Stephen Chow Net Worth 2024

Stephen Chow Net Worth

Stephen Chow Net Worth:

Stephen Chow Personal identification Information:


Full name                           Stephen Chow Sing Chi

Nickname                           Stephen Chow

Date of birth                       22 June 1962

Birthplace                           British Hong Kong

Age                                        59 years old

Height                                  1 . 74 m

Weight                                 87 Kg

Eye color                              Brown

Hair color                             Grey

Parents                                 Father: Chow Yik Sheung

Mother: Ling Po Yee

Sibling                                   sisters:  Chow Man Kei, Chow Sing Ha

School                                   San Marino High Scholl, Heep Who Primary


College                                  Guangzhou University

Religion                                 Jesus

Nationality                            Chinese

Residency                              Hong Kong

Zodiac sign                            Cancer

Gender                                   male

Marital status                       single

Source of wealth in acting and filmmaking

Profession                             Actor, Film Maker, producer, Martial artist,

play writer, Comedian

Awards                                   Hong Kong Film Awards for best film 2002, Hong

Kong film Awards for best actor 2002, Hong

Kong film award for best director 2002, Golden

Horse award for best feature film 2005, Silver

scream  award 2005

Net worth                             $ 35 Million last updated August 2021

Stephen Chow Introduction:

Enter the cinematic universe of Stephen Chow, a director, actor, and martial artist whose innovative work has redefined the landscape of Hong Kong cinema.

Our dedicated page shines a spotlight on Chow’s illustrious career, which has been marked by a unique blend of slapstick humor, action, and heartfelt storytelling.

We trace the evolution of his artistic journey, from his early days as a comedic actor to his transition into a visionary director whose films have achieved both critical acclaim and box office success.

As we explore Stephen Chow’s net worth, we delve into the financial triumphs of his movie-making endeavors and the savvy decisions that have solidified his status as one of the richest directors in the industry.

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Join us as we celebrate the genius of Stephen Chow, a filmmaker whose creativity has captivated audiences and left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.

Stephen’s Early Life:

Stephen Chow was born in the city of British Hong Kong. He was born on 22 June 1962. know Stephen Chow is 59 years old and has a stunning personality with a height of 1 . of 74 m and 87 Kg of weight. His father’s name is Chow Yik Sheung and his mother’s name is Ling Po Yee.

He has the second number in his siblings as he has two sisters the one is Chow Man Kei and the second is Chow Sing Ha. Stephen grew up with his mother along with his sisters. For his primary education, Stephen Chow was admitted in the Heep primary school.

After that when completed his high school education he joined San Marino Secondary school and don his graduation. Later on, he joins the acting classes at TVB. Stephen Chow was only nine years old when he decided to become a martial artist. Since his childhood, he has had a passion to become a good filmmaker and producer. Richard Linklater

Stephen Chow’s Personal life:

If we talk about his personal life so Stephen Chow was a very shy personality and kept his things just up to himself and did not tell about his personal life clearly in his interviews. Still, Stephen Chow is single.

Stephen Chow’s Professional Life:

Stephen is an Asian actor basically from Hong Kong who started his professional life In the year 1982. Stephen Chow started his professional career on television as an actor. In 1982 he completed his graduation and take part in the children’s program. In the year 1988, he won the award for best supporting actor for the movie of Final Justice. This is a big success for Stephen as he was starting his film production career.

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Stephen got more fame when took part in the Final Combat in 1989. From that place, he shoot many of the films which were too much amazing and blockbusters, and from that moves, he got many of the awards.

If we talk about the awards that he won from the film industry the name of Blue Ribbon award, Hong Kong Film Award, and Boston society of film Critics award is the top listed.

Stephen’s name was also chosen for the many other academy awards like the Golden Globe awards and the BAFTA awards are included.


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Stephen Chow Net Worth:

As Stephen is a famous filmmaker, well-known producer, and actor so through his profession he earned a net worth of $ 35 Million and this is his estimated net worth for the year August 2021. From his profession, he did not only accumulate a net worth but also he is the winner of many of the Academy Awards not only in Asia but also from all over the world along with the fame and great respect by the people.

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