Pedro Almodovar Net Worth

Pedro Almodovar Net Worth

Pedro Almodovar Net Worth:

Pedro’s Personal Information:

Full name                                  Pedro Almodovar Caballero

Celebrated  name                    Pedro Almodovar

Date of birth                             25 September 1949

Birth place                                 Calzada de Calatrava , Spain

Age                                             71 years old

Height                                        178 cm

Parents                                       Father: Antonio Almodovar

Mother : Francisca Caballero

Sibling                                        Brother: Agustin Almodovar

Sister: Maria Jesus, Antonia

Religion                                     Spanish Catholicism

Nationality                               Spanish

Residency                                 Spain

Zodiac sign                               Libra

Gender                                      Male

Marital status                          single

Profession                               Actor, Screen writer, Producer, film director,

singer, songwriter, Film Maker

Label                                        Bernardo Bonezzi

Award                                      Best writing award 2003, BAFTA Award for best

the film not in English language 2012, best screenplay

original 2003 , Best film not in the English language

2000, an award for best film not in the English

Language 2003, academy award of 2003

Notable work                       “ Broken Embraces “


Famous as                             Film Maker and Director

Co-founder of                       Spanish Film Production Company

Net worth                             $ 20 Million estimated net worth

Pedro Almodovar Introduction:

Pedro Almodovar is a well-known Spanish filmmaker, producer, director, screenwriter, and also songwriter, and singer. He is famous for his best work as a film director and film producer. In his film and dramas, he represents melodrama and humor which is the big source of his success. Through his profession, he earned good net worth. Pedro Almodovar is the co-founder of his Spanish film production company. In this article we will discuss his professional and personal life as well as his net worth in big detail.

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Pedro Almodovar Early life:

The greatest filmmaker and the drama producer Pedro Almodovar was born on 25 September in the small town of Ciudad Real in Calzada de Calatrava, a little province of Castile _ La of  Spain. If talks about his family his father’s name is Antonio Almodovar who was a winemaker and earned his lively hood from this job and his mother’s name is Francisca Caballero.

His mother worked as a transcriber and a letter reader and unlikely died in the year 1999. In his siblings, he has two sisters and only one brother. His sisters are Antonia and Maria Jesus and his brother is Agustin.

If talk regarding his Education, he started his early education in a boarding school. When he was only eight years old, his parents sent him to a boarding school in the Western Span for his religious education. His family sent him there in the hope that may be one he becomes a Priest.

His parents had a wish that he become a Priest but he want to become a Film  Maker and a film producer so against his parent’s wish he traveled to the Madrid in the year 1967  where he can full fill his wish of becoming a filmmaker. During that time Pedro Almodovar also did jobs for his self-support.

In Madrid, he worked as an administrative assistant in a Spanish phone company for 3 or 4 hours and the rest of the time he worked as a filmmaker.

Pedro Almodovar Professional life:

Pedro Almodovar started his professional life in the 1970s by doing work in the cinema and the theaters. Meanwhile, he meet with the actress Carmen Maura who was also an actress and worked with him in the play and dramas. Kevin Smith

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As Pedro Almodovar is also a good writer so he writes many of the articles for the newspapers and magazine-like El Pais Diario 16. As well as he also writes the comic script and the stories in the article and magazines.

After the working of four years of little stories and drama, he made his first film Folle in 1978. He is also the director and producer of many other film like Pepi, Luci, and Bom with a very low cost and budget.

Awards and achievements of Pedro Almodovar:

In the year 2001, Pedro becomes a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and sciences. In his film creation, his most popular film “ All About my Mother “ is the big source for his to achieve the academy award for best foreign-language film, BAFTA award and he is also the winner of Golden Globe award for his best work for a foreign language film.

Further, he also win the awards of Best Writing, original screenplay  2003, Hable con Ella 2002, the best film not in the English language 2012, best screenplay original 2003, the best film not In the English language 2003, and many others are included.

Net Worth:

Through his profession, Pedro Almodovar earned a net worth of $ 20 Million and this is the estimated net worth for the year 2022.

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