The Net Worth Of Val Kilmer (2023 Edition)

val kilmer net worth

Wondering about the net worth of Val Kilmer? Well, check out here to find out his net worth and more below.

Val Edward Kilmer is a famed American actor and one of the most popular figures in the entertainment industry.

Initially starting with stage acting, Kilmer attained popularity after starring in comedy films like Top Secret!, and Real Genius released in 1984 and 1985 respectively.

His other successful films during the beginnings were Top Gun, the military action film of 1986 and Willow, the fantasy film of 1988.

Kilmer is highly acclaimed for his portrayal of real-life characters in movies. In 1991, he played the role of Jim Morrison in the Doors.

His apparition character of Elvis Presley in True Romance in 1993 and portrayal of Doc Holliday in Tombstone in 1993 are notable.

In 1996, he starred as John H. Patterson in The Ghost and the Darkness and in 2003, he played John Holmes in Wonderland. He performed as Philip II of Macedon in Alexander in 2004.

How much is the net worth of Val Kilmer?

Val Kilmer’s net worth is estimated at $25 million. He is an American actor and also an author.

Kilmer portrayed Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman Forever released in 1995 and in 1997, he acted as Simon Templar in The Saint. He has also rendered his voice on several projects.

For the animation film The Prince of Egypt of 1998, he voiced as Moses and in 2011, he voice acted as Walker Sloan in the video game Spider-Man: Edge of Time 

Kilmer’s performance in 1995 as Chris in Heat and “Gay Perry” in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in 2005  landed him Saturn Award nominations for the Best Supporting Actor.

Kilmer has also authored a book “I’m Your Huckleberry: A Memoir”, which was published in 2020. A documentary titled Val was released in 2021, which contains a coverage of his life, and archive footages that were never seen before. 

Val Kilmer Net Worth Quick Summary

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NameVal Edward Kilmer
Popular NameVal Kilmer
Birth dateDecember 31, 1959
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, US
Career RolesActor, Voice Actor, Television producer, Musician, and Film Producer
Years active in the industry1981 to present
Net Worth in 2022$25 million
Official Website
Facebook Account (1.8 million followers)
Twitter Account (254.9 k followers)
Instagram Account (411 k followers)

Val Kilmer Net Worth

Val Kilmer has an estimated net worth of around $25 million in 2022. Through his indomitable acting skills, he carved a niche for himself in the world of entertainment and earned a huge amount of money in the process.

Val Kilmer Net Worth

His impressive career is the result of earning several film and TV credits. During the 1990s, Val was one of the top paid actors in the world. His appearance in several blockbusters produced on a big budget secured him fame and wealth

Kilmer’s first role that landed him big money was his appearance in Top Gun along with Tom Cruise in 1986. Kilmer got his financial wings for acting in the movie Batman Forever that scooped over $335.5 at box office globally.

Val got paid around $7 million to play Batman. He made the same amount of money for his role in The Saint in 1997 and was paid $6 million for starring in The Island of Dr.

Moreau. Thus, in 1997, his earnings from just two movies stood at a whopping $13 million. In 1999, his career high earnings from At Frist Sight was around $14 million.  

Val Kilmer’s screen presence had always been enigmatic and highly mysterious, gaining immensely from his velvety and smoky voice adding to the allure he achieved all through.

He took up diverse kinds of roles including, cool, challenging and also offbeat, all of them giving the much needed impetus to his charismatic career.

Career Milestones of Val Kilmer

Kilmer debuted his acting career when he was a student at Juilliard, when he co-authored and also acted in the play How It All Began, staged at the New York Shakespeare Festival.

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The early stage of Kilmer’s career was focused on theater and he rejected even some lucrative film roles for the sake of giving his full commitment to the theater.

In 1983, Val was found with Kevin Bacon and Sean Penn in Slab Boys Slab Boys released by off-Broadway production.

Val was also writing his own poetry and publishing the collection around this time known as My Eden After Burns, which has become a rare and highly pursued poetry book.

Career Milestones of Val Kilmer

Even second hand copies of this book cost hundreds of dollars. During this period, Kilmer was rarely seen in front of the camera. However, he appeared in some commercials and an educational video on drinking and driving.

Val’s actual debut into film acting career happened with Top Secret, the action comedy, which also gave him a firm footing in the world of movies. In 1985, he played the lead role in the comedy film Real Genius, which became one of his major films.

Though Val was already among the leaders in his field, his popularity skyrocketed to an altogether new altitude when Top Gun was released in 1986. In this film, Val starred along with Tom Cruise and the movie grossed more than $345 million globally.

Following To Gun, it was never difficult for Kilmer to find acting roles. He could get some notable roles in movies like Kill Me Again, and Billy The Kid and on TV shows such as The Murders In Rue Morgue. During the Colorado music festival, a role in Hamlet saw him back at the theater.

During the 90s, Kilmer’s popularity and wealth soared dramatically to big heights. He portrayed Jim Morrison in The Doors. The accuracy with which he was replicating Morrisson’s persona was highly acclaimed in the film world.

Over the next few years, Kilmer acted on a variety of action films and also True Romance, a film that Quentin Tarantino wrote. Kilmer’s notorious performance was seen in Tombstone and Heat.

Kilmer’s career was peaking when he booked the Barman’s role in Batman Forever. The film got mixed reviews, but the numbers recorded at the box office was amazing.

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The co-creator of Batman had a singular praise for Kilmer when he acknowledged that Val portrayed Batman’s comic book superhero persona so accurately.

Kilmer joined the Island of Dr. Moreau cast in 1996. This film turned out to be a legend due to its turbulent production.

After taking his roles on a few action films, Kilmer played the lead role in The Saint, a film that helped project Kilmer’s poetic skills and the range he could achieve in acting.

During the close of the decade, Kilmer landed roles like Joe the King, At First Sight and The Prince Of Egypt.

During the 2000s, Kilmer did not see his prosperous days. Red Planet in which he starred became one of the biggest bombs of box office. He then pursued some roles on some low budget films that were on limited release.

Over the next few years, Kilmer was seen in films like Alexander, Wonderland, Mindhunters, Spartan and The missing. Alexander did not even break at the box office.  

Kilmer’s 2006 film was Deja Vu, a film which became a huge success at the box office. During the rest of the decade, he was with a few crime movies like Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans and Streets of Blood.

The 2010s started for Kilmer with several roles in horror movies like Twixt, and The traveler. In 2017, Val got to play his roles in Song to Song and The Snowman.

In 2018, there was an announcement stating Kilmer would reprise his legendary role of 80s, Top Gun: Maverick, a Top Gun reboot.

All through his acting career, Kilmer maintained close connections with Theater. He performed a notable role in Citizen Twain, a one-man play of 2010.

Over the years, Kilmer starred in several television shows accepting both guest star roles and recurring roles. A few remarkable examples include Psych, Entourage, and Knight Rider.

In the latter show, Kilmer was giving his voice for the character KITT, an AI software installed into a car.

Val Kilmer’s Real Estate                                                                   

Earlier Val owned a ranch in New Mexico spanning over 6,000 acres. At some point in his life, he wanted to turn it into a ranch cum resort cum bed and breakfast.

Val Kilmer’s Real Estate

However, he listed the whole property for sale in 2009 for a price tag of $33 million. In October 2011, Kilmer sold around 5,300 acres of the property to a billionaire couple in a deal worth $18.5 million.

Over the following years, he sold the second part of the property. Val still owns over 160 acres of the said property.

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