 1987 and opens his eyes to Compton that is located in California.

Kendrick Lamar Net Worth is famous in the audience because of the albums which he gave to them and receives great appreciation from the lister and fans.

How Did Kendrick Lamar Become So Famous and How To Make Net worth it?

How he makes net worth in his Life?

The great Kendrick Lamar net worth is $ 75 Million USD. This boy knows that he has a great voice which can lead her life and he can build his career. He gets to recognize that because of the stage name he gets in teenager age.

The title is “K-Dot,” and he gets so known to everybody with the rapping voice. After that, he gave various mixtape. This tape gave him the local attention with which he can lead his career.

After that, he starts the music career with a record label named as “TDE” (Top Dawg Entertainment).

Kendrick Lamar Wealth Through Albums

In 2010 he released his mixtape “Overly Dedicated” which he got to recognize in a major audience. Following the year he gave the first studio album of him “Section 80”. This album includes the song “HiiiPoWeR.

With these, he becomes the bigger person to followed online as a well-known singer, and with that, he began to collaborate and meet prominent personalities like Snoop Dogg and others.

The main album which he releases as a debut album is “Good Kid” and “Maad city.” These both are release in 2012 with the same label he has TED.

Both these reach the top and get the position of number 2nd on the Billboard 200. Not only that it also receive platinum with the biggest association RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). This record consist of 40 songs.


Damn And Black Panther

On April 11 of 2017, he announces the name of his new album “DAMN.” The guest appearance on this al; bum is famous celebrities like Rihanna, Zicari, and others.

The Superhit movie “Black Panther” is famous in the whole world. He does the soundtrack for that. After that in 2019, he says he is seeking about $ 40 Million for rap catalogue.

Album Worth

The third album which he gave is “To Pimp a Butterfly.” This came on the market in 2015, and in this collection spoken word, soul and funk reach the top of the chart.

These get the first appearance in United States of America and the United Kingdom. Such an excellent collection that they win the Grammy Award that is for the Best Rap collection.

This great award is gain at the 58th ceremony of the Grammy Awards. After that Lamar releases an album in the year of 2016 “Untitled Unmastered.

This album contains some demo or prototype that came into being when the album “Butterfly” is making or during the butterfly recording phase. The fourth album the release is “Damn” which came on the market in 2017.

One of the singles of this collection reaches the hight. The single name is “Humble” and it came on the top of the United States Billboard 100.

Latest Earning

The first mixtape which this guy release is in the year of 2004 when he is only 16 years old. The name of that mixtape is “Youngest Head Nigga.” This gets locally famous and gains the attention of the local people on a lower scale.

Through this tape, he gains a contract with TED ( Top Dawg Entertainment) that is located in California.

After being with this label, this boy gave 26 track with a name “Training Day” in the year of 2005. That all tracks is a mixtape and these are recorded in 2 years of 2004 and 2005.

Kendrick Lamar Tour And Albums Worth

In the year of 2010, he has a gross of $ 3,000,000 USD. In this year he joins with “Tech N9ne” in a tour. Tech N9ne is famous American rapper who is famous with this name.

His real name is Aaron Dontez Yates who is a record producer, songwriter, businessman, and actor. Along with that Lamar went to an Independent Grind tour with “Jay Rock.”

A visual is a release by him that is taken from the “Overly Dedicated” and is for “P&P.” This also features Ab-Soul of Black Happy of Lamar. This all happen on 14 September 2010, and on 23 September he put this on the internet for free.

This reach at number 72 on the Billboard top chart of Hip Hop. Best upcoming rapper of the year and 2011 gross.

In 2011 Kendrick Lamar Net Worth is $ 5 Million USD. In this year his name came in the top 10 Freshman of the XXL’s annual. XXL’s one of the famous and excellent American magazine for the Hip Hop which found in 1997.

He also features as the best upcoming rapper of the year. The project which he is going to launch in this year he announces that on 11 April and the name of that is “Section 80”. After few days he releases the single “HiiiPoWeR.” This song is produced by “J. Coe” which is his fellow rapper.

On August he makes a remix of the Snoop dog song “New King of the West Coast.” This is performed in a concert that held in West Los Angeles.

Ben Gross of Previous Years:

$ 3,000,000 USD
2012 $ 5 Million    USD
2013 $ 18 Million USD
2014 $ 20 Million USD
2015 $ 30 Million USD
2016 $ 31 Million USD
2017 $32 Million USD
2018: $32 Million USD

Major Debut with Gross

In 2018 he raised his gross more than double of his in a serious one.The major debut of him is also on 2012, October 22 of the albums “Good Kid” and “m.A.A.d city.” 2018 Kendrick Lamar Net Worth is $ 12 million USD. “Cartoon and Cereal” came on the market that is titled by him on 15 February.

Unfortunately, this song gets rob and leak online for free on the internet. After that this song is rank as number 2 and came in the 50 best songs that came in 2012 of Complex.

Fader is an New York melody or music magazine that said that Kendrick face would on the front page of the magazine Spring Style.

2 Chainz and ASAP Rocky are fellow of him that enter the Drake Club. The name of the club is “Paradise Tour,” and the fellow is the American rapper.

He makes a deal with the” International Record” and making himself free and becoming an independent rapper in March.



In 2020 he had a net worth of $ 75 Million USD. In 2013 he acted for the album “Swimming Pool” on 26th of January.

He also appears on various shows and comedy sketch. This man also appears with the hit single “YOLO” spawn “Adam Levin.”

The major debut of him receives RIAA platinum just after nine months of it. He headlined his solo tour for the first time in five years and this news is given by the recording artist “Kanye West.”

Kendrick is performing this tour because to support his album “Yeezus.” The tour of the Yeezus or the Yeezus Tour starts in October of 2013.

House worth

After birth, he spends his life on Welfare and Section 8 housing. The childhood is paid them, and he raises there. After that, he purchases a house in the Eastvale, California.

The amount of that price is low compared to his earning that is just $ 500,000. With huge wealth, he can afford various luxury things, and he has.

This man has a vintage Cadillac for his personal use. The exciting thing is that he purchased a Camry for just a graduation gift for his sister.


Short film

He has an interview with Billboard in 2014 February in which he said that he is thinking to make a new album. In 2019 he had a wealth of $ 50 Million USD that is quiet huge.

This amount is fulfilling him all his dreams and making his progress to the top. He premieres a short film on m.a.a.d in Los Angeles. This happens on the 9th of August.

The director of this film is “Kahlil Joseph” that have work with Lamar on yeezus tour.

As of 2020, Kendrick Lamar Net Worth is $ 75 Million USD. In the start of 2020, this boy wins the title of “Best Rap Performance” and also for the “Best Rap Song.” Both of these are active for the song “I” and receive on the 57th Grammy Award.

Annual Salary $60 million
Earning Point music: record sales, streaming royalties, and concerts
Working in Industry Since 2010
Still Alive Yes

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