Net Worth Of Salt Bae – How much does Salt Bae earn?

Salt Bae Net Worth

Wondering what is the net worth of Salt Bae? Check out here, his net worth, career and more.

Nusret Gökçe born on August 9, 1983 and nicknamed Salt Bae, the Turkish restaurateur is a world famous butcher, chef, and food entertainer too. In January 2017, his unique technique of cooking and seasoning meat fetched him worldwide popularity. 

Salt Bae owns several restaurants around the world and the chain of his luxury steakhouses is named Nusr-Et. The branches of his restaurants are located in countries like Turkey, Greece, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Qatar, and the United Kingdom.

The name of his restaurant chain is coined from two words ‘Nusr’ (his own name) and ‘Et’ (meaning meat in Turkish). 

How much is the net worth of Salt Bae?

Salt Bae’s current net worth is estimated at $70 million. He is a Turkish restaurateur, world-famous butcher, chef, and food entertainer.

Salt Bae was born in a Kurdish family in Erzurum, Turkey. His father worked in the mines and the financial difficulties of the family forced him to leave the school when he was in his sixth class.

Between 2007 and 2010, he gained a wide experience by apprenticing as a butcher and working in several restaurants in countries like Argentina and the United States.

Upon his return to Turkey, Salt Bae opened his first restaurant in 2010 in Istanbul, eventually branching out to different geographies.

Salt Bae Net Worth Quick Summary

NameNusret Gökçe
Popular NameSalt Bae
Birth Date9 August, 1983
Birth PlaceErzurum, Turkey
ParentsFaik Gokce (father) Fatma Gokce (Mother)
Career RolesButcher, Chef, Restaurateur, Food Entertainer
Net Worth in 2022$70 million
Facebook Account 6,300,719 followers
Instagram Account 43 million followers
Twitter Account 8230 followers
YouTube channel9.2K subscribers

Salt Bae Net Worth

In 2022, salt Bae has an estimated net worth of $50 million. Salt Bae has different sources of income contributing to his huge net worth.

In January 2017, some of his videos and memes published online showcased his artistic way of cutting meat and seasoning it with salt. His unique style of flavoring attracted a huge audience making his videos viral.

Salt Bae Net Worth

His peculiar fashion of sprinkling salt first dropping it from his fingertips to the forearm and eventually onto the meat coined him the name Salt Bae.

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The viral exposure he garnered from this video helped him expand his profile enormously. He has served a long list of politicians and celebrities from around the globe.

Salt Bae opened his first restaurant in Istanbul when he was 27 years old. A Turkish entrepreneur who came to eat at his original restaurant was highly impressed with his ways and hence came forward to invest.

As a result, Nusr-Et Steak Houses could expand into new locations like Doha, Turkey, Ankara, Dubai and Qatar in addition to the United Arab Emirates. He too has his steakhouse branches in Abu Dhabi, New York, Miami, and Jeddah.  

Salt Bae enjoys a gorgeously luxurious life. He has his own chauffeur, many pubs and several high end cars. Some of his specialty dishes are known for their exceptional taste and hence are internationally popular.

Three of his favorite dishes are ‘Lokum’, ‘Kafes’, and ‘Civic’. Salt Bae has accomplished some great representations with renowned celebrities. 

Salt Bae is said to own a fleet of luxury cars and helicopters too, which became an object of an unforgivable joke that his vehicle repair bills are most likely to be on the “salty side.”

Salt Be is involved in some charity works too. Notably, he is constructing a school in Erzurum, his hometown.

Career Milestones of Salt Bae

Salt Bae’s father Faik was just a mine worker and the family struggled to maintain the children with his meagre income. Salt Bae had two siblings and later on all the three surprisingly became chefs, but the celebrity status was reserved only for Salt Bae.

He had to discontinue his studies at his sixth grade for want of supporting his family with his income. Therefore, Salt Bae’s career started quite earlier than any other normal child.

Bae’s family joined him as an apprentice to a butcher’s shop. Bae very quickly made his way to climb the ladder of success through his strong acumen, hard work and some amazing skills.

Career Milestones of Salt Bae

Bae gained a good amount of experience in running restaurants and cooking meat by working in some top popular restaurants in Argentina and the United States. His dream was only to start his own independent restaurant.

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When he was just 27 years old, his long cherished dream was realized as he could open his first restaurant in 2010 in Istanbul. Quickly, he could also find an investor to open the second one in Dubai.

A chain of restaurants followed one by one and in 2022, he is said to own around a dozen of restaurants in some strategic locations that assure him a huge business.

In 2017, Salt Bae posted a review on his restaurant known as “Ottoman Steak”, in which he was seen displaying a stylistic way of sprinkling salt onto the meat he had sliced on the table.

This video went viral attracting over 10 million views, becoming the starting point of his immensely popular presence on social media.

All the reviews his videos received were not impressive though. Especially the New York Steakhouse bagged some unentertaining reviews in 2018. Steve Cuozzo wrote in the New York Post that the restaurant was “Public Rip-off No 1”.

On GQ, Joshua David Stein labelled his steaks as nothing more than “mundane”, and his hamburgers were overcooked. A reviewer called his dishes “Over-salted as they are overpriced.”

A diner wrote, “Meat was tough with globs of fat and gristle, and severely lacking in flavor”, and “finishing a meal there constitutes some kind of personal victory over your own body and instincts and mouth”.

The majority of reviews branded the dining experience at Salt Bae’s steakhouses as “overpriced”.

When it was the question of entertaining the guests, several reviews struck a positive note. Eater’s Robert Sietsema writes, “If you are intent on judging New York’s new branch of Nusr-Et only as a steakhouse, you’ll probably be disappointed … If, on the other hand, you appraise the place as a dinner theater, you will find it satisfying—but only if Salt Bae is in the house”.

When he opened his restaurant branch in London, Nusr-Et Steakhouse London, it was featured on Instagram.

How much is steak at Salt Bae?

A diner was seen biting back posting a bill for more than 1800 pounds he got to pay during his visit stating, “It is cheaper to fly and have food at Salt Bae’s Turkish restaurant than dine at the London one.” Ouch!

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The same review featured one another bill for 9 pounds for coke along with the charge of a 630-pound for Tomahawk steak, which was claimed to rip the wallets of the diners.

Nevertheless, Salty Bae was relentless in his work and continued to sizzle with his videos and an innovative way of running the steakhouses to allure more diners to pour in.

Keeping the overpriced complaints on the side, Salt Bae’s restaurant business thrived due to his flamboyant and spicy slant of restaurant trade. He continues to rock in the domain of steakhouses with his extravagant eateries that are also highly sought after for the entertainment they provide their guests.

Controversies of Salt Bae

In December 2017, Salt Bae posted a picture taken in 2016 in which he is seen posing in front of Fidel Castro, the Cuban leader, which was highly criticized.

Týnuš Třešničková, an internet personality from Czech succumbed to 35% burns of TBSA category in September 2018 when his fire show failed at the Nusr-Et steakhouse in Istanbul.

Many other diners too faced some fire injuries. In the same month, Salt Bae invited another round of criticisms from Marco Rubio and the Miami city council when the Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro was spotted in his Istanbul steakhouse.

Salt Bae’s four former employees reproached him for taking away a share of their tips. Allegedly, they were dismissed from their jobs from Bae’s New York steakhouse when they questioned about the tips they were entitled to.

Controversies of Salt Bae

Following a trial that investigated the issue, Salt Bae had to arrive at a settlement paying off $23,000 to his former employees.

Later while stating the logic behind the decision to fire them, Bae stated, “I was not satisfied with the performance of the four employees… Since they were fired, they acted with the feeling of ‘look what we are going to do to you’ and put forward these tip allegations.”

Bae’s steakhouse in Boston was ordered to close in the public interest as the restaurant was seen violating the Covid-19 safety protocols. It was reopened in October.

Salt Bae also came under scrutiny by the British media when one of his UK restaurants issued a £37,000 bill for a meal.

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